Monday, May 7, 2012

One Year Ago Today--May 7th.

Exactly one year ago today, we were coming home.

**Pauses for a moment** But let's not end this series of posts on a depressing note.

     .....So for the last post of the Year Ago Today set, I decided to post some of my favorite things about Scotland.

1.)   Scotland is full of Scots. (And you're sitting there thinking... "no duh.") But really. I have to admit that I have an absurd love of other country's accents, and since every time we went out we were confronted with glottal-stopping people, I was in heaven. :)

2.)   Scots tend to be a lot more 'rough and ready' than Californians, and that was refreshing.

3.)   It has awesome history. Don't get me wrong, America has cool history too, but Scotland has more. It's been there longer. (It was odd to realize that most of the castles we went to were older than America has been America.)

4.)   Everyone seemed friendly.

5.)   It had incredible landscape, quite varied. I can actually see me moving there if I wasn't such a....coward. I felt very much at home there, even though it was 5000 miles away from where I live. I didn't ever feel out of place.

6.)   I loved the girls' clothes. Man! I would probably end up spending a lot more on clothes there than I do here. They have much more my style. And I seriously want a pair of tartan shoes.  Yes, I would totally wear those.

Sometimes you just need to relax. Sometimes you need to enjoy yourself. Sometimes you need to take a break and go somewhere new. Sometimes, you just really need to go to Scotland.

    This is one of my favorite songs, we listened to it almost every day while we were there. It leaves me feeling very wistful and homesick for Scotland. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. =)

God bless. xox



  1. love, love, love this song. :)

    Bella Rose

  2. Whaaaaaa! *sniff* I so am going back!


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