Monday, January 20, 2014


Lately.... My lovely cousin came up to visit over the weekend again! She was very brave to do so, because my whole family is still pretty sick. (I'm almost well, but my voice is all wonky and I have a cough that sounds worse than it is.)

We had quite a load of fun in spite of the great illness afflicting us.

Sammi came over too, and we partied. (Which, ultimately means we talked and had coffee and cookies until we could see sounds.)

I apologize for the cruddy picture quality. They were all taken on my iPod. :)

We went out for Starbucks and donuts, and then hung out at the lake for a while. It was really pretty there.... and I LIVE here, so I get to rub in how beautiful the scenery is. Allow me a cruel chuckle. Muwahahahaha.

Terrible selfie!

And then we might have gone home and watched The Incredibles.

I love that movie.

We consumed lots of food and enjoyed many conversations about life and movies.

L-R Sammi and Angela

We also watched Elf. First time seeing it for me, and now I feel the greatest of urges to go around saying, "Fransisco. Fransiiiiisco. Fransisco." Over and over again.

Lately.... We tried to watch Sherlock last night. It didn't work. There were tears involved. And consolation tea and shortbread.

Lately... I plowed through Arrow when I was sick. Arrow is really good. (A couple of dirty scenes, but it's hard to find any show these days that doesn't have that.) The characters grew on me a lot. I really ended up liking Oliver. And Tommy. And Diggle. And Felicity. (Mostly it makes me want to work out again. I mean seriously. His workout is... insane. Who knew this was possible?)



Oliver has a cool outfit.

And the fight scenes are really kind of beautiful.

Lately... I really need to start drawing again, because I haven't in a while, and I feel a considerable need. Especially since I just flipped through The Hobbit: Official Movie Guide and saw the concept art and sketches. And now I'm like, "Oh. I have to practice."

And this is yet another pointless post, brought to you by your favorite blogger! (haha)

For some reason I'm having a really hard time thinking up a clever way to end this.

So I'm just going to smile, because smiling's my favorite.

And bid you all, a very fond farewell.


  1. TRESKIE HURRY!! sherlock The empty hearse at 1am, says here:

  2. Or you can watch it now here:

    1. Aaawwwww, thanks, Hilda. <3 that's sweet of you to find it for us. *cyber hug*

    2. **cyber hug you are so welcome!! Happy to help. The online one was found by Rose M. :)

  3. I actually love this post. It's really awesome.

    But I agree. I will look through the Hobbit movie guides and I'll be like, "Boo. I need to practice drawing because I stink!" But then I am not like you and I don't end up practicing, so I still stink at drawing. ;-)

    1. Hehe. Thank you.

      Looking at other people's work gets my competitive nature out. I don't like not being as good as other people, so it's a purely selfish reason to practice. *grin*

  4. But you are my favourite blogger. :) :)

    1. I think you live in a gorgeous place and the picture quality isn't that bad (except for maybe the first one xD).
    2. I love coincidences! I just watched The Incredibles for the first time a few days ago. I love it!!!
    3. I really need to watch Elf because I see so many memes made with pictures from it and it's driving me to mad curiousity.

    Alyianna from Scribbles of Catholic Sisters

    1. Really? Awwwww.

      1.) Thank you, I agree. Very few places match the prettiness of mah home. And I'm glad the pictures look better than they did on the rough draft.
      2.) You only just watched the Incredibles!?? That's one of my favorites!
      3.) ....Elf is good. I think it gets funnier if you watch it more, because, while I enjoyed it a lot. (and I laughed, a lot) I think it might be a little overrated. Hehe. But shhh. Don't tell anyone I said so.

  5. lol. I love your pointless posts. ;)
    And you are the second person to recommend Arrow...I will have to give it a try:)
    Hope you're all feeling completely better soon!

    1. Really? I'm glad! I was starting to feel like everyone was getting bored with them.

      Oh, you should. It is good, but there are a couple dirty scenes. They're pretty easy to skip though. And there's only one, in one of the later episodes that is really bad. Let me know what you think of Tommy, because I love him. XD

      Me too! I want to sing again! lol.

  6. Your rubbing in that you get to live near the lake worked.

    I love your parties. They don't sound awkward and weird. Just fun 8-D

    Watch Sherlock tonight. Bella and Amy both have the links. Watch it, because I am, and then when I do I want to be able to email you all the spoilers 8-D

    Have you seen the Psych musical yet?! It is on Hulu, I haven't, but maybe when I get home from school today. And the new SPN is up...I don't have the courage to watch it yet. Have you?




      Oh, they're fun. But they are weird. And loud. We get *so* loud! Overwhelmingly loud. lol. But never awkward, cause that's not fun.

      We're going to!!! I'm so exCITED! And I shall email when I'm done. Because SHERLOCK IS AWESOMMMMME!!!!!!!

      .......... I haven't seen Psych the Musical! Amy owns it though. She got s7 for Christmas, and then she bought the musical at Barnes&Noble... but I really want to watch it. Because I'm excited for it.
      .... I haven't watched it yet. I watched the first two minutes, but Kat wasn't there so I was overcome with guilt. And stopped.

      I HAD LOTS OF FUN!!!!

      Also, I sent you an email.


  7. We had such fun. :)

    Your posts are always great. And I"m not just saying that because we're related. Your stuff is always so funny. :) Arrow...yeah. Its not, like, epic or anything. But it's fun and sometimes that's what you want. Something not too serious or involved.


    1. Such much.

      Aww, I bet you say that to all your sisters!! lol.

      Arrow is fun. ANd it gets better so keep watching.



  8. I SAW an add for Arrow somewhere (ages ago, I think) where he was doing that crazy thing. Oh gosh. How is that possible? You'd have to be insanely fit. Yay for delicious drinks of coffee-ness. :)

    1. I know. I've never been able to do pull ups, even when I am in epic good shape. I just can't figure out how to work those muscles, so watching him do THAT? I'm like, "Oh glorious Arrow Actor. Tell me your secrets."

      yay indeed. lol.

  9. First,
    Cousins are fun. Lots and lots of fun. And friends. Friends are also good. ;)

    *screams* I started Arrow aaaand I may have watched way too many episodes between last night and this afternoon.........*cough* Anywhooooo....Tommy's grand. And Felicity (though I've only seen a few scenes with her yet), and Digs, and I'm starting to really like Laurel, aaaaand let's see, um...oh yes. Oliver. I like him so much more than I thought he would (When a tv show's cover photo is the main character shirtless and edited so much that he looks like he was computer's usually a shut-off for me). But he's definitely my favorite character. <3 He motivates you to work out?? That *totally* doesn't happen to all. *cough*

    Seriously though? I need to work out!!! **runs off to go do a walking/exercise video**


    1. Yes they are! XD Greatly lovely.

      I told you Arrow was good! :) Don't worry, I finished the whole season in three days. Tommy has such sad blue eyes. *sniff* (Not as sad as Sam, or Dean's eyes, I'll grant, but sad nonetheless. lol.) I never liked Laurel. She was mean to her dad. And she wasn't good enough for Tommy... but yeah, Oliver totally grew on me. I didn't care for him too much at the beginning, but he definitely got cool. (I know, that was one of the reasons I put off seeing it too..... like seriously. Abs? But no. He is that strong. lol!)

      Felicity is cool.

      Yes, I want to work out. *sigh*


  10. Yes you did! Haha! Okay...I won't feel so bad then. :D Tommy does have sad eyes. :( And for the record, NO ONE has eyes as sad as Sam or Dean... :'(

    Yeah....She ain't my favorite, but, she did improve after the first few episodes. With that said, I've only seen about 8 episodes so if she gets even more annoying later I don't know yet. ;) Tommy deserves someone really, super sweet. <3 Also, Laurel's dad REALLY reminds me of Gwen's dad in the new Spider-man film - who I loved. (you've seen that....right? Right!?)

    Oh. Oliver. <3 I liked him from pretty much the first scene. (um, to clarify that, I meant once he got back not....while on the'll stop talking now....*cough*). He's just His back-story is so depressing, I love how he had to grow up so fast, and I've always loved the whole "I must keep who I am a secret from everyone I love" themes. Plus he keeps his cool. It Jason Bourne meets Robin favorite combination ever. <3

    I got my sister to like the show. She and I were geeking out about him a little while ago. Haha! She watching it right now actually. :D

    Yeah. Does that really get girls to want to watch a show?? Cause I'm instantly like "Um. No." Weeeelll, then again, the current cover for SPN on Netflix is preeety lame. *snort* It doesn't even look like them. XD


    1. Except maybe the Doctor, and even then...

      Laurel gets better than then goes downhill, I thought. She's kind of hypocritical. Buuuuuuuuut, YES! Tommy needs someone like... Belle from OUAT, or Martha from DW.
      Laurel's dad is one of my favorite characters. (and yeah, he does remind me a little of Gwen's dad in the new Spiderman.)

      Oliver is cool, and about halfway through when everyone's giving him such a hard time, it's like, "Seriously people! Chill!" But yeah, he did grow up a lot, and I find the backstory really, really fun to watch.

      I got my mom to like the show, and it's funny, because she doesn't usually like the stuff I like. Haha! OOH LET ME KNOW when you get to the Australian guy!

      Yep, I think girls tend to go for muscles over character.*snort* ... Yeah, but at least the SPN cover, (while it's awful) they wear shirts. haha!


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