Monday, October 7, 2013

For lack of a better title: Day Seven!



Ahem. *cough*

According to the list, I'm supposed to pick a song that reminds me of a certain event.

And guys? I'm drawing up a total blank.


Okay. So a few years ago, my best friend, and Amy's best friend came up for a visit around the middle of January. We had an epic snowball fight. Everyone joined in, there were nine girls pitching snow at each other in a mad frenzy of awesome.

They're probably going to kill me for posting those. 

Anyhow, right before we went out, Angela let me listen to this song called Terrified by Katherine McPhee. For some reason listening to it always makes me think about that stupid snowball fight.

And that's cheesy.

Have a listen. It's really good.

And now I must go, we're going to have tea at Amy and Mahri's house.

Cheers and God bless!


  1. Aw, fun days. That really was an epic snowball fight. Especially when Emmy proclaimed to the world how much she loved trees. *Giggle*
    That song does *not* remind me of that day...but to each her own, eh?

    1. She loves TREEEEES! She LOVES TREEEESSSS! lol.

      Well bully for you. You weren't there when Angela let me listen to it. lol.

  2. SO. Much. Snow!!! I want to come and jump in it. Let me know when you get another pile that big. (Winters here are so cold it can't snow and I have to wait till spring to get that much, then I have to wait for a couple more storms before I can build snowballs and snowmen.)

    I feel like Syndrome from The Incredibles whenever you mention seeing Josh Groban. "I"m still geeking out!" I'm determined to see him someday...I mean go to his concert. Maybe even actually see him...I know he takes his dog to dog parks in New York, though I don't say that to too many people because it sounds stakerish. But you're a stalker too so you know all about that. 8-D

    1. So much snow constitutes a lot of shoveling. lol. That's sad that you don't get a lot. I can't imagine winter without snow... I have a seriously love/hate relationship with the stuff. I want to build a snow TARDIS next time we get a lot though. :D

      Hehe, I feel that way too, no worries!
      You really have to, you're missing out so much never having seen him live. He's SO awesome. (you have an email coming about his awesomeness, btw)
      lol. We can stalk him together. lol. I did know that he takes his dog to dog parks in NY... I also know that his birthday is the same as my older sister's, so it's easy to remember. :D

    2. Oh, that's interesting. I'm not crazy about that song, but I shall look at it more fondly now. :)

    3. I just realized you have a Dean Winchester tag.

      Oooo! A snow TARDIS! If I am able to come out and if there is snow I will help if you like!

      You know his birthday? I don't know why that impresses me so much.
      He seems so nice. I've listened to interviews and things he has done. And he's funny...and he watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes. That made me so happy because I don't know anyone who liked that movie.

      What is this life you speak of and how do you get behind on it?
      Okay, I shall refrain from telling you where you can find SHIELD, but just so you know it is very hard to do so.

      Since we now have a new word for Dean's word I can say Sammy's.

      Jerk. (it makes me laugh so hard that we now use insulting words for each other. Geeky friends are the best.)

    4. I do. I also have a Sam Winchester tag. I figure I mention them enough they deserve their own. lol. :D

      Ooh, you should! We could make it awesommmmmme.

      I do. It's easy to remember. lol. He and his little brother share the same birthday.

      He IS nice! He's classy too, which is rare, and he's just an overall lovely person.

      Hehehehe. What life, exactly! I don't know how did, but I did.

      Thank you.... sigh. lol. I could prolly do it if I put my mind to finding it.

      Yaaay! It makes me laugh too. We are so, so incredibly weird. Geek friends rock the world. :)

      **rubs hands together gleefully**



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