Monday, May 14, 2012

And then I made a Decision.

Five Random Facts:

1.)  I really want to learn how to ballroom dance. It looks like so much fun....

2.) The movie critic for our newspaper only gave The Avengers one and a half stars out of five and a C- in her review. I am most indignant. Her opinion is retarded!
     For the record, she called Captain America a "fuddy-duddy", thought Hawkeye a weak character, and had a lot of trouble following the plot. (If she had trouble following the plot, she was just obtuse, it was so simple.)

3.) The Avengers deserves an A+ rating. Just sayin'.

4.) Punching a punching bag is some serious fun, people!

5.) I have been very tired lately. I feel like this cat:

                                        And this cat.


     And now I can haz confeshun to make:

LOLcats are addicting.

Really, really addicting.

I can go on and just read them for ages. They make me laugh so hard!

     Yeah. **Coughs** I was on google images for ages. Doing nothin'. Being a slug. Quite lazy. Shamefullness itself.

     That is not okay! Must! Stop! Now!


     So now I haz (ahem) have decided that I am going to do a drawing post every Friday. I will draw a picture, and then I will post it. And that's the way it's going to be. Hopefully.... 

     And that's it for now, people!

                God bless. =)


  1. Lol cats are the best! And I'm betting right now that you will not succeed at the picture post every Friday. Lol. Prove me wrong.


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