Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In which I don't mention Supernatural once


I'm in a slump. An 'everything' slump.

Like.... everything.

Reading? Meh.
Writing? Double meh.
Blogging? Haha! Meh.
Drawing? Please, kill me now.

It's just frustrating. It's beyond frustrating. I mean... I love doing those things. I love it. But right now? I'm just stressed out and nothing helps. Heck, doing some of them actually make it worse! Drawing! Who knew I'd get to the point where drawing doesn't help me relax?! I'm supposed to be illustrating, and every time I sit down to work on them, it's like my brain goes, "Now, you are going to revert back to your 12 year old drawing abilities. Have fun erasing."

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! *headdesk!*

So therefore, to boost my blogging, I've taken on a challenge set by Amy. It's a cool challenge that I think will be fun.

Cool, isn't it?

So for the month of October, I shall be attempting to post every day with the song of the day. Dun dun dun!


You should totally join in.

Okay! So, I shouldn't have waited until I was at my sisters' house to do this post because it's late, their internet is crappy and I'm supposed to be practicing singing.

And I'm really distracted.

But now I shall chose my favorite song. I don't actually have one, but I'll show you one that I'm in love with at the moment.

Josh Groban's cover of Neil Diamond's Play Me. It's such a gorgeous song, and it has the prettiest lyrics!

And now I have to go, because Amy and Kit are giving me the eye, like I should get off or something....



  1. LOL!!

    Hey, that is a good idea! Can't wait to read your new posts every day. And no worries, maybe you just need a break from routine.


    1. Hehe, why are you laughing? An 'everything' block is a very serious matter! ;)

      I think I do, so this ought to be good.

  2. ...Except in the title. ;)

    I'm sorry. Ugh. I hate those slumps a lot. hope you recover soon. :))

    Song thing looks fun! I might do it... idk... lol. :D


    1. Well I *had* to get it in there *somehow*!

      Fanks, m'dear. I hate 'em too.

      You should, it's tricky though, because there are some that I'm like, "But I can choose so many."

      WE GET TO SEE HIM LIVE ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. awe, i know exactly what that slump feels like.
    i think for creative people like us, we feel slumps way keenly, cos we're so used to being creative, that when we aren't, its like. worse than being physically sick. totally worse. i hope you come outta it soonly! i know you will. us artists always do. :)) i've been drawing a lot lately, and i just keep waiting for a slump to hit me. :p but until then, drawdrawdraw! haha. :D

    and can i just say, that is the coolest 30day challenge i've ever seen?! seriously. i wanna do it....but, would it be ok to do like, 3 or 4 days together in one post? i know that'd cut down the time line dramatically, which would work well for me and my new "busy i have a job" schedule. ;)

    anywho. although you may have hit a slump, this is still a great post and you still crack me up! ^_^

    1. Yeah, it's a terrible thing, this slump. lol.

      Exactly! Precisely! Couldn't have said it better myself. :) Especially when you *need* to be creative and you KNOW you can do better than what is turning out on the page. lol.
      I'm just hoping I come out of it soon, I have like 12 more illustrations that need doing.

      I'm so jealous of your non-slump. lol.

      I KNOW! I never thought I'd take part in a challenge like that, but this one, is like.... the perfect reason to inundate my followers with my music.

      I don't see why you couldn't do the challenge like that. I'm pretty sure there's going to be a couple days where I have to do two or three songs at a time. lol. Any way you feel like doing it would be good. :)

      Really? I thought it was a super boring post. lol. So thank you for that, that made me happy.

    2. Oi, yeah, it's totally worse when you *have* to get something done. :(( i sorry. my sympathy in full, i hope things start clicking soonly.
      and yaaay. i'm glad you think it'll be ok. lolz. xD now i'm more excited to do that challenge!
      your posts are never boring. you're welcome. ;))))

    3. Yep, 'tis indeed. lol. Thanks. :D

      I can't wait to see your posts, because I tend to like the music you post about. :D

  4. I will have to listen to the song later since I am sitting in one of those open, lobby, school area thingys and there are all these college students around and I don't have my headphones.

    I know a depressing cure for depression....watching a certain TV show where certain tragic things happen.
    Cookies help too, according to John.

    Actually, I wish I could help and think up a major block cure. If I lived closer I'd invade with tea and cookies and a Supernatural marathon and we'd hide from everything and pretend the world wasn't outside with jobs and people and life.
    Maybe I will just bombard you with a few more emails...

    1. You do that, Jack. lol. That song is just so pretty.....

      Aforementioned depressing cure for depression does work you know... I watch it to cheer up and the funny thing is, it works. WHAT THE HECK?! lol.

      Cookies are a must. I think I shall make some today.

      You know, that idea of yours sounds brilliant. I'd love to hole up with tea and cookies and SPN and forget about the world. With its people and stresses. lol.
      Bombard away!! Imma go reply to some as soon as I'm done here. lol. :)

  5. We are a Josh-loving family, I guess! It's such a beautiful song.:) Love it!

  6. Ugh, I hate it when I get into a slump. I'm in a tiny bit of a writing slump right now. I'd rather watch Kdramas, Agents of SHIELD and Aida over and over. :)

    A friend introduced me to Josh Groban a few months ago and I'm really enjoying his music. I hadn't heard this song before.

    You are going to see Josh Groban live??????!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!!

    1. I'm glad there are other people out there who feel my pain. lol. I hope you get over yours soon.

      Isn't he brilliant!? Quite lovely. I love his voice and his music... Have you heard, "When You Say You Love Me"? *dies* That one's one of my favorites that he does. It has the most amazing crescendo.

      We are! In like.....THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hehe, except in the title.(;
    I've had the same kind of slumps and they're kind of the worst thing ever. I hope you're able to get out of your slump!
    Ahhhh, and I love that song! But then I honestly love just about everything Josh Groban...I found out that he's coming here on the fourth, and I wish I was rich so I could go, haha.

    decked out in ruffles

    1. Had to get it in there somewhere. lol.

      I hope so too!

      Isn't that song epic? It gets stuck in my head and I go around trilling it like a fool. lol. Oooh, I wish you could go to his concert, he's brilliant live.

  8. I think we all posted Josh songs. I *LOVE* this one. "You are the words, I am the tune... Play me..."

    I. Can't. Wait. Till. Sunday!

    1. Oh we all did. He is awesome, that's why.


  9. Uh, I've been feeling like this lately too. Everything that I love is not something I am completely enthusiastic about. It's like I need motivation to do things I love. That's the weirdest feeling in the world.

    I might have to try this 30 day song thing sometime. It sounds like fun. :)

    1. It really is weird, because you miss doing them, but you don't want to do them either, and that leaves you with a crankiness.

      You should, it's actually a lot more fun that I was expecting.

  10. I'm so going to do this...but as my schoolwork is a little overwhelming at the moment, I think I'm going to work on the posts in advance and then post them all when I'm done. Like that idea? :D

    1. Awesome! I didn't think it would be so much of a hit, but everyone seems to want to take part. lol. :)

      I like that idea a lot. You and I have a lot of the same taste in music. :)


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