Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Windsday, Eeyore!

Contrary to what y'all may be thinking, this post is not about the adorable and loveable Pooh Bear.


It is however, about a windy day.

And kites.

(It would have been a lot cooler if it had been on Wednesday, because Windsday and Wednesday sound alike. But as it is, it's Thursday, which is much less cool.)

School was done (much to this first grade teacher's delight) and I was inside doing vocal warm-ups. (The parents were gone, and this usually results in me standing by the piano, going: *Plink* "MeeeEEEEOOOOOOooooo." *higher plink* "MeeeEEEEEEOOOOOOooooo." *higher plink* "MeeeEEEEEOOOOOOOOoooo!" *cue glass shattering at my epic high notes.)

I was at the height of a high E.... (Lies. I can only hit D♭, and only when I'm really warmed up.) .... When all four of the little girls came running in going, "Treskie, if we do lunch dishes, can you take us to the meadow? Pleeeaaase?"

How could I say no to four imploring pairs of eyes? (Also, I really didn't feel like doing lunch dishes, so that was a plus.)

So we got our stuff together and hiked awa' to the meadow.

"Let's go fly a kite
Up to the highest height!
Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let's go fly a kite!"

At first it was perfect kite flying weather, and the kite's took off with a great sort of eagerness that made all the wee'ans cheer with delight. 

Such much. (It's fun to say that. Say it. Say such much and tell me if you didn't have fun.) 

By the end, unfortunately, the wind had picked up to gale-like proportions and they spent a great majority of the time tending to crashed kites which could not fly under such circumstances. 

Like so. 

Eventually most of them gave up and did other things. Sammie climbed a tree and got herself stuck. 

I brought my notebooks and attempted to write. 

I took a moment to do Annie's hair in a five strand braid, because she couldn't handle it in her face. 

 And then basically everything morphed into a photoshoot.


All in all, not a bad day.

Yours Sincerely:
The Frenchiest Fry


  1. What a beautiful day, there!! ❤️ Wish i was there. And I love that Mary poppins song you put, i was singing along! "Let's go fly a kite.." And my gosh, i love that braid you did! How do you do that?! I never seen one like that before. It's so beautiful!

    Ooh and I love your notebooks and pen (sorry, it's my nerdiness speaking) :P so cool!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ So happy you all had a fun day!

    1. It was really lovely. :) I think you would have had fun if you'd been there. lol.
      I always think that when I hear the word kite.
      OOH, I know! Aren't they cool braids? It's actually pretty simple, this video is how I learned.

      The notebooks are cool, aren't they? The one on top and the pen were Christmas pressies. XD

    2. Oh cool! I wonder if it rubbed off on me next time I see a kite :P thanks for the link, I'll check it out! And those are your Christmas presents? So cool!! ❤️ What do you write in them? I have notebooks too-- any ideas what i can write in my notebooks? I'm writing a diary but I don't know what else other than stories to write in them.

    3. I keep a journal and a lyric journal. The lyric journal is awesome. so if you have a notebook that you want to write in, but don't k now what to write, record the lyrics of all your favorite songs in pretty writing. It's cool. XD

  2. All I can say is, CAN I BE PART OF YOUR FAMILY.

    I saw wind and kites and I was like *barfs rainbow* You have no idea how much I love kites and flying kites and mountains because yes I see mountains in the background. *sits down and cries with wonderment*


    The Fried Frenchy

    1. YES YOU MAY. We "Adopt" people regularly, if we like them, so yes. Welcome to family, pal.

      *snort* Barfs rainbow indeed, you were quoting that pinterest thing, weren't you? We'll have to go again when it's less gusty, because they only flew for about fifteen minutes. *whispers* You could come.

      IT'S FUN, ISN'T IT.

      Aha. I like how you're the Fried Frenchy. That's cool.

    2. Huzzah! :-D :-D :-D

      Yes. I saw that thing on Pinterest and I was like THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS LIKE. And so now I go around saying *barfs rainbow* at all the wonderful and pheelsy things.

      Of course I'll come. You need someone of intelligence on this

      IT IS FUN. SUCH MUCH. It could almost be an ice cream flavor. Like....a lot of flavors mixed. Such Much. I work in an ice cream shop can you tell? ;-P

      Yes, the Fried Frenchy, that's me. ;-D

      By the way, I even started planning the layout of my posters and I keep freaking out and trying to figure out where on my wall they will go. Possibly underneath the Fili and Kili posters.......... or maybe by the Robin Hood one..... we are really running out of wall room. Oh deah.

    3. hehe. I usually just go "Huuaarrrghh!" and wave my hands around. lol.

      I understood that reference, Pippin.

      An ice cream shop, eh?? That's cool! (no pun intended.) You should invent a flavor and call it Such Much.

      Hahahahah! No way, really? My pictures under Kili and Fili?? I'm *honored* (We're running out of wall space too. Wall space is a precious thing.

  3. I love the front of your notebook "Evil plans and stuff". Where did you get that? It's great XD

    1. Heheheh, I know. Isn't it awesome? I don't know where I got it though, it was a Christmas pressie.

  4. Wow! What a fun day! I can hit a high E :)
    How do you do a five strand braid? it looks lovely!
    That is a beautiful place to fly kites! I want your mountains :)

    1. It was fun! And of COURSE you can hit high E. EVERYONE BUT ME can hit high E. *Sobs* I will never be Christine.

      I love five strand braids. I learned from this video. I think it's pretty simple, actually.

      Well too bad! You get high E, I get mountains. lol.

  5. Oh, and I tagged you for a blog tag at my blog. I don't know if you do blog tags, but here's the link.

    1. Ooh, I shall go look. :) (I might wait to do it though. We'll see.)

  6. Aw, that looks fun!! Chloe and Sam are totes adorbs in those pics... Okay, so are the rest of you.

    I like the wind-blowing-epicly-across-your-face pic. I was thinking jazzily, "AH WHIP MAH HAIR BACK AND FORTH! AH WHIP MAH HAIR BACK AND FORTH!" like so.

    1. Mostly just them though? lol I know, they are so cute. XD

      That picture was an accident. Bella snapped it when I started growling at Chloe. lol. That song though... it's more like IWHIPMYHAIRBACKANDFORTHIWHIPMYHAIRBACKANDFORTH! With no spaces. *crosses eyes.*


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