Sunday, October 6, 2013


Day six: a song that reminds you of somewhere.

It's funny how certain songs can trigger certain memories, isn't it?

There's a whole CD of songs that remind me of Scotland. We played the CD every day in the car while we were there, and just listening to any of the songs brings back floods of memories.

Kat, the stinker, chose the song I was going to do.... and since we're trying not to post the same songs on the same days, I don't want to do the same one...

So I'm doing a different song from the same CD.

I never really realized how much  my taste in music varies. It's like: Classical! Country! Pop! Seventies!

(I'm awfully glad I found just the lyric video. Smokie was a pretty good band, but they were seventies and it's a little embarrassing to admit that I like their music sometimes. hehe.)

I'll Meet You at Midnight by Smokie

You recall the night they met was warm with laughter.
The words and music as she turned away.

"I'll meet you at midnight,
Under the moonlight.
I'll meet you at midnight."

It's a super fun song to listen to. I love the violins in it.

It reminds me of a spy story for some reason. 


  1. i'mma go to scotland someday. for shizzles.

    and ikr?! my tastes vary something insane. for me it's more like: grunge/classic rock! folk! classical! pop! mixed genre! indie! rap! techno! country! big band/swing! jazz! ermergersh. yeah. it's crazy sauce.
    but. i must say. i haven't listened to a lot of 70's stuff. i liked that song, though! :))

    1. You so have to. OH OH OH, and you HAVE to go to Inchcolm Island, because that place is eeeepiiiicc. OH and Stirling Castle. Go there. Get ice cream. Be happy.

      Hehe, that pin, "My taste in music ranges from "YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS" to "I know. Please don't judge me". and that is so me, it's embarrassing. lol.

      Isn't that song cool? It's fun to listen to.

  2. Scotland. :) :)


    1. No, no. It's SCOTLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      AND OMG IT WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies*

  3. Hey(: So, I haven't really been on blogger since last week. However, I looked back at all your posts I missed and I loved them all and thought I'd write just one big collective comment.

    First off, I love Megamind, so the pictures of the happy/bittersweet song feeling was priceless. <3 I love HUnter Hayes, I love Elton John, and I love your song choices thus far!!! Lastly, how was the josh groban concert? :) I hope it was awesome! He's an amaziiiiing singer!

    1. Hai. :D

      Oh, no worries. lol. One big comment is lurvely.

      Megamind is one of my favorite non-pixar movies! He's such a sweet little villain. lol.


      You like my song choices? D'aawwww. *kicks ground bashfully*

      Oh, his concerts are always AMAZING! He's so brilliant and classy. It. Was. EPIC.


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