Saturday, January 25, 2014

Picture Saturday // Compilation

My dear mother has taken to matching me up with country singers.

"Scotty McCreery," she says, "is cute and single."

I nod.

"Hunter Hayes is also cute and single."

I peer over the top of my laptop.

"Teresa," she says, waggling her eyebrows expressively, "you're cute and single."


I am. Mwuahahaha! We'd be a great match, Hunter and I.

And I have no idea why I just told you guys that.

Anyway! Picture Saturday is making another appearance, because I'm awesome and drew a lot this week. Scrolling through other people's drawings on pinterest makes me really competitive, like, "Why are they better than me? I need to practice to be better than them. Huehuehueh. That'll show 'em." 

I need so much help. 8D

Right so, first picture!

I drew a character sketch of a fellow for Jack. He's kewl. (And yes, I spelled 'cool' like 'kewl' because I'm kewl. Wow. I am being really weird.)

And then when I finished, I was on a drawing high, and decided to also draw a map. But all I could think of was fandoms for the names, so it ended up being a fandom map. (Click for detail. It's fun, I promise!)

I've gotten spoiled with the paper I use for drawing. I used to use computer paper, because it was nice, and white, and.... was pretty much the only paper in the house that didn't have lines on it.

But when I illustrated Jack's book, I used actual nice  paper. And all of the sudden, computer paper is rubbish. Then, for Christmas, my awesome (and only) brother got me an entire sketchbook full of nice drawing paper.

So, armed with my new sketchbook and some pencils, I produced these.


I like them.

I like drawing.

I like life!

I'm really happy today.

Which is most likely the reason why I feel so incredibly weird.

Here comes the Evil Minion scream.





  1. Agh, I love your drawings so much! But I am sad that the Land of Fandom has no Sherwood Forest. Or at least Nottingham. You really should watch Robin Hood BBC. ;-)

    1. Aaaawww, really? *happiness*

      Aw, see, I'm not part of the Robin Hood fandom. I looked it up and saw lots of pictures, and found some spoilers... and decided to not join yet another fandom that kills everyone. (I might eventually, but after Supernatural, I need some time to HEAL emotionally...)

      Maybe I'll ask for suggestions and do another map. XD

  2. Those are some cool pictures. And I love the Land of Fandom; Sherlock Forest is the best. :)

    1. I'm glad you like them!

      I'm rather fond of the Land of Fandom myself. Sherlock had to be a Forest, because it sounded like Sherwood and.... I'm weird.

  3. The more I read your posts the more I understand how you and I can be friends. Did you know I say kewl instead of cool? I got it from a cartoon show I watch....but yeah, you and I....we will be going places in life.

    I'm moving to the Land of Fandom...oh wait...I'm there already.

    *Snort* My mum tries to match me up with actors. but she's a bit like me and all the other girls in the world. "You know, David Tennant is kind of cute." "I know, but he's like forty, married, and has a kid."

    That one picture, of that fellow and the girl, that is brilliant. I'm in awe.

    Hehe, I do the same thing you do, but with books. I read fantastic books and go, "I must learn to make mine better!" Though, personally, I love all your pictures the way they are now.


    1. I did not know that, but that makes you even kewler. LOL. I never really say cool anymore, it always sounds like kewl. :) I don't know where it came from, but hmm... oh definitely going places. Like ComicCon. Haha!


      Lol! It's always sad when the cute actor is forty and married, isn't it? *giggle* yeah, at least mom tries to get them in my age group.

      Really? Awww. I like them, I think they're cute.

      I'm so happy I'm not the only person who sees other people's art or writing and go, "Mine need work." lol! It's inspiring. I do my best art when I'm feeling competitive. (I do like my pictures, but I tend to see the mistakes very clearly and that bothers me. *wink*)


  4. I know the picture of Jack's character...are the others characters too? Are they in fun books that baby hedgehogs and mooses would like? (Do you say it mooseses? Mooses? Meeses? I like Moooooooooooooseseseseseseses best. So does Sammy. I think it is Moooooooooooooooooooooseseseseseseseseseses, don't you?)

    Sammy and I are coming to see you. Even though only Jack will have a ticket. We are coming anyways. Sammy says he hopes you have pie.

    1. The others are not really characters. They are just people... but I feel like I should write a story about the guy and the girl unless someone else wants to, and does a better job. Tell Jack. lol.

      You know, I'm not sure! I think moose plural is still Moose like Deer are still deer and not deers. I like Moooooooooooooooooses though. It reminds me of Sammy. How is Sammy? HI Sammy!

      I am so excited to see you and Sammy. It shall be great fun. I can introduce you to Buck, and you can have fun. Oh, maybe I shall see if I can find a squirrel to bring home with me that I can name Dean. And then he and I can make pie for you and Sammy and it shall be epic. XD

  5. you should have added the Lonely Mountain into your drawing. ;)
    Oh my, I am such a Lord of the Rings fangirl... and the Hobbit too... oh! And don't forget Doctor Who.

    I am still so sad that the last Doctor Who has left us... he was my favorite!! MY PRECIOUS!!

    I'm going to go cry now...

    1. I did add A LOTR reference! I added Hobbiton, and that covered it. :) Lord of the Rings is one of the best fandoms out there, though. Great choice!

      ..........I am greatly depressed that the last Doctor left, he was my favorite too. I haven't seen him regenerate, because I'm too attached.

      *offers kleenex*

    2. Okay, the Hobbiton is good enough ;) :P

      I know!! I don't even want to watch the new doctor. I am just so mad... Or I fear that I might fall in love with the new doctor, then just cry and cry and cry when he regenerates!!

      *takes kleenex*'

      oh dear, i might need another one.

  6. Ahhhh! I love your fandom map! Especially that brilliant detail of Moffat and Kripke, circling ominously, just waiting to pounce and break our hearts yet again. ;)

    1. Aaaaahhh! I'm glad! lol! I thought that Moffat and Kripke detail quite amusing and applicable, so I couldn't resist. lol.

      They destroy hearts and homes and teenage minds. lol

  7. Hahaha, if you're both cute and single, it must be meant to be, right? :)
    Ahhhhh the Land of Fandom is such amazingness! I would like a poster-sized version for myself, I think, haha. :)
    The other drawings are also quite awesome.

    decked out in ruffles

    1. I think so! *Grin*

      I'm glad so many people liked the map! I wasn't expecting that nice of a reception. lol. (you're allowed to print it, if you really want to, I don't mind. *snicker*)

      Thankee kindly!

  8. Oh my word, I just love Hunter Hayes! You guys would be cute together B)
    I love your drawings, and especially how you draw hair enchants me! The last picture is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Hunter Hayes is so nice! And talented, and stuff... so yeah. I like him.

      Aww, I'm glad. That makes me so happy. The last picture is one of my favorites, I liked how it turned out a lot, so I'm super stoked that you did too. :) Cheers!

  9. I love that last one best! That girl's braid is terrific. And everyone needs to scream like a purple minion once and a while. XD

    1. I like her too! She's pretty and looks sad. lol. (I like braids. They're simple.)


  10. I totally second the motion of you watching Robin Hood BBC someday! I mean come on, Richard Armitage is in it! And Lucy Griffiths is the most awesome Maid Marian. Awesome costumes too. It's just....uh....awesome :D I haven't seen the 3rd season yet, though, so I can't rate that one. I think you would like Robin and Much a lot, they are quite hilarious.

    It's okay if you don't watch it, though :) There are SOOOO many good TV shows out there right now, and SOOOO little time!

    I love your drawings! Especially the hair on the medieval maiden. It's beautiful and realistic looking :) Nice job!

    1. haha! Okay! As soon as I catch up on my current fandoms, I shall make an effort and watch BBC Robin Hood, or at least give it a try. I've heard mixed things about it. (I might just watch it for Richard, because that guy is majestic.) The costumes where was drew me to it in the first place. SO PRETTYYYYY!

      I feel like the Doctor. "So many TV shows, so little time!" haha!

      Thank you! That makes me so happy. oxox

  11. You can have Hunter Hayes, I get Scotty McCreery :). Lol. Actually,Hunter Hayes used to really annoy me but he's going on me lately. I'm starting to like him. Love your drawings. Especially, the Land of Fandoms map. Yay! You like Psych too! Psych is awesome.

    1. Cool, because I might like Hunter a little teeny bit better than Scotty... But sorry for you, my best friend gets Scotty. Haha! She's going to marry him, she told me so. lol!

      He did? Why? His voice isn't the best out there, I guess, but I dunno. He's super talented, and he seems genuinely nice and not at all cocky, which is so nice.

      Aww, thank you! It makes me happy when people like them. *grin*

      And YES, I like Psych! I own quite a few of the seasons, and it's one of my all time favorite non-depressing shows. lol.

  12.'s not allowing me to hit the reply button. Anyway, this is in reply to you and Mary--

    The third season is good, but different. There's one awkward scene that doesn't really go anywhere, but I like to throw it out there because I hate recommending shows and then people are like, "WHAT YOU DIDN'T WARN ME!" and I'm like, "Ooops now I look like a terrible person! ;-) Other than that it's totally clean except for a few uses of the "d-word".

    And it is amazingly wonderful. And the costumes are awesome. And Richard is simply fantastic. Like, if you could ever like Guy of Gisbourne, it is because of him. Seriously. :-)

    1. It wasn't? That's weird.

      Haha! Thank you for mentioning the scene. (I wouldn't have though you a terrible person, because I watch shows like that too. lol.)

      I will try it eventually, I think. I'm just swamped with shows that I've promised friends to try. And I'm drowning in fandoms!

  13. "Ocean of Feels" -- you crack me up! I love that map, it is so accurate!

    Isn't actual paper so nice? I also used to use computer paper all the time, but now I buy proper sketch paper whenever I can afford it! It has such a nice texture.

    I'm loving Ben Argon's boots. I'm assuming you did all the costume design yourself, which is fantastic. They look great. :)))

    1. I thought it applicable. lol! It's true, isn't it!?

      Oh, actual paper is going to be a problem. My hobbies are so expensive. (have you ever used a kneaded eraser? Ugh, those things are amazing. *sigh*)

      Hehe! I liked his boots, they were fun. I did do the costume design myself! (I really like designing clothes that reflect the character's character, ya feel me!? lol. But THANK you for saying that, because that made me SO Happy!! oxxo

  14. An interesting post that I enjoyed reading. You are good at drawing.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  15. Gorgeous drawings, Treskie! I really like the back shot of the girl with the gorgeous hair. Wow. That hair. I wish I had hair like that. (I also wish I could draw hair like that, but I'd settle for having some of it on my head.) Her dress is lovely, too.

    1. Fanks, Mime. :D

      I like her too. I think she looks sad.... lol. Hehe... I never find drawing hair like that that hard, braids are pretty easy, once you get the hang of them. I actually did a tutorial a while back. (My first, so it sucked, but there you


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