Saturday, March 14, 2015

Picture Saturday - Randomness

Coming up with titles is hard, guys.

I get stuck on "Picture Saturday" and then I can't think of anything else to describe it, ya feel me?

It was really warm this week, which simultaneously made me really happy and a little disturbed, because when it's this warm in March, it usually means we get a ton of snow in June.... No one likes snow in June. June is supposed to be warm!

Right now it's super grey outside.

Grey days make me have three kinds of moods: 1.) I get really crafty and artsy, and I want a billion cups of tea. 2.) I get incredibly restless and want to take a walk or spar with Amy. 3.) I get a bit moody and have no energy, and binging on TV shows seems like the thing to do.

I'm currently a bizarre mixture of all three. I want to do stuff, but I also don't want to do anything. It's very confusing.


So here's what I worked on this week, drawing wise.*

*You don't seem very excited, what's wrong with you?!

1.) I finally saw Big Hero 6 last Sunday. It was adorable and fun, and sad, and I cried like three times. (Judge not until you see it, okay?) I'd probably rank it just under How To Train Your Dragon. It made me feel things. Terrible things. lol. I won't lie, Hiro's hair was so cute, I love little boys to have hair like that. I like messy kid hair.

Anyway, yes, I recommend it, it's cute. I came home after I saw it and had to sketch a fist bump, because bah-la-da-la-da-la-da!

 2.) And then, because Baymax is really easy, I had to doodle some more. (Hiro, not so much, but shhh, I didn't have a reference picture.)

 3.) Seriously, Baymax is adorable.

 4.) We played basketball, and failed miserably. (Soooo miserably: Six or seven of us played, and over the course of an hour we probably got a basket... like... 6 times? In our defense, we don't like to do things the easy way, so we were really far away from the hoop, with the hoop being on one side of the yard and us at the other. Nevertheless, it was embarrassing.)

This prompted sketching.

 5.) .... yeah.

 6.) Random Irish guy.

 7.) Creepy pose of stretch.

 8.) Pirate lady, who's waist is incredibly small-- I blame it on the corset. *Shifty eyes*

 9.) The one I finished and went "Whut."

 10.) We did something that got me back in the mood to learn self-defense, and I spend a goodly while doodling boxers.

11.) Because boxing doodles are fun.

12.) And then I promptly binged on FightTIPS* videos on youtube and figured I might as well draw that logo.

*Really fun to watch and you learn a lot. 

I'm very proud of that logo.

13.) This inspired more boxing sketches.

14.) I drew a character for Hannah a few weeks ago, and she was like, "I love it, but can you make his 'fro... bigger?" And apparently this 'fro gives the guy an extra five or six inches in height, so I gently reminded her that I suck at drawing afros. But I gave it my best shot.....

'FROS SUCK! I failed. I hate drawing 'fros, they are terrible and it looks like... I don't even know what he has on his head but it's not hair. I found something I fail at.

Treskie cannot draw afros. 

15.) Moving on quickly, we have Richard, which is also from Hannah and Jess's book. He's a twelve or thirteen year old hyperactive genius, and I don't know what it was about him, but I imagined him with giant circle glasses. Hannah insists that he does not, in fact, wear these, but my imagination says he does, so... He wears glasses. I insist.

Treskie has spoken. 

16.) Finally, on our list of delightfully disturbing drawings by Treskie, we have the next installment of

Project My Little Pony Humanized!

But because Princess Celestia doesn't get a whole lot of screen time, I don't know her that well, and hence, she only gets one picture.

Princess Celestia is... billowy.

Seriously, she can be standing completely still and in an enclose space with no wind, and she's billowy.

It's magical.

Surprisingly enough, I actually like the way she turned out. I know she's not exactly the way people imagine her, but I ended up not violently wanting to destroy the drawing, so there's that. What think you?

I took a break halfway through this post and went on a hike. It was quite delightful.

And with that, I shall leave you all, with many hugs and kisses and whatever you humans do when you say goodbye.



  1. You are hilarious! Gosh.
    Your drawings are adorable, I love the boxing stuff, and I actually really want to watch Big Hero 6 soon! :)

    1. I know. hawhawhaw lol.

      Ehe. You should borrow it from the Formans. IT"S CUTE.

  2. Wow. Princess Celestia is gorgeous.

  3. This is actually going to be a really lame comment but I won't do it if I don't do it right now and I have a busy week ahead of me

    First of all, HAHAHAHAHAH I LOVE IT ALLLL. BAYMAX AND HIRO MY BABES. *CRIES OF LOVE* And seriously, I cried so much at that dumb(ly amazing) movie. Agahagah

    Second of all, I have read your replies to my comments I made like a week ago and I love them but I haven't replied to them because I am a lazy butt and only reply to things right after or never. XD

    Last of all, THIS POST WAS FABULOUS BUT YOU KNEW THAT. And goodbye. *salutes*

    1. Lame comments are my favorite because they spew happiness and rainbows, and who doesn't like that? lol.


      *snort* No worries. In case you were wondering, I always reply to every comment, because Im awesome like that, but I don't expect a reply to my replies unless you want to reply, in which case, reply away. XD BUT I"M GLAD YOU LIKED THEM!!. Ehem. haha

      Thank you. I suspected as much, but obviously having someone confirm it makes me very happy. XD *salutes back*

  4. Tra la la, tra la la, rum tum tum tiddle um!

    I like your Baymax. I have yet to see Baymax, but I like him. *That is a Baymax! I have never seen one before, but that is a Baymax!*

    Bullies suck! Rah rah!

    Over and out.

    1. Um tiddle um tum tiddle.

      I like my Baymax. He is *fabulous* Ehe, you'll like it I think.


      Ten Four

  5. your sketches are amazing! you're seriously talented! I would love to see more of your art because wow!
    The ones of Baymax are my favorite. I just saw that movie last week as well. I thought it was cute. not one of my favorites or anything, sadly, because I was sort of expecting to fall in love with it. But I did like Baymax. But then again, who didnt? lol

    1. Aw thank you! Haha, that's the sweetest thing. *flails* I'm trying to decide if I should start posting art every day, and not have a giant dump at the end of the week, or if I could keep on keeping on.... lol.

      BAYMAAAAAX! (No I know what you mean. But I suspected that it wouldn't be up to snuff, so I wasn't expecting a whole lot, so I actually did love it. Except it sort of lagged about three-fourths of the way through, and it felt a little anti-climatic. If they make another one, I hope they tighten the plot a little. BUT TADASHI.)

  6. Wow, you're just pumping out drawing like a champ! I'm not sure I've drawn that much in one year :P Maybe when I was younger....Idk.

    I can relate to the mixture of wanting to be crafty and artsy (not the billions cups of tea though...maybe one) and wanting to binge on tv shows/movies. I kind of combine the two....

    Oooh, I wanna see Big Hero 6. I'll definitely cry. I cry easily during movies. Sad or happy parts, it doesn't matter. Robert makes fun of me :P

    The Big Hero 6 drawings - Nicely done! The third one is my favorite :D

    Me likey the Random Irish Guy! I love those kind of hats on guys.

    The FightTips Logo is AWESOME!!!!! It looks exactly like it!

    I've never watched My Little Pony, but your drawings are great! I especially like this one. RAINBOW HAIR. I love your colored pencil drawings :)

    I usually hug, sooooo *HUGS*

    1. Hahahah! Thank you?? I don't know, lately I"ve just been like, "I must draw ALL THE THINGS." (All the things generally being people, but there you go....) You should draw. I want to see. :)

      *fist bump because arty and crafty and tv showy* (Yeah, but see, I drink so much caffeine that it doesn't affect me unless I drink a load of it.... SO LOTS. XD)

      IT'S CUTE. And so do I, especially over animated stuff, I don't even know why, but yeah. Tears. I'm super emotional. (it's okay, my friend makes fun of me, and I just shout "EOMER HAS FABULOUS HAIR" and she shuts up. lol)

      The third BH6 one is my favorite too, I actually took time on it and didn't just rush it out. :)


      hahaha, I'm so ridiculously proud of that logo. (AND Shane Fazen, who *runs* fightTips SAW it and COMMENTED on it, and that sort of made my week. lol!)

  7. Oooh I love grey days! But today here it is REALLY warm and sunny. It's like seventy degrees. It's like....popsicle weather. It's lovely as a break from storms and winter.

    BIG HERO 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MAN YOUR BAYMAX IS TOTALLY ADORABLE! I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOVE the one with the hug. *dies* I loved that movie! I cried three times too, so I don't judge. And your Hiro is totally cute too. If you ever feel like drawing Noah from our book, that's basically what he looks like. XD

    The basketball girl is cute! You know, I stink at basketball and because I'm tall people are all like, "OF COURSE YOU CAN PLAY BASKETBALL!" but no. alas. I cannot. I am not awesome like that.

    Love Irish guy's hat. <3

    The stretch is cool. Like it actually looks real. I feel like if I were gonna draw a pose like that I would end up with a mutant turtle.

    Pirate lady is cool too! She has a TINY waist. We can blame it on the corset and scurvy. I like her watch (compass?) though. She's kiiiind of steampunk. So cooolll. (I'm like, STEAMPUNK STEAMPUNK STEAMPUNK because of my Camp NaNo which I am STOKED for, man!)

    I like the girl with the braid. I like braids. I'm always like, "DO BRAIDS!!!"

    BOXERS! THEY'RE COOL! I LIKE 'EM. Now you should draw an actual fight. BOOOM. But seriously, those are all awesome!!!! No girls though! You should make an epic girl boxer. OH YOU SHOULD DO YOU AND AMY!

    The logo turned out EPIC!

    I can't stop laughing at that 'fro. XDDDDDDDDDD Don't beat yourself up over it. XD

    No, Richard does not have glasses. Just so you all know. That's silly talk. XD But he's so great other than the glasses.




    P.S. I'm sorry if all my comments sound the same. I run out of words to describe how much I love your artwork. I'm just like, *FEELINGS*

    1. But like.... two weeks ago you had like two feet of snow. ..... northern weather.

      AAAGH BAYMAX. I WANT A BAYMAX. Noah is Tim's younger brother right??? I'll see what I can do.

      I can actually play basketball. I'm actually pretty good at it when I practice. But it was the first time this year that we decided to try, and we are over achievers and... and when the ball didn't reach the hoop, did we step forward? NO we threw harder. It was pathetic. Baseball's more my thing do. I'm good at baseball.

      Irish guy wearing derby FTW

      but at least it would be a mutant ninja turtle and Jess would approve.

      *Snort* Scurvy my foot. But yeah, it's a compassWatchThing and she loves it. She was kind of Steampunky and it made me giggle. I should draw more Steampunk, because all the gadgets are fun to tinker with, you know? I get to read the Steampunk novel, right??????????? *eyeballs you*

      braids are so easy.

      Boxers are SO COOL. JUST YEAH. Very awesome. lol. I should draw an actual fight. I shall see what I can do, because FIGHTTIPS. Boys are more fun to draw than girls. (lies, they're equally fun.) I'll do a girl boxer next week and it will be hilarious. (Amy and I do our best, but we're not *athletic* lol)


      Shut up. lol. FAT LADIES

      HE DOES HE DOES lalalalalalala not listening, I have spoken, he does so.

      AWWW. She turned out better than I thought she would, when I first started coloring in her hair I was like, "wow this was a mistake" but it worked out fine so that made me happy. XD BUT THANK YOU, BECAUSE HER DRESS WAS SUPER FUN, AND FLOWY AND I LOVE FLOWY DRESSES. A;LSKFJASF

      Your comments don't all sound the same, they pertain perfectly to the posts so I like them. XD It's okay, I do the same thing over Burdge's artwork, except my *FEELINGS* are more like *JEALOUSY* XD

  8. I love the Princess Celestia pic! She is amazingly beautiful! Very well done. (in my wee opinion).

    Also I rather like the afro guy. I think he looks good. (besides if any of your other afro guy drawings turn out 'bad', just tell yourself you're drawing a realistic afro, seriously afros are chaos anyways, so why not?)

    The pirate lady is cool. But I like the Irish guy best. He's adorable, and he really does look Irish. . . I want an Irish guy. (is that weird?)

    1. Gersh.... thanks. XD I liked her hair, surprisingly enough, because I was worried when I first started coloring it. XD

      Hahaha, well I'm glad someone likes the afro guy, because I think he's rubbish. But see that's the whole PROBLEM, it doesn't LOOK crazy, it looks.... *groomed* lol.

      Dat pirate lady doh. I KNOW THE IRISH GUY IS FABULOUS!! (I want an Irish guy too, so no, not weird. lol.)

  9. Pfft, you do not suck at drawing afros. YOU ROCK AT IT, DON'T BE MODEST NOW, JUST ACCEPT IT. Also the MLPH is sooooo gorgeous. I LURVE HER WINGS. Also boxing is great. I wrote a book about boxing. I do not box nor have I seen much boxing except for a few awesome shows and LEVERAGE but, um, yeah. I should probably work on the research half of that. But those boxing drawings are AWESOMENESS. Of course. ;-)

    1. You're too precious for this world, Cait. BUT FINE!! *accepts it*

      Aaaaah thank you! I Her wings were HARD!

      Boxing is so fabulous. Boxing is my most favorite. And yeah, LEVERAGE! (Eliot is a very athletic potato) BUT IF YOU WANT TO RESEARCH AND HAVE IT BE FUN, look up FightTIPS because He does it where he'll act out a fight, and then explain what he did and THEN there are usually bloopers and those are the best part. XD

  10. So, I'm currently house/dog sitting at a place that has CHANNELS, and I finally got to see this My Little Pony thing that you've been drawing so epically. Man-oh-man. My appreciation for your MLP Humanized project grew about fifty million points. Fabulous job of capturing character into a few still images! :) Also, your pirate lady is AWESOME, and I need to see Big Hero 6, and your afro wasn't terrible, just a few strands short of totally accurate - go try again!

    1. I love house sitting at places where that have more fun things, like channels and netflix. lol!

      And yay! I'm glad that you watched it and thought that my versions were good! Sort of makes my day when people say things like that. XD How many did you watch? Who's your favorite? *ehem* I like MLP. XD

      Thank you! I think she looks rather fab. haha.

      Grrrr. I know I should try again. And I will, but you can't tell me that fro looks good, because it wasn't. XD

  11. Big Hero 6 is sad?? I thought it was a happy movie. What makes it sad? (Spoilers please) :)

  12. It is sad. BUT it's not ONLY sad. It starts sad, and then it gets happy. I won't say who, but someone dies at the beginning, and the rest of the movie is about Hiro dealing with this person's death and finding the person responsible for the death.

    It's hilarious too.

    It's just like happy, and then it has sad parts, but it has a good message and it's hopeful. XD


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