Monday, January 13, 2014

Concerning Supernatural

So here's the thing...


Wow, this is harder than I thought it was going to be!


It has come to my attention that a lot of people have started watching Supernatural because of me.


Because, here's the thing about Supernatural:  I actually really kind of hate it. 

"So why are you still watching it, and obsessing over it, and posting gifs?" you ask?
To which I reply, "Because I love Dean and Sam!!!"

Let me explain.

The first three seasons were really good! (And this is coming from a girl who doesn't go in for paranormal scary stuff normally. You ask me to watch something like The Grudge with you, I will giggle like a hyena who just inhaled helium and politely decline.)

The first three seasons of Supernatural deal with Dean and Sam hunting down monsters and demons and sending them back to hell. Which I thought was really cool. Who doesn't like it when bad things get their own? There was a clear-cut line between good and evil, which doesn't happen a lot in modern shows, and it was crystal  clear. The demons, werewolves, vampires, and other manner of horrific specimens were evil, and the good guys were actually good guys.

It showed how heroes don't always, if ever, get happy endings. Being a hero is hard, and requires a considerable amount of self-sacrifice. Doing the right thing isn't always easy. Family is important.

And it also showed that hell is not a nice place at all, and that the things you do will have consequences.

Bing, bang, boom! I liked all that.

But then they had random and unnecessary dirty scenes, and inappropriate conversations. However, the show is rated TV PG14, so I guess that's to be expected.

On top of the goodness of the stories, Dean and Sam were freaking awesome. Quite honestly, they are some of the best characters on television. Everyone I know who has made the mistake of joining the fandom agrees with me on that note. They are the best brothers ever. Their story is cool.

Right, are you with me so far? I got obsessed with the show really quickly, and watching seasons one through three fueled my obsession.

And it was too late for me to turn back. 


And the moronic writers decided to introduce angels and God into the mix.

And I went from lovingly drooling over the boys, to going:

It is by far the worst portrayal of God and the angels that I have ever seen. I mean ever. 

The sad thing is, I started out liking the angels. Castiel, or Cas, as everyone calls him, was cool. Everyone, the monsters and demons included, were afraid of the angels. Good start. 

But Castiel went rapidly downhill from there. He starts doubting God.... yeah.

Quite honestly, I can't list all the things that the writers got wrong, theologically, but I'll give you the basics:

Over the course of season four and the ones after that, you find out that:

The angels need to possess people to be able to have a form on earth. Excuse me? Say what? Angels are more powerful than that. The people the angels possess (formally called "vessels") do need to give their consent, but still. What the heck? Angels are able to manifest however they like. It should be easy for them to manifest as a human. They do not need an actual human body to possess.

Angels will give up their grace and willingly leave heaven because earth is happier. (Excuse me?)

Lucifer is apparently an archangel, not a Cherubim.

God has lost control of heaven.

God is in hiding.

God doesn't care about anyone but Himself anymore. (Yeah. Right.)

Angels are rebellious little twerps that act just like sleazy politicians.

Demons aren't fallen angels, Lucifer created them.

Angels will lower themselves to making a deal with the King of Hell (who, weirdly enough, isn't Lucifer) in order to become a god and take over heaven. (Yeah, that happened.)

Purgatory isn't a place you go to be cleansed before you go to heaven. It's where really bad monsters live.

And apparently there are still a crudload of fallen angels in heaven.

And that's just the major stuff! There's bunches of little things that grate on my nerves.

To be quite honest, if I had known even half of what was wrong with Supernatural, I probably wouldn't have started it. I came so close to just throwing my hands in the air and giving up on the show during Season Four.

In fact, the only reason I didn't stop was because I had a friend (who's opinion I trust very much) who was a season ahead of me. She informed me that after Season Four it did get better. If I hadn't known, much as I loved Sam and Dean (and that is a lot), I would given up on the show, because the writers got so much wrong, heaven wise.

The really frustrating thing is, it's obvious that the writers did a load of serious research to do the show. The demons, and Lucifer were perfect: evil, manipulative, cruel liars.
The writers, then, did enough research to know that the way they were portraying God and His angels was abysmally wrong.

How dare they use the Bible and pick and choose what they want to portray accurately? I'm sorry, that's my Bible, and my religion, and my God that they  are portraying as silly and cowardly. They have a lot of nerve, taking people's religion and messing around with it to suit their story. It makes me really, really mad.

So, why am I still watching it?

Because after season four, it didn't make me as furious.

But mostly it's because I am head-over-heals in love with Sam and Dean Winchester. And not just because they're excessively attractive. (Though, that's true too.)

See, I love brother stories, and friendship stories, even more than I do romances. But there aren't a lot of brother stories out there. Normally you have a good brother story and one of the brothers dies, or they both fall in love and end up hating each other. Same thing with friendship stories, although they're a little easier to find.

Dean and Sammy have the best brother relationship in the history of ever. (Again, everyone who has watched Supernatural agrees on that.) They bicker and fight like normal people, but underneath they have an unbreakable bond. They're willing to die for each other. (And they do, frequently.) They will tear the world apart to keep each other safe. They're willing to sacrifice everything for the other (and they do that frequently, too). They've both lost so much over the course of the show, they keep getting closer, and it's a wonderful sibling relationship. I want need them to have a happy ending.

They really are the only reason I'm still watching Supernatural. If they had been less cool, or if they were different characters, I would not have considered it worth the pain and frustration.

But they are that cool, and I can't help myself, I love them too much to stop now.

However, if you're considering watching Supernatural because of me, please don't. Just don't. It would be better for you all around if you didn't. (Not to mention how much emotional trauma you will avoid...) I can't recommend the show anymore without cringing at the idea that someone is going to get as angry as I did about the theological issues in it.

I really don't want people to go, "Oh, Treskie likes it! It must be good, she usually has good taste," and then watch it and be scandalized.

If you've read this post, and still feel like you wouldn't mind watching the show, please, please let me email you a list of episodes to watch and skip. I would feel better about it.

I just really needed to get this off my chest, because I think I've mentioned Supernatural so much that it's a necessary warning.

Anyway, I hope I haven't shocked or scandalized anyone with this "ALL MY FEELS" post.

I just needed to let you know.

And now you know.

So cheers and God bless!



  1. Nice review. ;) I find it rather humorous that one "scary" thing they could have added to SPN which is Biblically correct....they didn't. The fact that Satan isn't in any cage currently....Not that they believe any of the stuff they write into the script, anyhow. *shrug*

    My cousin is watching the show now and loves Dean...she texted me this morning and said "Anna! I just wanna be Mrs Dean Winchester!" I laughed. Don't we all? (Well, I'd rather be Mrs Sam W...but that's just me) ;)

    But, good review!

    1. Oh, good, I'm glad you liked it.

      But wait... what do you mean Satan isn't in any cage currently?
      But no, yeah. I don't think anyone on that set believes any of the stuff they write into the script.

      lol!! Well tell her he's already spoken for. MINE! I saw him first! lol. Unfortunately... they're not real.


    2. Yes, I did.

      Satan is the "Prince of the world". I Peter 5:8-9: "Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. But resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world."

      He's described as the Prince of this World, he did all that *fun* stuff to Job (with God's permission), tempted Jesus, possessed Judas, etc. I meant - he's not locked up right now. He will be eventually, but for the time being he's in the world.

      After I said that I realized I sound like Becky. "First tweet as Becky Rosen-Winchester!" *facepalm*


    3. OOoh yes. I remember. You're right I think. lol. :) Thank you for explaining. lol.

    4. Hey, no problem. ;) It's a very interesting thought, though... ya know?

  2. I hate it when this happens to me! :P When I rave about Sherlock and someone is like "Oh! Sounds amazing! I am going to watch it!" and I am like "On second thought........ Irene Adler, gay references, ect. ect." and than I feel so stupid. :P

    1. I don't think Sherlock is nearly as bad as SPN. Sherlock is actually pretty clean, after the first couple episodes. lol. (The and Irene one, I usually tell people to skip.

      I feel stupid too, so no worries! *high fives*

  3. that was a really good review Treskie, the bit about Season 4 was honest and forthright, and I think you addressed the whole 'heaven' situation very well. The bit where you were listing all the horrible things you find out made me laugh a bit though. It was the "excuse me?" and "say what?" you kept throwing in. But yeah, very well handled. You basically said Dean and Sam are amazing but the show is crap. *claps* well spoken! and for all those non-fans?? Run for your life!!!

    Fight the fairies!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Awww good. I am glad. It was hard. lol.

      And "Sam and Dean are amazing, but the show is crap" is what I was going for, so yay!


  4. Ah, disclaimers... disclaimers are good. :D Like I said before, you were definitely one of the people whose mention of SPN intrigued me into finally giving this show a chance (and quickly falling for the Winchester bros *sigh*), but I would never blame you in any way for its major shortcomings. That's what research and reviews are for (and your unexpected, but majorly helpful email of episodes to watch and skip!). Plus, I'm pretty sure you never technically recommended it - just gushed. ;)

    Isn't it just sad that most modern TV shows are plagued with unnecessary filth? I want to know what happened to things like The Andy Griffith Show! :D

    1. Haha. You were the third person who started it, and I was like, 'Okay. It's time." You poor person, falling for the Winchesters. It only gets worse, you know. Season nine's mid-season finale, HURT.

      Well... yeah. I never said "YOU MUST WATCH THE SHOW" but I did talk about it enough, that the message came through. lol.

      The Andy Griffith Show is one of my favorite oldies. That and Ozzie and Harriet, they're really good. :D I don't know why people insist on adding dirty stuff to it, because it's stupid.

  5. This is a terrific review, you should do more of different shows;)
    I would love you to email me a list of your recommended "skips" because I really love their relationship and some concepts but don't want to get involved with all that incorrect "stuff." Heheh I'm actually really glad you offered because no one I know watches spn:D
    My email:

    1. Aw, thank you! I might, but I have a hard time doing reviews.

      I will send you the list ASAP! But I will say, once the angels come in, it's... pretty much impossible to avoid the incorrect stuff altogether. You're gonna get some, no matter what. (If I was there, you might be able to, because I know where all the bad parts are...)

      But yes. I shall email you quickly. Cheers!

  6. THANK YOU so much for letting us know. It is a good thing I never watched it. I guess it was intuition or the Holy Spirit letting me know not to watch it. So happy i listened. So sorry though you got through so much anger from those bad writers. :(

    1. You're welcome! :) Yeah, it's probably best you didn't watch it. That would have been super awkward.

      The writers aren't Christian or Catholic, so I might cut them the teensiet bit of slack, but they still know enough to be ashamed of themselves. It's just frustrating.

  7. Thank you so much for that review! It was well done. You should do more of them :). I happen to be one of those unfortunate people who started watching the show and also happen to fall madly in love with Sam and Dean, especially Dean because Dean is epic :). I also had the same opinion that the 1st season was cool. Clear difference between good and bad, and I mean how much more awesome can you get than cool guys putting demons back in hell right? But then in the second good and bad started getting less clear. And after watching the trailer for season 3 and noticed that they were getting angels, heaven, God and other things and really messed up I had my doubts and you just confirmed it. Thanks! And you're right, best brother story ever :).

    1. Haha! Well Dean is sort of spoken for. (by me. He's mine. lol.) Just kidding. He is epic though, isn't he?

      Yeah, the line between good and evil gets blurred, and basically it ends up being Sam and Dean against demons, monsters, angels, and everything else. It's really, really infuriating.

      Always the best brother story ever.

  8. Fantastic review! I must admit, I really did want to watch SPN (mainly because of the Winchester's ;) ), but now that I know what kind of stuff they put into it after season 4, I think I'm gonna pass! Thanks for the heads up!


    1. Thanks!

      Oh, you're not alone there. I was the one who started my sisters and I on it. I saw a picture of Dean and then one of Sam and I was like, "Ooooh. They're attractive. I think... I should... GO FIND IT."

      Yeah, probably best if you give it a wide berth. It's really sad anyway. (like... worse than Doctor Who and Sherlock, sad.)

      You're welcome!

  9. I am glad you posted this. It makes me feel better about life, because all the reviews about it are usually about how fantastic it is. Someone needed to send out a warning. (And I'd say more, but, as you know, I have sent you about ten emails filled with my thoughts about it all - so you already know what I think 8-D)


    1. I'm so glad you like it, Jack. It made me super happy. lol. I mean, if I wasn't Catholic, I probably would have loved it, but I am so I didn't. lol.

      And I'm pretty sure you've sent me way more than just ten emails. lol.



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