Sunday, May 6, 2012

One Year Ago Today-- May 6th

Exactly one year ago today...

Was our last day in Scotland.

It was therefore, for me, slightly bittersweet.

It was also kind of depressing. **Sigh**

I was surprised at how much we managed to cram into the trip. We went almost all over Scotland.

First off, we went to the Edinburgh Dungeons. They were weird. I quite liked them. But it's very hard to describe, so....I won't. I just give you the linky . =) Yeah......Weird.

And then we went to the Royal Yacht Britannia. It was ginormous!

Check out that table.

I wouldn't do well at it.

I hate formal meals.

It even had a bar. That drink was completely fake. Like plastic fake. This picture was completely accidental, he was just goofing around. **Grins**

We took turns writing in the guest book, 'cept no one took a picture of me writing in it, so I put Mahri up instead.

The engines were sooooo shiny! Woot, woot!

And we enjoyed the gift shop. :)

And then we climbed the 246 stairs of the Wallace Monument.

Seeing this, seemingly unendingly, was daunting.

I quite like William Wallace. I don't think Braveheart did him justice.... (It was edited. I liked Steven the Irishman, he was funny.)

I found this view....

to be most awe-inspiring. Look how high we were!

             That was because we climbed 246 steps. It was cool.

I did not want the day to end. We dragged it out as long as possible. It does sort of make me sad to remember...and not be there. **Virtual hugs, pepes!** sniffle.

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  1. *sigh* yeah. The last day was awesome and sad. Thanks for doing this, Treski. It was super fun.


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