Friday, October 3, 2014

Lifey stuff


And that's the last I'm going to complain about it. 


It's been a good sort of week... month... Can you believe it's October?! It's freaking October. I'm appalled at how quickly this year seems to be going.

 It's absurd, really.

But anyway. October always makes me feel happy. I don't even know what it is about this month. Nothing special happens during it. It's just October. But I love it. I love the way the leaves change color, the sharpness in the air, the anticipation for winter. (I don't like Winter, but I like the anticipation of it.) I love wearing my warmer clothes, because they're cuter than my summer clothes. I love how it puts me in the mood to be extra crafty. I love how it makes me feel like Christmas is just around the corner. (AAAAAAAAAH CHRISTMAS!! I've already planned most of my Christmas pressies, because I can afford to buy pressies this year.) I love how it makes me want to take walks and buy Starbucks, and maybe try a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I really, really want to go to Hope Valley again. 

I'm really happy right now.

I think.
I'm mostly really happy, and then I'll have days and moments where I'm incredibly homesick and stuff.

But right now, I'm really very happy.

Anyway, life update.


Amy and I went to Carson and did some shopping. I was great googles of fun, and we chortled way too much.

For example, we were in hysterics when my chocolate bar melted into liquid. 
It was priceless.... even though it really wasn't. 

We laughed most of the way home too. It was just a really nice, laid back sort of day, which we both really needed.

And I totally bought this shirt. It's ridiculous how happy it makes me.

And I took this really fabulous picture on the way home. (Yeah, I know. I'm like... so insanely modest about it.)

I told God that if He didn't make me go to Jury Duty, I would buy Him flowers. He didn't make me. I bought Him flowers.

We went to Circus Circus after Mass on Sunday, which was brilliant bushels of fun. This entailed on the road selfies, which Tiny ruined with bunny ears.

So I became Karma.

 I'm not usually one for arcades, but this one is fabulous. (Also, because of the lighting in that place, the following pictures are somewhat.... grainy.)

We started out by going to the brunch buffet which is tradition.


Annie refused to stop eating for the picture, so she gets an embarrassing one, because that's the kind of sister I am. *le grin*

Annie, Tiny

Katrina, Bella, Mahri, Dad

And then we have Chloe, who does not appear to be having copious amounts of fun. Like what's wrong with her??!

Joe, Chloe, Amy, Sammi

MEEEEEEE. And Amy who decided randomly that she needed to be in the picture.

And Kat. Who's always cute.

The arcade was really fun. We played games. I won a very soft, but decidedly unattractive gorilla which I now have on my bed. Because it's soft.

Me, gorilla, Amy
We watched some really awesome shows that were just cool. Like this one.

Those dogs, that little man... just on a different day. :) (Except, at ours, two of the dogs came over to visit us. Twice. I don't think they were supposed to do that. It was awesome.)

Amy, Kat

It was really fun.

Annie, Bella, Tiny

I just really want a giant air hockey table, okay!? 

It was such a nice day. Exhausting, but really nice.

I have some cool blog post ideas coming up.

I think I need to do a review on Raven Boys.

But Grimm first, because we caught up and it's... just.... unnnngggh. When is season four!?

Sorry it's been taking so long to get back to your comments. I DO reply! Check, check, check! :)

Picture Saturday is postponed until next week.

And now I must go.

Must must!

Cheers, and God bless, and thank goodness for days off.


  1. First of all, did you reference Veggietales, Barbara Manatee just there at the end? XDD

    Second off, I'm reading this and looking at the pictures and Jess whispers in my ear, "I.....wanna go to the circus....."

    Anyway, looks like so much funnnn! I wish I had been there, because seriously, I bet hanging out with your family is the bestest. :-D

    1. I DID. Because... *VeggieTales* (And you got the reference. You fab)

      Hahahaha. That's awesome. You and Jess should come together and we can go and it'll be Fabulous. XD !

      Oh, hanging out with my family is the BOMB. *le giggle* It was a lot of fun, and I think it would be cool if you decided to hang out.

  2. I love your little footer/name picture. It is so stinking cute. :) Also, I like it that you bought God flowers. Somehow that's just really neat.

    1. Aww, thanks! I think it's very me. lol.

      lol... I'm glad you like the idea of buying God flowers. It's something we do rather frequently. :)

  3. I adore the shirt! Car trips with friends are the best of times.

    By the way, I love the sketch of your name that you sign with.

    1. ME TOO!!! And they really are, aren't they?

      Ehehe. It makes me so happy that people like that sig picture. XD


    I just love you in that non-creepy sisterly way, okay?


      Awww shucks. Right back at you! *hugs*


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