Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I was doing....

I did a silly thing.

A thing only a total movie freak would do.

An obsessed movie freak.

An obsessed movie freak who was seriously excited about lots of very cool guys in the same movie!


I went and watched the midnight showing of The Avengers!




Except the Hulk. (He was nice and all, just not crush material. :)

This one was particularly special. His name is Hawkeye. He is awesomeness personified.

So was he...

He and Hawkey and Iron Man, and Thor are all equal in my love.

And if you notice.... Hawkeye in the background. I might have to buy this poster. =)

There were a lot of cool people in this movie:

Oh yeah. It's that guy with the hammer!

The Hulk was very mild mannered when he wasn't the big green rage monster.

Even she was pretty cool. I need to learn to beat people up like she does.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. people were fun to watch...

And to be honest, I couldn't even hate the Bad Guy. Loki was a very old fashioned villain.... I think the problem is that I quite liked him in Thor, and he was super sweet in War Horse,  so I just couldn't hate him.

I loved all the Avenger people. I couldn't chose a favorite hero...they all had their moments of serious frikken awesomeness.

If you do not watch and adore this movie, my opinion of you opinion will plummet to the depths of absolute contempt.

It was clean.

It was funny.

It had great action.

I loved it!


  1. It sounds totally awesome!! I can't wait to see it, especially after reading your review=D


  2. O my gosh. I am IN LOVE with the avengers. they are soooo cool. (especially Iron man. WOOT) this is a 'must see' for anyone wanting a mix of comedy, action, adventure, and excitement. Best movie I have seen in theater's. (however, there were some...sad parts in this film too.)
    Comment by: Bella Rose


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