Saturday, May 5, 2012

One Year Ago Yesterday and Today--May 4th and 5th

Exactly one year ago yesterday....

We did a lot of shopping on the Royal Mile. We got lots of souvenirs.

We were in the Camera Obscura.

Super fun place. :) Loads of optical illusions, a mirror maze, and other weird things. I like optical illusions. And mirror mazes. I love mirror mazes.

Mirror, so fun!

And there was this weird thing that took a picture of you, and could change how you look. For example.

                                                                                AMY before...and after.

We went to the roof....

And got pictures....Aren't we adorable?

There was this room that we went into that gave the impression of one person being much, much bigger than the other one.

I dominate you. Mwahahahah!

I may be small, but my heart is large... metaphorically speaking!

And the table that creeped me out slightly....

Forget it...I'm not eating that!

    And the incredibly cool mirror that doubled you and made you....disappear!!!

I found that place to be quite entertaining. :)

Exactly one year ago today-- May fifth.

Jim took Maria, Kit, Amy, and I to Glencoe. I have to admit. I am a huge fan of the landscape there. I love the ruggedness of it all. :)

I can't do the story of Glencoe justice. So, go HERE to read about it. Let's just say I finally got why my sister Maria had such an aversion to the Campbell tartan. DO NOT WEAR THAT TARTAN! It is evil. =)

That was the only drizzly day that we had while we were in Scotland. It's unusual to have two weeks of sunny days there.

Gosh. It's so pretty! More pictures! 

We stopped in at the gift shop and got postcards.

And looked through this telescope:

We stopped here on the way home. It was beautiful.

I'm writing a story about it.

     We got stuck in traffic for ages on the way home. We're fairly sure there was an accident. But it was a long wait. :)

God bless! :)


  1. Camera Obscura was FUN FUN FUN! Oh, and Glencoe was gorgeous. Yanno, despite the rain it was still ackshully warm.

    Yay, postcards! I love my postcards.

  2. And you always thought I was being unreasonable about such a pretty tartan! :-)


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