Monday, June 9, 2014

The Grand Opening!

*Deep breath.*

Today is the day I officially open my etsy shop!

I'm super excited to finally have gotten this up, it took a lot longer than I was expecting it to. I had a hard time getting the t-shirts to sell, and when I finally was able to stock up on them... I found out that polyester doesn't bleach.

At all.

I bought $60 worth of nice, fitted, black tees, and not one of them was bleachable because they were all polyester! Who knew black wouldn't bleach? And I'm talking lots of bleach--that shirt was dripping with the stuff. And it didn't even fade. Not even a little.


Before we get started, I have a new page over on the right hand side bar. It will inform you that I am now accepting commissions for drawings that you might like to have me do. Do click it. It will give me great pleasure.

There is now merchandise in my shop, so if you want to go over there and take a look-see, click the link below!

What you can expect to see in the shop are these:

And copies of my art...

Currently listed:

Custom Made Fandom Maps

Rainy quotes:

Custom drawn character sketches

And custom made paper dolls!

I'm also going to be adding greeting cards which I will have drawn and put together, but because my little shop is only just starting, I'm still working on that.

Go on over, take a look! Spread the word! And if there's anything you think I could improve on, do let me know.

Oh, and if any of you could help me think up a better name for my shop, I could be most grateful. It's just Miscellany right now, and I don't like it much.

My blog is going to be under construction for the next week or so. I want to give it a face lift, so.. bear that in mind. :)

Thank you all for taking the time to read me.... self-promoting.

Cheers and God bless!



  1. Aaaaah! I want this and that and that over there... If I had the money, I would be your best customer. ;)

    For an idea for an Etsy store... Sunshine Studios. Kind of lame. But it's the one thing I thought of if I ever opened an Etsy store (which I don't have the talent for).

    1. Aaaaaaaaah! I'm glad you *want* something, even if you don't have the money for it. I'm thinking about taking down some prices, because I don't know if my art is worth so much. But we'll see. YAY, you can be my honorary best customer.

      Mmmm Sunshine Studios how a nice ring to it though. I'll think about it! Everybody's talented at something, Alyianna. You sing really well. XD

    2. YAY. I am now the honorary best customer. :D

      Awww, thanks dearie. :)

  2. I'm so excited for you!! Congratulations!! I wish you great success!! Okay now running to see your shop, I can't wait! ❤️

    1. THANK YOU!!!! XD I hope it does okay. It would be sad if it didn't go okay. lol.

    2. You are so welcome!! ❤️

      I know the feeling. LOL!

  3. Oooh, those SHIRTS. I love fandomy shirts. I want a supernatural one, one of these days, when I have money. Hehe. x) I LOVE YOUR STORE A LOT. But completely bummer about those black shirts. :|
    Ermagerd those paper dolls are fifty tons of cute.

    1. lol I'm mulling over ideas for an SPN one. I'm thinking Devil's trap or license plate. Or an impala. I did an impala for my friend. lol.

      YOU DO?!??!! AWWWW MAN!! *grin*

      Oh, I was so glad when my mom got the people to refund them. lol.

      I love paper dolls. They are like... da best.

  4. I love the T-shirts! They're absolutely gorgeous!

    1. They're like the one thing I make that I don't feel like a fool wearing in public. THEY ARE AWESOME AND SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN OFFICIAL SHIRTS, YA KNOW!!!?

  5. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Now I just have to gather my thoughts together to commission you for a few pictures....... *jumps up and down excitedly* AND THOSE T-SHIRTS! Do you do custom ones of those, too? (Like, for instance, if I were to say, hey, make me a bleachy t-shirt with a flower on it, could you do it?)

    EEEEEE. Okay. Time to go favorite your shop. :-D

    1. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!1

      I'M SO GLAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!111

      Really?? REALLY??? AAAAAAAAAACKKKKK!!!!! I'm excited.
      And yes, I do custom shirts too. Flowers would probably be pretty easy. I can't guarantee a certain color, because the Michaels where I get them has a tendency to... cycle the shirts out. It's weird.


    2. You have no idea how much my day was made when I saw that you had posted this and that your Etsy shop was up. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. I'm like, "Is Treskie's shop up yet? ALAS THAT IS NOT THIS DAY"


      Awesomesauce. Well, I shall get back to you about the t-shirts (I got this awesome idea about these matching ones for me and my besties [there are eight of us] because we're doing this thing where we're all different flowers [it's really awesome. really] and I was thinking maybe t-shirts that are out flowers but I don't know if I have all the moneys for all those t-shirts yet so that shall be an option for later). You know what else'd be awesome would be the Fellowship/The Dwarf Company silhouettes.........And I shall be emailing soon (hopefully sooner than later, but I'm interning at a camp [right now it's mostly office work though] so I have been busy busy busy BUT ANYWAY. I do like to ramble. XD You see, I have several characters I want to fit into a picture so I want to picture where they go, etc. Anyway. *shrugs* I'll get to planning that as soon as I post this comment.

    3. Oh and about favoriting your shop: Yes! I did. Hehe. :-D I am TheBrunetteDivinity on Etsy (no, I'm not quite that vain, it is a reference to the Westmark Trilogy by Lloyd Alexander)

    4. Awwww. Lol it makes me so ridiculously happy that you're so excited. XD *dances*

      "CALOO CALAY" she chortled in her joy.

      Ooh the flower shirt idea is cool. Flowers are always nice. *grins*
      Oooh, i was thinking about a fellowship silhouette shirt! I just need to figure out how. XD Or a Tree of Gondor maybe?

      I got your email about the pictures. But I only got it just now, and it's late, so I shall reply to it tomorrow. *Grin*

      OOOOOh YOU'RE Brunette Divinity! *goes to follow* I've heard about Lloyd Alexender, is he good?????

    5. Yes, yes, a Tree of Gondor....maybe the Rohan horse? *rubs hands together* The Evenstar? Oh yes, I'm just getting started.

      By the way, I charge one hug for each idea I give you. ;-D

      Awesomesauce, I look forward to it. *looks forward*

      YES THAT'S MEEEE! XD And I do have brown hair. *pats it* ;-D So amazing, I know. It's like Kili and....all the other brown haired people...all mixed up! ;-D

      Lloyd Alexander is AWESOME!!!!!! Read the Prydain Chronicles AS SOON AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN! And then read Westmark. Awesome, awesome, awesome. But yeah, book one is The Book of Three and then comes The Black Cauldron and then The Castle of Llyr and then Taran Wanderer and then The High King. (Prydain Chronicles, I mean. Then the Westmark ones are, if I remember right, Westmark then The Kestrel then The Beggar Queen).

      Sorry. It is late and I am rambling now. Kili out.

    6. *frantically writes down ideas* So that means when we meet, that's going to be...three hugs then. lol

      Kili, Aragorn, Sam, Eleven, Skye (SHIELD) lol

      OKAY OKAY! I shall see if our library has them. Are they high fantasy, or.... what style are they??? *hurries to the library website.*

      Fili out.

    7. THREE HUGGSSS! I like hugs. :-D

      Marian, Morgana, Hugo, Zeke...

      I am not sure what high fantasy is..... it is fantasy. Think a different world, dwarves, magic things.... it's all very awesome. :-D

      I'm email you later.

      Fried Frenchy out.

    8. High fantasy is like what Tolkien writes, or Patricia McKillip. It's .... the flowery, very descripted fantasy.

      cool. *goes to check*

      The Frenchiest Fry.

  6. I love the T-shirts! How do you even do that? They're awesome!

    1. Aren't they fun!? lol... Bleach, actually. Bleach is my friend. XD

  7. GAH THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!! I'm gonna go create an account and then stalk your shop. Yes, I'm creepy. *Grins maniacally* BUY ALL THE THINGS!!! Seriously though, HOW DO YOU ART SO WELL. The t-shirts are quite adorable, and I would totally wear them...... WHO WANTS TO GIVE ME FREE MONEY? lol xD

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT!????? lol, I see that you actually did make an account to stalk me. *grins* I love that about you. lol.


      I would give you free money. But I'm broke. Hence the shop. lol!

  8. You go girl!! You are awesome. You are beyond awesome *Grin*

    You could call your shop..... Black Chevrolet. or I dunno. Something like that might be fun.

    1. I think it's because I'm super awesome.

      ...............I COULD. Or... TheIdjitsImpala... or... *thinks about it*

  9. Yay!!! Etsy is SO fun. :) I love the shirts especially, and the paper dolls (love me some beautiful dresses!), and your epic fandom map... I love it all, and I WILL buy something eventually. I don't own anything Supernatural-y, so I might wait to see what you come up with there (the license plate and Impala ideas are both fantastic). Anyway, congrats and good luck and all that jazzy stuff! I'll be haunting your shop until my new (albeit used, old, previously-loved, etc.) car is paid off, then I'll continue to haunt faithfully, but actually become a paying customer. :)

    1. *grin* it IS fun.

      Paper dolls are always fun, I used to make them all the time. XD

      Haha! I need to get more shirts to bleach. Trying to get down to Michaels or Hobby Lobby soon. (This Christmas was the year I got nothing but fandom pressies. Impala keychain, Dean's necklace, another Sam and Dean keychain, a KAZ 2y5 bracelet, a Sam to my Dean bracelet... it's ridiculous! lol)_

      Ooh you have a car? What kind is it???
      I like paying customers. XD

  10. Fandom stuff is my favorite! I'm kind of obsessive about it... I really NEED something Supernatural and Leverage related 'cuz I love them but haven't found good physical representations of their awesomeness yet. :)

    I bought a Toyota Corolla after my little Subaru konked out on me a few weeks ago. It wasn't fun that I HAD to buy something new, but I'm liking my new wheels anyway. :)

    I know! I get so excited when people buy my stuff!

    1. Yeah. I am *very* obsessive. lol. You can't find ANY good Leverage stuff anywhere! It's all rubbish. *sniffle*

      Oh well, Toyotas are good cars, so congrats. lol.

  11. YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    And awesomely amazing news... I'm getting a job!! So I will actually have money to buy some of your awesome items!!! (I am especially in love with the Doctor Who shirt)

    1. YAAAAAAAAAAY is right!

      OOh really? Awesome, congratulations! I"m glad you like the Who shirt, it's one of my favorites. XD

  12. THIS IS SO EXCITING! Are you only shipping within the States?

    1. I KNOW RIGHT!!!??

      And I am only shipping in the US from my etsy, but if you want me too, I might send to you. lol.


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