Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ich Liebe Dich

Did you know that liebst means love in German? (At least, according to Google Translate.) And did you further know that liebster means dearest? (also according to Da Google) But I don't get why liebster doesn't mean lover, doesn't that make more sense?

So when people nominate you for the Liebster Award, you're actually getting nominated for the Dearest Award.

You're welcome for that random, useless piece of trivia.

Emily the Fabulous, has nominated Me, the Frenchiest Fry, for the Liebster/Dearest/Lover Award.

Danke! (that's German for thank you.)

Le Rules to describe it are as follows and I quote.

1.) Stink
2.) Stank
3.) Stunk!

Ehem. Actually no, that was a Grinch quote. Le rules are in fact:

1. Give 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions you are given.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers.
4. Set them 11 questions.
5. Put the award button on your site.

I break rules frequently, because I am like Loki, and I DO WHAT I WANT. So I'm not putting the button on my site. HA. SO THERE, mein liebst. (that's German for my love. WOO!)

Sooooo. I'm going to start with eleven facts about myself. 
1.) I'm reading the 100 Cupboards series. (Are you happy now, Hannah?) AND I LOVE THEM. I literally read the first book in one evening. I was quite unashamedly up too late reading it. And the characters have me itching to draw them because... I art. Next Picture Saturday shall be laden with fanart.

2.) I got Starbucks yesterday and it was delish. 

3.) I'm really sick of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

4.) Hunter Hayes's new CD is fabulous, and I might need to do a lyric post featuring one of the songs. 

5.) We went and watched Maze Runner again. It's still super stressful, even when you know what's going to happen.

6.) Contrary to the way I'm flinging German words around in this post, I don't speak a lick of German. I literally know the German I know because of Hogan's Heroes. 

7.) I FINALLY watched the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who and I ALREADY LOVE TWELVE. He's awesome! He's fabulous! He's adorable in a cranky old Scot sort of way. He and Nine are tied for second place in my love of Doctors.

8.) Sometimes when I'm doing deliveries for the florist, I see some pretty frabjous views.

9.) Sometimes when I'm delivering I get stuck in road work for twenty minutes in both directions. 

10.) So then I sang loudly along with the radio (falling in love to the beeeat of the musiiic.) with my windows down and the old guy in the car behind me may or may not have caught my eye in my side mirror and laughed. 

11.) I was very embarrassed.

Now I'm going to answer the Eleven Questions. 
Which are actually twenty-two questions, because I liked Chelsea's.

So Emily's quessies....

1. Which book world would you live in, if you could never return?
    Phhht. I'd live in the wold of Howl's Moving Castle. 

2. Which book world would you travel to for a week before returning?
    Oooh. Ooh. OOOOH. Um. I'd visit Middle Earth. DUH. 
3. What book have you been meaning to read forever but just not got round to?
     Ehehe. Previously it would have been 100 Cupboards, but now it's probably... um. I tend to read the books I mean to read. 

4. What book did everyone else love, but you hated?
     BEFORE YOU KILL ME, HEAR ME OUT. I did not like Mockingjay. Mockingjay was depressing. I like my series to end with hope, and it didn't. Also, spoiler alert: I thought it was a bad call to kill Prim. You oughtn't finish a series by killing the character that you started the series to save. And what the heck was up with Gale? 

5. What book were you very sceptical about reading but actually loved?
    Scorpio Races. I was skeptical and I am ashamed. 

6. Fictional crush?
    I expect, since the rest of the questions are about books, that this means, book crush and not TV crush. (eheh. I have too many of those at the moment.) RIGHT NOW? My fictional crush is either Gansey or Ronan. (give me two weeks and it will probably be someone else.) 

7. Most perfect book ending?
    There. Are. So. Many. Um.... Um. Lark is the bomb diggety.

8. What do you do when you're bored?
     I AM THE PINTEREST QUEEN. (never mind that I really need to read and draw more.)

9. When did you last cry, and why? (If you want to tell us!)
    Last week. 
    I was sad. 
   There may have been loneliness involved. 

10. What's your happy song(s)
      Right now, it's Be My Forever by Christina Perri and Ed Sheeran. IT'S SO CUTE. (other times it is You Make Me Smile by Uncle Kracker, which I like because of this video. And this video. 

Be My Forever

We're on top of the world. 
We're on top of the world now, darling,
so don't let go. 
Can I call you mine?
Yeah, can I call you mine for a whole life time?
My heart finally trusts my mind. 
And I know somehow it's right. 

It's just so cute.

11. And finally, what's your sad song(s)?
     Human, by Christina Perri, and Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift.


1) If you suddenly found yourself in a do-or-die situation, what would it be? What single item would you want to have with you (yup, I totally stole this question from another blog)?
     Probably a mugging. And I'd like to have a glock, please. 

2) Imagine this: the Doctor shows up at your door one day, asking you to travel time and space with him. The only problem is that you have to leave straight away, without saying goodbye to your family. Would you go?
     Eheh. Fun fact about me: I'm a coward. So... no. I have a problem where I like to be with my family, and I don't like spur-of-the-moment stuff. So.. much as I LOVE the Doctor? No. Probably not. I KNOW. I AM ASHAMED OF MYSELF.

3) What is the worst book you have ever read?
    Probably H.I.V.E. (which stands for the Higher Institute of Villainous Education. Which sounds fabulous. It wasn't. Don't bother.)

4) What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say the word "magic"?

5) Least favourite household chore?

6) What is your favourite childhood memory?
     I used to bike ride up and down the street with the other kids on the block. All day long. Every day. (You know, back when I had friends, and did not suffer from Social Anxiety.) They've all moved away now.

7) If you got to sing a duet with any musician, who would it be?
    Or the Piano Guys.
    Or Peter Hollens.

8) What qualities do you look for in your future husband?
    Oh. Well, he'd need to be Catholic. I'd like him to be thoughtful and funny. I think considering my obsession with the fictional worlds, he'd need to be a bit geeky. And if I had my druthers, he'd be able to fight, sing, and teach me to dance.

And that's why I'm going to be single forever.

9) How would you react if you were told that you are actually the long lost queen of Genovia and you must return there with your grandmother and her cool bodyguard, Joey, to learn how to rule a kingdom before you take the throne on your 21st birthday?

Shut up.
Shut up!

(translation: wow, gee wiz, golly wolly.)

10) Would you eat escargot (it's basically a snail pastry)?
       I think I would at least try escargot.
       Caviar on the other hand....

11) *Larry the Cucumber enters the room singing* "And have you ever been to Boston in the faaaaall?"

Ehem. *Treskie clears her throat.*


You may applaud. 

 Thank you. Danke. Danke. You are too kind, meine freunde. (German. My friends.)

My questions for the sorry suckers I'm awarding:

1.) Would you rather hang out with Percy Jackson or Harry Potter?
2.) If you suddenly lost your dominant hand, what do you think would be the hardest thing for you to learn to do with your other hand?
3.) Do you prefer pictures or gifs in blog posts?
4.) Let's say I were to suddenly stop blogging. Would you be sad?
5.) What size shoe do you wear?
6.) Does it irritate you when girls in action movies leave their hair down?
7.) Does it irritate you when women wear heels in action movies?
8.) Do you wanna be where the people are, or would you prefer to live under the sea? (Also the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake.)
9.) Can you move all your fingers independently of each other?
10.) What's your first thought when someone wears a red shirt in Star Trek?
11.) Time machine: TARDIS or DeLorean?

And the sorry suckers are:
Jonni @ The Middle Kid
Amy @ Old Fashioned Girl
Ben the Robot @ To Say Nothing of Reality
Miss Melody @ The Splendor Falls on Castle Walls
Anna @ Swing Heil!
Hilda @ Hilda
Seana @ The Totally Insane Writer

And anyone else who feels the urge. Ye may answer in the comment section, (please do, it will be fun.) or post it on your bloggy, just link to meeee. 

At least I made it to seven. Normally, I get stuck at like... two.

Boom, tsss.

That is all.

You should be proud, I didn't use a Supernatural gif once.

I'm leaving now.

You miss me already?



  1. AHH. YOU SAW 12. WASN'T HE AMAZING?!?! The Scottish sass is strong with this one. And...and...THE LAST SCENE WITH THE PHONE AND 11. *Dies*


    And you love Peter Hollen! Squee. There's this one guy that Peter sings with occasionally named Nick Pitera, and seriously, he's bloody amazing. He can rock falsetto.

    Haha, your husband "qualifications" are the same as mine. I think I should take up breeding cats.

    Sie machen eine sehr gute Deutsch. Pretty sure I just said that you make a good German, but I dunno.. *squints at Google Translate*

    Farewell, Frenchiest Fry!


    1. AAAAAHHH I LOVE TWELVE. HE WAS SO CUTE. I KNOW. I was all like, "I love 12, he's fabulous!" and then that part with 11 and I was like, 'BUT I DON'T WANT HIM TO BE GOOONNNNE." and it was tragic.


      I LOVE Peter Hollens. He's so awesome! Yeah, Nick is good too, I should look at his channel. His falsetto is higher than I can sing and that's really annoying.

      haha. Well we can both be single forever.

      Well as long as the Canadian thinks I'll make a good German, it must be so. LOL.

      Cheers, Batman!


    I like it when people read and like the books I recommend. For some reason, it doesn't happen that often. Mostly because they just don't read them. :-P

    *wipes tear* I am so excited. Literally, you just made my day. And my week. Jess is leaving for school on Saturday so I am going to be dreadfully lonely, but I know that 100 Cupboards fanart will make it better.

    *snickers because I've decided to do this tag*



    I can do this.

    1) My sis recently said that I smelled like a burrito and I am still confused as to why.

    2) I was bored, so I went on a walk and decided to collect leaves to send to my pen pals. So now I have this little stack of yellow and red wonderfulness by me, ready to be sent off.

    3) I am doing NaNoWriMo this year. I am excited for it. I am writing a cool story for it. I hope it turns out cool.

    4) Sink me! I recently read and watched the Scarlet Pimpernel. I daresay I quite enjoyed it. What is it you Frenchies say? Touche? You see, I am a bit of a poet, and you did not know it.

    5) I just finished Boys of Blur by N.D. Wilson and it was awesome because N.D. Wilson is awesome.

    6) I still don't have my license. *sob*

    7) I watched the sunrise this morning because Jess couldn't sleep.

    8) I am currently obsessed with the drums. I wish I could play them. I especially wish I could play them like Will Chapman.

    9) I am obsessed with Colony House. That's who Will plays drums for. I saw them in concert. I met them. I love them. I am going to give you one of their songs because it's ear candy. DAT ONE IS MY FAVORITE.

    10) I am going to give you another Colony House song because that one doesn't have so much drums.



      haha, it may take me a while, but if I say that I will read something, I WILL READ the thing. lol. I NEED TO REDRAW HENRY BECAUSE MY FIRST PICTURE OF HIM WAS FROM BOOK ONE AND HE GREW UP OVERNIGHT AND NOW HE'S COOL SO *SIGH*.

      Aw, Jess. I hate it when people leave.

      1.) you smell like a burrito. Nice.
      2.) Our leaves are only just turning color and it makes me happy.
      3.) OOOOH I did NaNo a few years ago and came to the conclusion that I am not a writer. GOOD LUCK!!!
      4.) I LOVE The Scarlet Pimpernel. (Can't say I liked Marguerite in the books. She was awful, but the movie is FABULOUS.)
      5.) I should read that after 100 Cupboards.
      6.) That is stressful, not having a license. Practice!
      7.) YOU watched the Sunrise because JESS couldn't sleep? ...... You're a nice sister.
      8.) Drums are fabulous, but I can't' keep a rhythm to save my life.
      9.) I'M LOOKING.
      10.) And I"m looking some more!



    1.) Would you rather hang out with Percy Jackson or Harry Potter?
    Percy Jackson BY FAR. Harry Potter's a bit of a whiny snot. ;-P

    2.) If you suddenly lost your dominant hand, what do you think would be the hardest thing for you to learn to do with your other hand?
    Scooping ice cream. Trust me, I've tried. It's my job. And when my right hand is sore, I sometimes try to scoop with my left hand, but it usually ends up with the mint chocolate chip over in the coconut almond fudge and the strawberry in the Mississippi Mud.

    3.) Do you prefer pictures or gifs in blog posts?
    Gifs crack me up. But I like personal pictures because they are personal and it makes the blog post nice and cozy.

    4.) Let's say I were to suddenly stop blogging. Would you be sad?

    5.) What size shoe do you wear?
    9 1/2 - 10 depending on the brand.

    6.) Does it irritate you when girls in action movies leave their hair down?

    7.) Does it irritate you when women wear heels in action movies?

    8.) Do you wanna be where the people are, or would you prefer to live under the sea? (Also the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake.)
    I wanna be where the cool people are. *lowers shades* THAT MEANS......

    Wherever it is that you live. ;-D

    9.) Can you move all your fingers independently of each other?

    10.) What's your first thought when someone wears a red shirt in Star Trek?
    The same thought as I have all throughout Star Trek. "What is going on?!" Mostly because I've only ever seen Star Trek: Into Darkness and so I was a little lost.

    11.) Time machine: TARDIS or DeLorean?
    Never seen Dr. Who and don't know the second thing. I looked it up and it is a car company. Seoooooooo........... I prefer uhm.............................I HAVE NOTHING WITTY TO SAY TO THIS. *shocked look*

    Dat was fun.

    Now I am going to rant at you, dearie. I don't like to hear about you being lonely and crying. That makes me sad. So sad. So if you are sad and lonely and crying you should email me or you can even Skype me though I have never been a great skyper because I am very shy but I will listen and I will give my best shot at conversation, even if it happens to be reading aloud from a sad book or something. ;-P And I'm sewious, I'm not teasing. Sooooo yessssss hit me up next time you feel sad and lonely.

    1. You missed a Fact.

      1.) Me too!! Harry just isn't my fandom.
      2.) I desperately want to try Mississippi Mud now.
      3.) Ehe. I should post more pictures of ME.
      4.) OKAY I WON'T. DON'T WANT YOU BEING DEVASTATED. (that made my day. XD)
      5.) Wow. I wear 6 1/2
      6.) ME TOO
      7.) ME TOO
      9.) Too bad. I can. XD
      10.) Um. Star Trek Into Darkness was NOT Star Trek. That's not even SORT OF Star Trek. *I geek*
      11.) YOU'VE NEVER SEEN DOCTOR WHO WHAT IS THIS MY LIFE IS A LIE YOU WATCH IT NOW IT'S AWESOME. You've never seen Back to the Future?? *eyeballs you.* You uncultured swine! (you know what THAT is from, RIGHT?)

    2. I missed a fact. That is sad.

      11) It is raining incredibly hard and I wish I had a friend to share this awesome rain with because I really do enjoy rain. It is my favorite weather. Rain and fog. Is that weird?

      I get that a lot. About Doctor Who. People all like, "YOU ARE CARAZY!!!" and I all like "Oops." XD There's just sooooo many episodes.....XD Maybe I will someday. And no, no Back to the Future.

      It's from Toy Story!

      But shoot me, I had to look it up because I knew I recognized it but I couldn't remember from what.

      Um um um I have to comment fast because I have to go to work in 7 minutes. buuuut yes! Read Boys of Blur! It's a little creepy but it's also fabulous and wonderful. And you should also read the Ashtown Burials series by him. Sorry about making your reading list really long. XD

      Sorry, this is scatterbrained. My life has no rhyme or reason. ;-P

      Okay I must needs flee to work! (ugh) But just so you know, I love you (and not in a weird creepy way; I love you because I totally adopted you as my sister, hope you don't mind) and I'm so excited for Saturday!!!!

    3. Shame at you. XD

      I LOVE rain. I love it when it RAINS though, and not drizzles. I don' like drizzle.

      .... But it's good. It's awesome. It's my FANDOM. And the Doctorrrrrrrrrrr. You must promise to try it. EVENTUALLY. KAY?

      We have an edited version of Back to the Future. I love that movie. You should watch it. WIth a remote handy, because... ours it edited and is clean. lol.

      *eyeballs you.*

      I'm GONNA read Boys of Blur. And I shall read Ashtown Burials... but like... later, beause I need to illustrate Jacks book, and I haven't. lol. REMIND ME IN LIKE THREE WEEKS< OKAY.

      I like lives like that.

      (ugh indeed.) Awwwwww, shucks. *blush.* I actually love you too. AND YAY FOR ADOPTED SISTERS. I'M SO HAPPAAAAY!!!

  4. I'm going to answer this as soon as I have time.

    Just saying.

  5. hi treskie ;) i don't have time to answer all the questions but i will answer some i think just for the fun of it ;) btw because of you i have started saying stuff like "le" post :D love it!!
    1. harry potter. i know he can be a bit of a jerk sometimes but if i am with harry i will definitely meet hermione and i freaking love her!!
    5. a waaay too big size... german size 43 :/ i don't know what that is in american but i am sure the internet does ;) yup! its size 12.
    6. sometimes... depends on the hair. like with the black widow it doesn't because it's relatively short, but with some movies i am like: girl HOW CAN YOU EVEN SHOOT STRAIGHT??? i can't even write my name with my hair like that!! (i tend to be clumsy ;))
    which leads me to 7. whyyyy??? like for starters: how are your feet not screaming with pain from running around in heels all day and kicking bad guys and also: how do you even run like that? like i wouldn't make it down the street!

    also, about the german: liebster does mean dearest, but liebst is not actually a word (i know google translate sometimes stinks). love means liebe (pronounced lee-buh, or smth like that) and lover means liebhaber :) i know german can be very confusing at times!(or all the time :D)
    lots of liebe from germany ;)

    1. Hahaha! Yay. :D (I've taken to using Le in real life, and it can be awkward sometimes. lol.)

      1.) I've only ever watched the Harry movies, so I can't honestly say I prefer his books over Percy. BUT I LOVE PERCY, so Ehem. XD
      5.) Wow. I have tiny feet. XD
      6.) Yeah, Black Widow's didn't bug me that much. But like... Ghost Protocol, I was like, "HAVEN'T YOU EVER HEARD OF A SCRUNCHIE. JEEZ.
      7.) I KNOW. Me too! It's so not practical! It's ridiculous! It's like. Uh huh. Sure. Enjoy your twisted ankles.

      Ooooooooooooh. Ehe. ARE YOU GERMAN!? THAT"S AWESOME AND NOW I AM EMBARRASSED!!! lol. Oh. Well ehem. I never again shall trust Google Translate. I love the way German sounds when it's being spoken by someone fluent. And I don't think it'd be any more confusing than English. (can it!?)

    2. :D yes i am german! but also american because my mom is american and my dad german :) but you don't have to be embarrassed ;) i know how horrible google translate can be because i tried it out for spanish class. not a good idea!! i think you are the first person to have ever said they like the sound of the german language!! thank you for that:) i do too but i guess thats because i speak it ;) people always say it is really hard to learn but i wouldn't know... but for example in english you say either 'the' or 'a/an'. well in german there is: 'der/die/das' or 'einer/eine/eines' depending on wether the word is masculine, feminine or neutral. my mom still gets all those mixed up after living here for over 20 years!! so yeah, i think it is a bit more confusing than german ;)

      Okay then, I won't be embarrassed. lol.
      I know, sometimes I'll translate something english into a different language, and then translate it back to English.... and it doesn't make sense. So eheh. I like German when it's speaking, I'm not wild about the way it sounds when it's loud and angry. Hehehe.

      But see, that makes sense to me, so I dunno. I'll have to see if I can learn it eventually. XD

  6. hahhahahahhaaa i love it.
    and yes, i must admit, i love Veggie Tales too. :P
    and even though i wasn't nominated, i would be very sad if you stopped blogging!! very very very very sad!

    1. haha! Thank you!!!!!!

      People who don't love Veggie Tales are SAD PEOPLE.

      Aww. I'm glad people would be sad. That makes me so happy. XD

  7. Because I love your blog, and because I don't have a blog anymore I'm going to answer the questions. I haven't the faintest idea why they are so fun but they are.

    1. Percy Jackson or Harry Potter? Um, I haven't seen any of these so I'm going to say neither. Don't hate me.
    2. Just about everything because my left hand is pretty useless by it's self.
    3. I like both. Gifs are great, but pictures are good too.
    4. I would be very sad. Please don't stop!!
    5. Shoe size? Size 8 ish.
    6. Sometimes, like in Divergent cause her hair was always perfect which was annoying. But then Divergent was a really annoying movie anyway. But sometimes it can be cool. Like the Black Widow or like Parker in Leverage.
    7. YES.
    8. I think I would live under the sea most of the time and occasionally come up for air.
    9. No
    10. I haven't seen much Star Treck either so I probably wouldn't know what to think.
    11. TARDIS of Delorean. Definitely TARDIS. Because it's awesome and because it would have the Doctor in it, and also because I have never heard of DeLorean.

    P.S. I'm glad people are saying that 12 is awesome because I haven't seen 11 regenerate because I can't bear the thought. *sniff*

    1. Awwww. Thank you!

      1.) I don't hate you. but you should read Percy Jackson. The author makes the distinction between GOD and the gods, and I LIKE that.
      2.) Same here. lol.
      3.) I know! Gifs are fabulous.
      4.) Ehehehe. I wasn't fishing for compliments at all. I promise. XD BUT THANK YOU!!!!
      5.) I'm 6 1/2
      6.) PARKER! LEVERAGE! YOU WATCH THAT? that's awesome. Black Widow didn't bother me either. I haven't watched Divergent because I know how the series ends and I don't think I want to watch that. XD
      7.) ME TOO.
      8.) Figures. lol.
      9.) I can. XD
      10.) They will Die. Because RED shirts. You should watch Star Trek.
      11.) WEEEEEEEEEEE. DeLorean is the car that they use in Back to the Future.

      PS Eleven is my favorite and his regeneration episode sucked. It was BAD. BUT TWELVE IS FABULOUS. You should just watch it.

    2. Ok, I'll try Percy Jackson. I'm super picky about 'supernatural/fantasy/magic' type things. But sometimes I like them, if they aren't too magical and if there is awesome people in it. So I'll probably like Percy Jackson because he sounds cool :). Yes I watch Leverage. Because Leverage is epic and awesome and it has Parker and Elliot. I haven't worked up the nerve to watch 11 regenerate yet. Maybe I will someday. The fact that 12 is awesome is helpful.

    3. Yeah, you should. I mostly just like them for Percy, because Percy is a naughty donkey, but... yeah. I like the second series better, where there all older and the whole book is just a little more serious.

      Hehehe. Eliot, Parker and Hardison are my favorites. I wish they would make a spin off show with them.
      Hehehe. I've only seen one with 12, but he's good, already one of my favorites. :)

  8. Okay so my answers to my favourite questions aaaare:

    1.) Would you rather hang out with Percy Jackson or Harry Potter?
    HARRY POTTER ALL THE WAY BECAUSE HOGWARTS. Also, yesterday someone told me that I remind them of Hermione Granger so... coincidence? I think not.

    2.) If you suddenly lost your dominant hand, what do you think would be the hardest thing for you to learn to do with your other hand?
    Brush my teeth! I'd literally end up stabbing myself in the eye >_<

    3.) Do you prefer pictures or gifs in blog posts?
    Gifs, definitely, as I feel they add more character to a blog, you know? I don't use them on mine because I blog with an IPad, but I do prefer them.

    4.) Let's say I were to suddenly stop blogging. Would you be sad?
    I've only just found your blog, but I think I'd be sad about the potential to read more posts by you c:

    5.) What size shoe do you wear?
    *whispers* About a 6.5.

    6.) Does it irritate you when girls in action movies leave their hair down?
    Leave their hair down? Metaphorically or literally?

    7.) Does it irritate you when women wear heels in action movies?
    Not really, they can quite easily take them off. It's when they spend hours struggling with the straps that I start to get a bit impatient.

    9.) Can you move all your fingers independently of each other?
    Yes! WOOOOO!!


    1. 1.) HEEEEEEEEE. Harry is good. But I like Percy more because SWORDS> lol.
      2.) Well let's hope you don't lose your hand. I would be sad if you stabbed yourself in the eyes.
      3.) YAY because I am ADDICTED to GIFS!!!!!!!
      4.) G'aaaaaaaaaaaaw.
      5.) *whispers* me toooo.
      6.) Eh. Literally. XD
      7.) *snort* well that's a unique answer.
      8.) ME TOOOOOOOOO! lol.

      Cheers and welcome to mah bloggyyyyyyyyy!

  9. I love this post, this is why we do awards :') YES YES YES FOR GANSEY. <3 Also, I agree with you about Mockingjay! ALSO, Pinterest!! I could spend my life on there, no joke.

    I reaallly want to read Lark. I hurriedly skipped over that picture, to avoid spoilers. But since reading a review on Amy's blog I want to read it!

    Can we have another shout-out for Chelsea's question 11?? (I applaud your answer.)

    1.) Would you rather hang out with Percy Jackson or Harry Potter?
    Harry Potter. *Sherlock voice* obviously.

    2.) If you suddenly lost your dominant hand, what do you think would be the hardest thing for you to learn to do with your other hand?
    That is a v. interesting question. Draw, I guess. Gah that's a horrible thought.

    3.) Do you prefer pictures or gifs in blog posts?
    GIFS!! (Though sometimes it stresses me slightly to see a moving thing out of the corner of my eye. Thus my mantra: read, enjoy and scroll on.)

    4.) Let's say I were to suddenly stop blogging. Would you be sad?
    Yes I would be sad! I nominated you for the Liebster award, after all -- and, as you so masterfully taught us, liebster means dearest!

    5.) What size shoe do you wear?
    3-4. ie I have pathetically small feet.

    6.) Does it irritate you when girls in action movies leave their hair down?
    YES! I HADN'T REALISED BEFORE BUT NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT IT'S CLEARLY RIDICULOUS. Treskie, you have opened my eyes to the world.

    7.) Does it irritate you when women wear heels in action movies?
    For fighting? Hmm. Yes.

    8.) Do you wanna be where the people are, or would you prefer to live under the sea? (Also the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake.)
    I feel like I'm missing a reference here. But, I guess I'd choose where the people are ... ??

    9.) Can you move all your fingers independently of each other?
    Yes ... can some people not?? O.o

    10.) What's your first thought when someone wears a red shirt in Star Trek?
    I don't have a thought. ~tiny voice~ I've never ... whisper it ... watched Star Trek ...

    11.) Time machine: TARDIS or DeLorean?
    Yet further evidence that I am a pathetic sci-fi geek: I don't know what a DeLorean is.

    Loved this post! :D <3

    PS hugs re your answer to Q9!! <3

    1. YEAAAAAAAAAAAH, GANSEY. and oh my gosh, you agree about Mockingjay?! haaaaaaaai. I Love you, I think. XD.


      1.) BUT LIKE.... PERCY....
      2.) Oh me too. I Would be SO sad.
      3.) hahahahah. It depends, then??
      4.) Aw shucks. *le blush*
      5.) *high fives.* me too.
      6.) Oh, no porblem. It bugs me SO MUCH. It makes me Lose the ability to *can*
      7.) I know. So not clever.
      8.) You never saw Little Mermaid?
      9.) I can too. Lots of people can't.
      10.) *tiny voice* you should watch Star Trek

      Love that you love it. XD

      I know. I"M FABULOUS>


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