Friday, April 11, 2014

Picture Saturday + plans

It has been a freaking age since my last post.

It was kind of a roller coaster week for me, and I was emotional and stressed over stupid things. (I'm mostly over it now, but I'm a stresser. So I stress. I stress about stressing and then stress because I'm stressed. And you want to know the clincher? I don't even have anything to be stressed about. I'm just that annoying character that freaks out over everything.)

Anyway. The title of this post says "Picture Saturday + plans" but I'm going to do it backwards. So ha!

Le Plans

*I'm going to get my freaking license, darn it! mostly because I've had my permit for a ridiculous long time, and I'd really like to drive myself places without having to have a licensed driver in the front seat.
*I'm going to get a job. Because A.) I'm broke and I like money. B.) Because I want to go to Disneyland. [I know, right? GOALS!C.) I feel like I should have one, given my age. And D.) Because I'm really tired of the disapproving looks those judgy, pushy, obnoxious people give me when they find out I am unemployed. You can practically feel the judgements pouring from their essence, and that rattles me.
*I'm going to work on drawing more. Because I want to start selling my stuff.... maybe. Which leads me to this question: (please answer, I'd appreciate it.)

Would any of you, (authors, friends of authors, random people) be interested in my character sketches? Like, say, you have a character you want a picture of: send me a description, and I will draw it for you. Would you be willing to commission one of my drawings, and if so, how much would you be willing to spend?
If I were to start that up, would you be interested, or do you know anyone who would be interested?

*I'm going to start an etsy account. Because etsy accounts are cool, and I think I have some merchandise I could sell. (Fandom related stuff.)
*If the aforementioned takes off and does well I shall probably be re-vamping my bloggy to make it look more professional.

Those are my goals, that is the plan. I will probably be taking my driver's test some near the end of this month, so... prayers would be hugely appreciated. :)

Right, Picture Saturday.
Been a while since the last one of these, and I have great copious amounts of drawings.

Yes, I've taken to watermarking them. I think it looks professional, and if you don't like it, say nothing. Don't harsh my mellow. 

So first off, we have the serving girl who is delightfully sassy, even though her hand is malformed.

And then we have the Sam and Jess fanart, which I mostly hate, because it looks nothing like Sam and Jess... and partly love, because, while it resembles them not, it's kinda cute.

Then comes The Reader, which I like a lot, even though she's a little stiff.

I did all of those while Jack was here, aren't you impressed?

Following those, we have The Texter, who turned out better than I was expecting.

And the one I drew when I read a quote after Jack left, and I was feeling sad. I liked said quote so much I needed to use it.


This one is one of my favorites. I freaking love it, and I don't know why, but I finished and I was like, "Yesssss, precioussssss."

And then I did this one, which looks better in real life. Smiling people are hard.

This one, I did while I was extremely stressed and overwrought.

And I shall finish up with the one I drew later on that day, when I was feeling better and more perky. (I should really do an Eleven one now....)


I don't know how to end this post. Here's a random picture that made me choke on my coffee.

I think, from now on, I'm going to sign my posts as "The Frenchiest Fry"

Starting now.


The Frenchiest Fry


  1. I would love to have one of your drawings on a cover of my book but not at the moment since I didn't make much with my first book. I need more publicity **cries I only made like $27 total so far. My aunt and uncle told me that my book is so cheap (price) for such a high quality book but I told them that i am just starting off.

    Hopefully in the future we will make it, Treskie! With God's help. You are a fantastic illustrator! I love LOVE your drawings you posted but the girl holding the coffee the most. If she was holding a teddy bear, then it would be perfect to hang in my room, LOL! I would buy it. I'll post about your drawing job request on my blog tomorrow. Hopefully we can get more viewers to look at your drawings. :)

    Good night M'dear! :) ❤️

    1. You only made $27 dollars on your book? That sucks!

      Exactly, with God all things are possible, right? :) I'm glad to know that you'd be interested if you weren't... brokish. lol.

      Thank you so much! I can use the publicity . :)

      Good morning. lol.

    2. Lol!!! Yeah, it stinks big time! :( Yeah, God will guide us what to do and if it is his will, it will come to us.

      You are very welcome! My pleasure.

  2. THAT COFFEE PICTURE. I love love love it. I feel for you about the job thing. :(( Why are people so quick to judge?? And it gets worse when they have ideas in their head of what a "real job" is. And then they proceed to tell you that what you do is NOT a real job. Dang. I feel like hiding in a hole sometimes. PETTY HUMANS. Good luck with your license!! It's a jet license right? So you can fly your private jet and visit Australia right??

    1. I love it too!! (in case I haven't already made that abundantly clear. lol.)

      I know! They're like, "Ooooh, you're not employed. The anger of the gods will rain down upon you. You should go to college, and get a degree." and I'm just like, "Excuse you? Is this ANY of your business? No it isn't. And as for college... I see you work at a grocery store. How's the engineering degree working for ya?"

      Thanks, I'll need it! (Jet license. Hahaha. Ha. Ha. *lays down and cries* Hey! You're the author with the bestsellers coming along! YOU should get a jet license, and a private jet! Then you could come HERE and we could have an SPN marathon.)


    Wow. Okay. Pause for a moment to recover.

    Okay. Good now. I think.

    And as for your question, (dude I almost wrote quest there that is awesome) I am an author (okay, okay, I'm a WRITER as I have never gotten anything published and I only have like three first drafts finished so yeah shoot me for saying I'm an author....but a girl can dream, ja?).

    Okay, I don't know if that was actually a complete sentence but I keep losing my train of thought. I JUST FINISHED MERLIN AT 11:30 LAST NIGHT SO GIMME A BREAK MY BRAIN DON'T WANNA WORK.

    Ummmm yeah anyway this is all to say that I have actually been wanting to contact you about doing character drawings because I would looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove like a poster of the characters of a few of my books (like a few posters I mean one for each book) and I'm like, "doooooooood Treskie could do it!" but then I kept chickening out from asking you because I'm like some random commenter. As for how much I would spend. Well. It would depend on how long it would take you to do the drawing. I mean, seeing as I kind of want ones with several characters in them, they'd probably take a good long while (HAHA DID YOU SEE IT BILBO REFERENCE) so........Well, minimum wage is like $7 something an hour, isn't it? You could do something like that. Unless it takes you like 700 hours to draw something, in which case, us poor penniless authors will just gape at your skills from afar.

    Honestly I have no idea what regular people would charge. I mean, I've bought stuff from Corey Godbey (an illustrator, artist guy that if you haven't heard of, GO FIND HIM ON ETSY) and his stuff is like $20 per piece but they are prints rather than originals. So yeah. *shrugs* Somebody with a more businessy mind than me could probably give you better information.

    *wanders around aimlessly*

    I hate the end of TV shows.

    1. Hahaha! That's what I did.

      Ja, a girl can dream. :) (and frankly, I think anyone who writes books is an author...) So dream away.

      OMG you finished Merlin? I've only seen the first season, but I really want to finish it soon. I know pretty much everything that happens, because of my little sisters,... so I'm guessing the finale really hurt you, huh?? XD

      REALLY? YOU ACTUALLY WANTED ME TO DO CHARACTER SKETCHES FOR YOU????? (hahaha, I get that, about chickening out, but I don't think you're a random commenter. You're nice and comment more than once. lol)
      HAHAAAAA I did see the Bilbo reference!!
      *snort* 700 hours is a bit extreme for anyone. ('Cept maybe Da Vinci... DaVinci? Did you know it took him two years to do the Mona Lisa's LIPS?) Ahaaaa though, I like the way you think. Minimum wage is good..... hmmm.

      I DID NOT know about Corey Godbey, but oh my gosh, I like his work!

      I'll do some research, I think, to see what the going rate would be, because that's the way I ROLL. And then I shall probably do an official, "OMG I'M SELLING MY WORK" blog post, which will most likely scare everyone away. lol.

      I hate the end of TV shows too. Have some tea and cookies to console yourself. ;)

      THANK YOU for the comment!!!! It made my week.

    2. Alright, this girl's gonna dream. XD

      YES. FINISHED MERLIN. I AM HURT. I AM VERY, VERY HURT. (HEY DID YOU GET THE HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON REFERENCE?!) *cries into French Fries so that they aren't the Frenchiest Fries anymore* It is beautiful and horrible.

      I REALLY DID I THOUGHT ABOUT IT LIKE....A BUNCH ALMOST EVERY DAY WISHING I HAD A CHARACTER SKETCH BY YOU ON MY WALL. Like...woah it would be so cool. *pictures it* Woah. Yes. Woah. Woah when can I get this.

      Dude, I didn't know that about Da Vinci. He. Was. Crazy.


      Thank you for the tea and cookies. *eats them morosely*

      ALSO I DID NOT KNOW THAT MY FIRST COMMENT WAS SO DANG LONG. Sorry about that. XD I tend to be long winded. That's why they call me......................

      Actually they don't call me anything.

      Except Snickerbox.

      Don't ask.

    3. OH YOU ARE HURT, YOU ARE VERY MUCH HURT. YES I GOT THE HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON REFERENCE. At least your french fries are salty now. lol.

      NO WAY. NO FREAKING WAY. REALLY!? THE AMOUNT OF JOY THAT BRINGS ME IS CRAZY! *dances in the street.* Maybe you can be my first customer. LOL!

      He was very crazy.

      No, no. I like long comments. I do adore them, quite. *high fives*

      Saying "don't ask" in reference to Snickerbox.... is like telling a dog not to eat a bone. WHY SNICKERBOX?


      Yes, really. When have I ever lied to you? (And you probably didn't get that Merlin reference -_- *sigh* ;-)) YES FIRST CUSTOMER. WOOTS.

      Awesome. I like writing long comments. It makes me feel a certain sense of satisfaction.

      *clears throat* Snickerbox.....

      Okay, so first there was this:

      (Up till when Colin Morgan says "Flickerbox" obviously) which my sis and I love to quote because of his accent. Because who doesn't like faking an Irish accent?

      So then one day I was laughing up my sleeve about something in my mind (I do that a lot) and my sister said, "Would you stop chuckling at yourself? You're like..........a Snickerbox."

      Therefore I have been Snickerbox ever since.

    5. *bows* I try, m'dear. I try. lol.

      I actually did get the Merlin reference, Bella (little sister) uses it all the time. lol.
      WELL then, I shall let you know when I get started. XD

      I'm rubbish at faking accents. I'll start with Irish and move to Scottish, and then English, which quickly moves to cockney, and then to Texan. ALL IN ONE SENTENCE. lol!

      It's a cute nickname though. lol. I like it. That's hilarious. XD

  4. You made me laugh out loud several times! Thank you. It's a good way to start a Saturday. :)

    Ha! I had my permit forever too. I'm sure that you'll do great on the test!

    I COMPLETELY understand the judgmental looks that people feel the need to so liberally bestow upon those of us who don't have a “real job”. Ugh. I work during tourist season at our town's little general store and gas station, run an Etsy shop, and make and sell soap locally. Unfortunately, that's not enough to satisfy the grumblers who feel like it's necessary for me to work a traditional 9-5. Oh well, you can't make everyone happy. :) Good luck in finding a job! Money is definitely a plus. :)

    Your artwork in this post is awesome! I was going to point out the ones that I particularly love, but seriously, I just scrolled back through and I'm having a hard time picking favorites... Hmmm. The serving girl is gorgeous (and I didn't even notice her hand until you pointed it out), Sam and Jess aren't perfect copies of the originals but they're absolutely adorable (!!!), and the one of Ten preforming the oh-so-familiar sprint is epic. :)

    1. I did?? Cool! I like making people laugh.

      I hope I'll do great. I do NOT want to take it twice. lol.

      We're a very tourist down, and it's tricky to get a good job here. (Is it fun working at the general store thing??) Grumblers need to go somewhere far away and grumble to themselves, because honestly, AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO' DAT.

      Awwwww. Thank you! You have no idea how delighted it makes me that you had a hard time choosing favorites. *dances* Maybe I should stop pointing out defects in the drawings, eh? (I just feel like I SHOULD I don't know why. lol.)
      Ten's sprint is really easy to capture, so I do him more than Eleven, but I LOVE Eleven so I really should start doing some more of him tool. lol. I'm glad you like them!!! :)

    2. Working at the general store is SO much fun! It's the only place in a 25 mile radius for 4-wheelers to refuel, so business can get pretty crazy sometimes. Plus, running a cash register is loads of fun (for me... I dunno if I'm just weird like that, or not). :) Normally I'm not a people person - totally introverted! - but something changes when I get behind the counter, because I turn into a fairly charming human. ;) Heheh. Anyways, yeah, I really like it, and the idea of working a desk job everyday for the rest of my life sounds perfectly stifling and awful.

      Yes! If you don't point out the flaws, I won't be any the wiser. I do the same thing with the doll clothes I make though. Completely rediculous since NOTHING is perfect, but still... I think it may be a pride thing, actually. "I realize that ____ is wrong with the thing I just created. Don't point it out to me again. And don't you dare judge me for it in your head!" Heheh. Maybe? :)

    3. Oh, I'll bet it get's really crazy, then. Sheesh. No, I know what you mean about becoming charming. lol. I am the most insanely introverted person, but I have been told that I'm really good with people, so I think I hide it fairly well when it's a necessity. lol.

      I think it's just like... I need to tell people that I KNOW it's not perfect, so don't thing that I think it IS. lol.

  5. well I hope this all works out for you :) I always pray for you, so its all good. I LOVE that sam & Jess art. sooo cute!!

    Oh. My. Gosh. The frenchiest fry. THAT IS AWESOME!!

    1. I hope it works out too. lol.

      I AM the Frenchiest Fry

  6. I am absolutely in love with your drawings!!! :D I would definitely send you a character I would love you to draw, or even a picture of a family member for you to sketch, but, unfortunately I am broke. Again. I have needed to borrow money off my younger sister, which is very sad.

    So that is why I completely understand your willingness to get a job! I myself am looking for a job (even though I am only 14, but I need (or maybe want) money. Because there are so many things in this world that I just WANT! A new phone would be nice......). But me being me, just hasn't had the motivation to ask my parents to help me find a job. :/

    And I think and etsy store is WONDERFUL!! I would totally visit your store and ask my parents for money to buy some of your awesome stuff. :D

    1. *snort* I'm glad I'm not the only broke one. lol. But it makes me more confident to know that if people weren't broke they'd buy my work. Lalalala.

      Phones are always nice. Good luck to you, finding a job! Job hunting stinks!

      You wouuuuld??? Huzzaaah!

  7. Oh, and PS. I love love love the best friend picture!!! I would totally buy that!!! :D

  8. Oh, I adore the girl with her coffee! It's gorgeous! And the knitting needles in her hair! It's so stinking cute! You've made me want to draw again. :) (I haven't drawn anything for ages, because we've been painting at school and it takes all the artistic oomph out of me. Though it was fun--and scary--to paint a canvas. I finished it in the last art lesson of term, but I didn't get to take it home yet.)

    1. Hehe! Cool! I'm glad you liked her, isn't she adorable? I love the whole *feel* of that picture. XD

      I made you want to draw again? MISCHIEF MANAGED. Don't paint then, if the artistic oomph is gone. Use pencils. I love pencils. lol. I have not worked with paint... or canvas. Is it fun??

    2. It is fun, while I'm doing it. I just don't have any art left by the time I'm finished, because it takes a fair bit of work to actually make it all turn out fine. It's harder than drawing, because there's less control, but it can look less realistic and still be fine. So I'm not really sure which I like better.

  9. Okay, your drawings. WOW.

    Would you draw Frodo and Sam? And the Tenth Doctor with Rose? aldhfaieorhaielrhaliehrailherlaishreow if you need something to draw, I would give you a jazillion billion ideas!!!

    1. I could try Frodo and Sam... but I'm sort of rubbish at hobbits, so we'll see how that turns out, yeah? And sure, Ten and Rose, I can do that. lol. Let me know some!

  10. For some reason, everyone thinks life depends on jobs and if you don't have one you're failing life. (They're important, I'll admit that. DISNEY LAND!) But don't worry if you don't have one yet. You're brilliant enough without one and the people who keep giving you the look, they can work their own jobs and be miserable. (That's it, most people hate their jobs and it annoys them when someone doesn't have a job they hate. I have a job and I like it and I still get the look.)

    When I take over the world you can do work for me as my minion and that can be your job.

    To answer your comment.

    Yes, I always like the geeky guys more than the tough ones. Eliot was VERY cool and I love him a lot, but I like Hardison a bit more because he is a HUGE geek.

    I don't think you forced me to watch it, and I might have watched it sooner or later, but it would have taken me forever to start it if you hadn't watched it with me. I usually don't watch action shows alone. (I didn't know how funny it was before I started it. Had I known I would have watched it alone.)

    I think the only reason I was glare at you during The Part was because you were in the right position. I looked down and there you were, so you got all of my, "How dare you do this to me after Supernatural tragedy" looks. Or maybe it was because you kept telling me how safe the show was and how good the ending was. AND THEY YOU KNOW WHAT AND IT STILL HURTS. Sure, it wasn't real, but it coudl have been, and that hurts.
    But it had a happy ending so I'm good.
    I'd be better if there was a spin off

    1. DISNEYLAND IS GONNA BE EPIC. lol your comment made me feel all proud of not being jobified yet. lol. Thankee kindly, m'dear. But I'm really hoping I can get one soon, because I'm broke, and I don't like being broke.
      I HATE the look.

      If I am your minion, YOU KNOW I would be going around, nudging you and going, "Phhht, bottom. hehehe."

      Hardison is a huge geek. I love Hardison. I think I love Hardison the same way you love Eliot.

      Haha oh good. I was feeling a little bad. lol. I TOLD you it was like Psych, only more intense! *snortle*

      SPN tragedy is a great reason to be glaring. It was safe! And I did tell you that it was a little sad, but I liked the ending.

      I'd be ecstatic if there was a spin off. I NEED A SPIN OFF, JACK. MAKE IT HAPPEN.


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