Saturday, December 14, 2013


Three Random Facts!

 1.) Jack's book is out! Jack's freaking book is out. And you can (and should) buy it here and here. I'm excited about it.

Look, look, look! It's got my 
name on it! how cool is that?  

Right, so. In commemoration of this most thrilling of days. I'm going to post a couple of character sketches I did for one of the girls in the book. I will not tell you her name, because it's kind of a secret. (Mwuahahah! Am I evil, or am I evil?) But anyway, here she is.

Go read Jack's book.

2.) We kind of have a tradition of painting our windows at Christmastime. It's fun, and unique and cool. So yesterday, Kit, Amy, and I went out and did the thing. (they did most of it, I just helped when I could.) I think they turned out pretty freaking well.

3.) My friend made a Christmas CD!

I could be biased, but I think it's really good. I'm super jealous. I WANT TO MAKE A CD TOO!

That's all for now, folks.

I love you all and Merry Christmas!




  1. Wow, everything's being released all at once, eh? I'm going to need to buy Abolished Impracticality. See your illustrations. ;) And your friend has a lovely voice.


      lol. You really should, it's a good book! (even without my illustrations. LOL.)

      Awww. I shall tell her. That'll make her day.

  2. OH MY GOSH.

    You are pretty much the coolest person ever. You paint your own windows, illustrate books, and have a friend who releases CDs. You're pretty much a celebrity. ;) YOU SHOULD BE. You would be the most awesome celebrity. ;)

    1. Ehehehe. Awwwwww.

      You're so sweet, Ally! *giggle* You think I'd be a good celebrity?? Awwwwwww. It would be kind of cool, wouldn't it?

  3. Wow. You never told me that Sammi was that talented! She has an amazing voice! Is she selling the CD? Because I would buy it if she was.

    Thanks for mentioning the book 8-D As soon as I am able, which is soon I hope, I will be mailing your copy out. I just have to figure out the code thingy I have.

    1. lol. Oh, Sammi's very talented... the stinker. But um... yes, she is, I think! I'm not sure if she a website, but I'll ask her. It's $12. You still interested??

      Oh yay! I'm excited to see it. I want to re-read it anyway. The code thingy?? That' technical. XD

  4. Painting windows looks like a lot of fun!

    This is totally off subject, but have you ever watched Kid Snippets on YouTube? The newest one has Josh Groban in it, and Becca and I thought you would really like it, it's cute.

    1. It is! 'Cept when it's cold. Then it's just cold. lol.

      I DO! I'm subscribed, and that one with Josh is probably one of my all time favorites. (hehe. You guys must have figured out that Josh is my favorite singer, then?? ) But yeah. My opinion of Josh went up even higher after watching that. He's such a nice guy. :D

    2. Cold like 0 degrees? (That's what it is where I am right now). :)

      Yes, it was a pretty easy guess :D He does have a really nice voice.

    3. Well... it doesn't often get to 0 degrees in the daytime here. The low teens are COLD here, but that's because where we live it's a wet kind of cold that seeps into your bones and freezes fingers. lol.

      hehe. :)


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