Monday, November 18, 2013

So much happy

Five Random Facts!

1.) My brother's been watching me work on illustrations for Jack's book. He scowls a lot and says things like, "All I can do is add number together." (He's very good at math.) It's ridiculous how happy that makes me. He's asked me to draw some character sketches for his book. *rubs hands together.* My evil plan is working.

2.) I heard Carry On, My Wayward Son on the radio today. I screamed. It made my day. 

3.) Whenever I listen to Eye of the Tiger, my nieces start jamming like Jensen Ackles. It's really most adorable.

4.) Leverage is now on Netflix! Ha! The awesome!!

I'm so happy.

5.) I've been re-reading a lot of Diana Wynne Jones' books. I think, if they ever make the Chrestomanci Chronicles into movies, they should totally cast Benedict Cumberbatch as Chestomanci. 

He'd be perfect.

Aaand, that's all, pepes!

Cheers and God bless, 



  1. "What's that smell..." HILARIOUS. Mime tries to pull that one on me, but I drag her out anyway. ;)

    1. That is Eliot and Hardison in a nutshell. That's also Amy and me in a nutshell. I'm the one who doesn't like stuff. LOL.

  2. Oh! I'm so going to check out Leverage tonight after school. xD

    1. AAaah let me know what you think!! (the first episode has a girl changing scene in an elevator, but other than that.... )

      Please tell me you like Eliot. He's so cool.


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