Sunday, June 29, 2014

Welcome to Prisoneyland, Fish.


I totally just barreled my way through four seasons of stress.

Four seasons of unbridled emotions and stress.

Lots of feelings.

And you know what?



When his brother Lincoln is wrongly convicted of murder, Michael, a structural engineer, resolves to break him out of a maximum security prison before he's scheduled to be executed in a month's time. Things spiral out of control, when it becomes clear that there is a government conspiracy hell bent on keeping the brothers from finding out why Linc was really framed.

so...  I started this show, kind of spur of the moment, around 11pm. I was anxious about a job interview, and needed to get my mind off it. So alone in my room, I browsed netflix looking for something that I wouldn't hate. I read the summary, and it sounded good, so I clicked on the first episode.

Because the summary made me think, "A little action, a little drama, a little cleverness.... yes!" I was not prepared for stress, feelings, stress, sobbing, epicness, stress, intenseness, trauma, action, stress, more stress, OMG ROMANCE FEELS, and oh yeah. Stress.

I don't think I went to sleep until two.

Oh my gosh, you guys, this show. It has consumed my life. Consumed.

It is so intense.


Unfortunately, it is TV PG14, which means I need to mention the stuff that I didn't like about it.

*The rating on the show means they add inappropriate bed scenes. To my count, I think there are anywhere between six and ten per season. Which... is a lot. That is why I cannot recommend it to anyone under 16.
*The pervs. There are a couple of characters that just have dirty little minds. There is also one character who is a pedophile and doesn't particularly have a preference between men and women. (I will say this is the worst in the first season and kind of fades out over the series.) He, however, is not portrayed as a good guy. No one likes him. We wish he would die. He is a horrible man.
*The off-color conversations that go on. Why? Just.... why?
*It's prison, so there's going to be violence.
*Veronica. (She's not really inappropriate, she was just.... such a lousy actress.)

..... Awkward. It doesn't seem that dirty when you're actually watching it. (I do keep a remote handy, I swear.)

Now, moving on.

This show was amazing. I haven't been this obsessed since Supernatural and Doctor Who.

So the things I liked about this show outweigh what I didn't like.

*Brother Story! I've mentioned a couple times before that I love brother stories. I think they are the best. Good brother stories are hard to find, and I am always delighted when I find a new one to obsess over. Michael and Linc are almost as good of brothers as Dean and Sam, and that's saying something! I love the chemistry between the boys, I think they act like real brothers, and it's awesome.

*Friendship story! About on par with brother stories, I love a good friendship. You know, the kind of friendships where they're so awesome, they're basically family? There are a couple of those in here, and I'm not gonna lie: I totally fangirled over them.

*Character Development! Aaaaaaaaaah! Character development is one of those things I adore. I don't tend to like a story unless there's good character development. So... this show has some of the best I've seen in a while. All the characters grow realistically, and it's easy to believe that they can go from point A to point B in their character. You can tell character development is good, when you can literally go from aggressively wishing someone will die a horrible, miserable death, to, "What!? NO! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOUR FACE. YOU POOR MISUNDERSTOOD PERSON." Which happened a couple times over the course of the series.

*Actually likeable strong female character. Can we please talk for a second about how rare it is to find a strong female character that isn't obnoxious? It's hard! But Prison Break managed it. I freaking love Sara. She is my favorite. She is my hero. I want to be like her.

*Conversion and faith stories! Almost every one of the main characters has a conversion story at one point, where something happens and they go from good to better. In fact, "Just have a little faith" is a recurring theme in the show.

*Seriously one of the cutest romances ever. Gah! It's such a sweet romance! It's not in your face, it's just there, and I ship it so hard.

*The characters themselves. Just... yes.

Michael: "Just have a little faith."

Lincoln:"The innocent people in your life, you gotta keep them innocent. If that means walking away from them then that’s what you gotta do."

Mahone: "I would kill you right now if I thought it would give me an ounce of peace."

Sucre: "Last time I drilled a hole in the wall was with an egg beater back in Fox River with Michael. I just can’t believe it’s all coming to an end and he’s not here."

Sara: "Michael Scofield, are you asking me to sail off into the sunset with you?"

Everyone had great chemistry, everyone was a good actor. (I mean, all the people worth mentioning. There are always a couple per series that have a hard time.... acting.) You care about people, you worry about people. There are people you need to have a happy ending, and there are people that you really wish would just die. The bad guys get steadily more hateable, and the good guys get steadily more loveable.

You should watch it.



    I'm not going to lie... I actually started tearing up as if I was already watching this. SO GOING TO.

    * adds to list of several TV shows to get through this summer *

    1. lol, That's the new OMG, huh? Oh My Gallifrey!! lol.

      REALLY!?!? KEWWWWLLL. Yeah, it's really good... don't watch it with little kids though.

      *Tells you to hurry up*

    Brother stories = the best. Just FAMILY in general. I am such a sucker for family stories. *sobs a little* Especially when people are really like going to die or whatnot. Awesome. Feels wrenching. Luuuuurve it.

    1. YOU REALLY HAVE TO, AFTER SPN. IT IS SO GOOOOOD. I DON'T KNOW WHY I DO THIS TO YOU. MISERY LOVES COMPANY? A million more hours in a day would be good, you know? I would have a life again. lol.


  3. You do such awesome reviews! They're really in depth and thorough. Mine just end up something like "ASUGRUYERDBASB THIS SHOWWWWW IT'S CONSUMING MY VERY BEING HERE GO WATCH IT". Lol, but seriously, I really enjoyed reading yours. :D

    Ewww, T-Bag IS really pervy and creepy. To think that there are people who find him sweet and endearing.... yuck.

    THE BROTHER STORY. Michael and Linc are definitely my BroTP.

    Sara and Michael FOREVER! I've seen people saying that they "shipped" them, and the past tense is stressing me out. My poor babies, please don't die, please don't die, please don't die...

    I haven't met Mahone yet, but he seems like a pretty interesting guy.

    ABRUZZI. In the words of a good friend, "He's SO Mafia!". ;)

    Sorry, that was a short comment, but I must go use the sleep.

    Peace out, I'm Batman!

    1. Really? D'aawww. I feel like they're just me going, "OMGERSH WATCH IT NOW." which is basically the only reason why I DO reviews. lol. But I'm really glad that you think it's good and like reading it. XD

      TBag is so bad! like... oh my gosh. He's just so bad. lol. He has a tendency to freaking SWALLOW things. (what kind of idiot would find him endearing?)

      lol Michael and Linc would be my BroTP if Sam and Dean weren't already. They're awesome. As it is, they come in second. XD

      SARA AND MICHAEL!!!! *dies* Season three will hurt you.

      You haven't met Mahone? Where are you???! (Please try to like him. You can hate him at first, *I* did... but try to like him. I literally went from, "OOh, he's smart, I like him. He's weird. I don't like him. I really... OMG I HATE HIM. I LOATHE HIM. HE MUST DIE. ...... Oh. That's sad. Poor guy. MAHONYFAAACE I LOVE YOU." And now I just love him.

      Abruzzi is SO mafia, it's awesome. lol. How sad is it that I like the Mafia guy more than CNote? I really don't like CNote.

      No worries. XD

      BECAUSE you're BATMAN.

    2. No, they're actually really good! :)

      Once again, EWWW T-BAG. There were a few girls on Pinterest who were like "Oh my gosh, he's my FAV character, I just want to cuddle him!" Disgusting, right? Blech.

      Haha, I don't blame ya! The parallels between the brothers gif set that you sent me was so cool! I had no idea that there were that many similarities! Awh, they're so pwecious. xD

      I'M SCARED.

      Lol, I'm a little less than halfway through S1. Pretty pathetic considering how much I've been ranting about it, I know. I'll finish the series when we get Netflix back in the fall. :-) Haha, I'm guessing Mahone has some serious character development?

      Haha, I get ya. I like Loki 500% more than I like Thor, and he's one heck of a villain.


    3. Awwww shucks. lol.

      TBag is such a stinker! WHAT IS HIS DEAL. I HATE HIM SO MUCH... .and seriously, anyone who can be attracted to a pedophile, needs serious mental issues. lol.

      They are my pwecious bros and I luff them all.

      .... Yeah, that is kinda pathetic. lol. Not lying though... it would suck to have to wait all summer to finish. ... And yes, HE HAS EPIC CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, MY SISTER IS IN LOVE WITH HIM.

      .... Yeah I like Loki. I love Loki. But Thor is awesome. Thor's grown up a lot. XD

  4. Yay! Great review. I shall now go watch it as soon as possible, and probably cry over it from what I've heard :).

    1. Aww, thanks! XD Heheheh, Oh you're going to cry. Even my sister, who is stone hearted cried at one point, so I can almost guarantee a tear from everyone. XD But it's really good. I would just recommend watching them without kids. *grin*


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