Saturday, August 27, 2016

Picture Saturday || August {3)

Two posts in a week! Magical!

I don't know, I think I might have to do a life-update post soon, because I did some exciting/scary things, and I want to tell you about them.

I'm freaking my friends out, because this whole week, our conversations have gone like this:

Friend: What are you up to?
Me: Listening to musicals...
Friend: Again!?
Me: ...... You act like that's a bad thing.

Honestly, between Kat, Bella, and I, we've discovered like... five new musicals that we hadn't heard before. Like did you know there's a really awesome 'Count of Monte Cristo' musical? And one that's based on the original story behind 'You've Got Mail'?

And in between listening to new musicals, I've been listening to my favorites over again, and just...

Ugh. There's something about musical, guys. A story told through music! What's not to love?


1.) Look at Jack Frost and his fabulousness. (In all honesty, if you haven't seen that movie, you should, because it's really good.)

2.) Also... Merida. Because she has hair like whoa.

3.) I tried and didn't quite pull off the Cinderella Transformation.

4.) Gwen from Merlin has such pretty, pretty eyes.

5.) This random sad kid...

6.) We listened to 'Ghost the Musical', which is based on the movie... (which I've never seen...) AND WOW, EMOTIONS. There's some things I'm not hugely keen on, like this one song has a good 2 minutes worth of swearing... BUT I CRIED LIKE A FOOL. IT'S PRETTY.

His nose needs work, but I'mma fix it when I color this in....

7.) AND DON'T SPEAK TO ME, I'M SO MAD THAT I DREW THIS, I DON'T EVEN LIKE 'HAMILTON'. I don't like Alexander, I don't like the music! I don't like it. (But it's so freaking catchy...) And that doesn't take away from the fact that hot dang, Eliza deserved a way better man than Alexander Hamilton. 


8.) In other news, someone officially threatened me to force me into not killing off one of the boys in my book. (She threatened to burn my art. RUDE!)

Max likes to tease Kate, and sometimes Kate rolls with it, and other times she'd happily strangle him.

9.) I'm finally able to draw fanart for the Tale of Two Cities musical... which is good, I guess, because Bella has been hounding me for some, and I just couldn't for a while.


11.) And finally, here, enjoy Sydney making a jolly fool of himself, even though he had the best of intentions. (Seriously, James Barbour rocked that role, he is golden.)

Do you see his scarf!? Do you see how cute and perfect her hands turned out?! *Covers face* This almost makes up for he Hamilton fanart.

Holla! Questions! 
Best overall?
Favorite black and white?
Favorite with color?
Best on toned paper?
 What's new with you?

I love you all!


  1. Whoo-hoo! You're on a roll! And I love getting up on Sunday morning and seeing a new Picture Saturday post!

    I LOVE THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO!! I'm mad that it's never been to Broadway or West End, but at least we have a few stage performances and a "highlights" CD.

    #1--Wow, I like the highlights on this one! Also his pose and steady gaze. It really draws the viewer in.

    #2--Ooh, nice colored pencil work, and flowing hair and dress! Favorite colored for the week!

    #3--I think it looks good--the highlights and the blue halo around her show that something magical is going on. :-) Also, I like her hands and gloves, for some reason.

    #4--She does have pretty eyes, and you drew them very well. But honestly, everything about this drawing is good: the pose, the skin tones, the hair texture, the dress, her gaze...awesome. This is my favorite black-and-white drawing for this week.

    #5--Aw! He looks like he was told he couldn't play baseball or something like that. Nice work on the expression and shirt, and the texture of the hair really stands out.

    #6--Their poses look so natural here! So do their clothes and expressions--and good job on the hands! It was hard to pick a best drawing on toned paper; they're all so good, but I'm going with this one.

    #7--Wow, good job with the emotion! Everything contributes to the sadness: her pose, expression, what she's doing with her hands... *makes mental note for own art* Nice work!

    #8--Oh, that is funny! Max's expression cracks me up! So does the dialogue. :-)

    #9--A TALE OF TWO CITIES!! I've been waiting for you to draw fanart of that! Great job on Sydney and Lucie--she looks adorable, and he looks not-quite-sure about the whole proceedings. That scene was ADORABLE!!

    #10--Woah, fury personified. I love the red highlights here.

    #11 *heart shatters* Wow, this is an amazing piece! The poses, the emotion, the coloring, the values....definitely my favorite for the week.

    Well, not much is up, other than my family will have a very busy September. Several appointments and visits-- but I also start voice lessons again on Wednesday!

    Also looking forward to your life update!

    1. Awwwwww. *blushes*


      2.) Mmmm some aspects of that drawing irritate.(Like I got lazy with the lines on her skirt....) BUT THANKS!

      3.)I will say her hands looked good to me. Like, so long and pointy. So Disney-esque.

      4.)*ehem* You might consider giving Merlin a try. (But aaaaaw thank you! I drew that one really late, so I wasn't sure how it would turn out. :)

      5.)That's my go-to boy hairstyle. It's kind of 40's and IT'S NICE. ;)

      6.)Wow really? Even with the wonky nose on Sam?? (If you're interested, you should look up that song because it's PRETTY.)

      7.)She's actually my favorite character from that "musical"... she's a cinnamon roll... (BUT WOW YOU MADE A MENTAL NOTE? HOLLAAAAAAA)

      8.) Max is a ham when he's not off betraying people lol. XD

      9.) Squeeeeeeee! hahaha, Bella too. I'VE WANTED TO, I just COULDN'T. But we've been listening to it a lot this week, and I was like, I"mm give it a shot. XD Thank youuu.


      11.) Okay, it's a toss up between this one and Jack for my favorite this week. I LOVED THAT PICTURE SO MUCH. Ehem. That quote killed me a little like... BABY YOU CAN'T HAVE HER SHE'S TAKEN. *TEARS*

      mmmmm appointments and visits like... Doctors? Cause SORRY in that case... OOH I LOVE VOICE LESSONS, I DIDN'T KNOW YOU SANG!!?

  2. HEY HO HERE AGAIN! :-) Such fabulousness. You rock the art world, seriously.

    Best overall? JACK FROST. I SAW HIM AND I WAS LIKE....JACK FROST. ALL THE CRIES. That movie is up there in my favorites. Like on the top, just with a few others next to it. :-)

    Favorite black and white? Gwen. <3 HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD AT MAKING THEM LOOK LIKE THE REAL PERSON? Impossible talent, my friend.

    Favorite with color? Other than Jack, I really liked how the Merida one turned out.

    Best on toned paper? JACK seriously

    What's new with you? I've got a voice today. I AM GETTING BETTER FOLKS. THIS IS GOOD NEWS.

    1. HOLLA! Awwwwwww. *jack kelly voice* You're too koind, too koind. :)

      JACK FROST IS SUCH SADS. ALL HE EVER WANTED WAS TO BE LOOOOOOOVED. XD (I found the movie for 2 bucks at goodwill and it's in pristine condition, so I had to buy it. :)


      Merida's hair is on pooooooooint.

      FANK you. :)



    I think my favourite would have to be Merida, HER HAIR LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!!
    As for black & white, the random sad boy for sure, HE LOOKS SO REAL!
    Jack Frost and Merida definitely tie for best colour.
    Treskie, these drawings are beyond words I LOVE THEM!! (feel free to pass on some artistic ability to me thanks)

    1. hahaha, thank you so much!

      Haha, the random sad boy looked so sad though...

      Aw thank you so much. ;) (Hahah, I'll see what I can do.) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. 2) The hair and skirt really matches the caption.
    3) The face is not quite Cinderella’s, but the picture is definitely well done. It has an ethereal feel to it.
    4) This lady. The prettiest lady ever. If you hadn’t captioned your pictures, I wouldn’t have really stopped and looked at her eyes—but yes, you should be proud because they shine. I think it was a good idea to keep her clothes white and plain because then her face is accentuated. Her face, lips, nose, and hair are PERFECT!
    The Hamilton art was interesting to me because I didn’t know that the musical on Broadway had romance or at least from what you drew that is what I gather.
    And then wow, I didn’t know Tale of Two Cities had a musical. I love that book, and analyzed it in school. Thanks for drawing that! I was so excited!

    1. 2.) haha, I'm glad you appreciated that. :)
      3.) Mmmm... I'm a little put out by the way that one ended up looking. I had such grand hopes for it. ;)
      4.) Awwwwww thank you! (although, in actuality, the reason her clothes are plain and white is because I was too lazy to detail them. so.... BUT YAY, I'M GLAD YOU LIKE IT!!)

      Hamilton gets married at the beginning and his wife is a pretty big character, so I guess there's a little romance? It's not the main story though.

      OH WELL IF YOU LOVE THAT BOOK YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THE MUSICAL BECAUSE WOW, IT'S SO GOOD. (It's a touch hard to follow without the synopsis, but it's so worth it. LIKE 'I CAN'T RECALL' IS SUCH A SAD SONG. AND OH OH, 'OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND' IS SOO GOOOOD. listen to it. :)

  5. Jaaaaack! <3 I need to rewatch that movie... NOW.

    You did Merida's hair quite awesomely. (That was my attempt at enthusing without using exclamation points, or smiley faces, or caps. I failed, so I shall give up trying to type like an adult) *squee* I love how you did her hair!!!!

    I just realized that I never commented on your Merlin art last week! I meant to come back... and then didn't. *hangs head* (Oh, and your super cute medieval kissing drawing last week? It's still haunting me with its adorableness. Love!!!) That show might be my favorite of all time. I can't pick favorites, but if I had to.... :) I LOVED your Freya and Merlin cuteness, and the colored-in Arthur and Gwen was perfection - I want to frame it. Btw, I agree with you about Arthur - he goes through a ton of character development, and totally doesn't deserve the hate. He's a sweetie. <3 So yeah, back to this post. You did a great job on Gwen!

    Mwahahaha! I think it's hilarious that you drew from Hamilton even though you don't like it. It IS so catchy. :D

    I've never heard the musical of A Tale of Two Cities, and now I totally want to. I'm always so torn between listening to music or an audiobook, and audiobooks usually win. AToTC isn't my favorite Dickens novel, but I can imagine it as a great musical. I'm going to have to make time to try it out.

    Okay, gotta go. Thanks for sharing your art!

    1. DO IT.

      Why thank you, thank you very much. (Aw phooey, who really likes being an adult anyway? I break into random CAPS LOCK AND I YELL AT PEOPLE TO CONVEY EXCITEMENT so I guess exclamation points are less extreme. XD)

      Haha oh no worries. (the medieval kissing one is so shmoozy, I love it. ;) Freya and Merlin were adorable, I LOVE how Arthur calls her Guinevere it's adorable)

      Arthur is arrogant and rude BUT HE MEANS WELL so I don't even care if people hate him, I love him to pieces. ANd the look on his face whenever someone betrays him is just like... ugh. he looks like a lost puppy.

      (uuuuuuuugh you're evil for making me listen to it. I keep going, "pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir? - That depends, who's asking - "oh well, sure, sir, I'm Alexander Haaaamilton, I'm at your serrrvice sir... I have been... LOOKING for you." and I"M LIKE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.)

      Oh ToTC is SUCH a good musical. It's got so many great songs, and everyone has good voices and James Barbour brings so much to Sydney's character.... *Headdesk* IT's a little hard to follow the plot at first, but once you get it, it's like, "OOOOOOOh." so yeh. :)

      Thanks for liking it!

  6. have not watched Jack Frost but really cute drawing; actually I'm not into musicals so I haven't seen any of the ones you've mentioned, though I really think it's odd to make Hamilton a musical but then again, what do I know about musicals?

    #11 - this one is really well done, you've captured a very sweet moment.

    love your last post, it's a wonderful friendship story.

    have a lovely day.

    1. You might consider watching Rise of the Guardians because it's such a sweet movie and it does such a good job with the whole jack frost issue. :)

      mmmm Hamilton isn't really a musical, it's more of a Rapsical, so I'm not wild about it. (Kinda maybe think it's overrated) But yeah! Right? Who looks at that Founding Father and goes, "I'mma right a musical about him." who does that? Lol.

      11 was a scene I've been wanting to draw for a while, and I just haven't been able to. *has a sad* But thank you!!

      Aww... thank you so much. :) We're pretty cool, I think, ;)

      you too!

  7. I didn't know there was a Tale musical! I love the book, but a musical?! What riches! Also, "this almost makes up for the Hamilton fanart". WHAT HAMILTON FANART. I DEMAND HAMILTON FANART. I'VE SPENT THE PAST MONTH LISTENING TO HAMILTON AND IT HAS LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. I HAVE SPENT ALL OF TODAY WITH "he looked at me like I was stupid, I'm not stupid" GOING ROUND AND ROUND MY HEAD--

    I would ADORE some Hamilton fanart from you! If that's, uh, a thing that could potentially happen ... *ahem*

    Anyway, the Max and Kate one is hilarious but also back off, bro! Tristan!!!

    1. IT'S SO GOOOOOOOOOOD YOU SHOULD LISTEN, IT'S ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MUSICALS, BECAUSE EVERYONE HAS SUCH GOOD VOICESSSSS. (The style is like a mix of les mis and Jekyll and Hyde.) AS FOR THE HAMILTON FANART, I ALREADY DID. YOU GOT BURN. THAT'S THE ONLY THING I'MMA DO, BECAUSE I DON'T ACTUALLY LIKE IT THAT MUCH. (Ugh, but it's so *catchy*... it's really fun to dubsmash to.) "so how'd you do it? How'd you graduate so fast?!" Cause HE DIDN'T PUNCH THE BURSAR THAT'S WHY. haha.

      lol if you scroll up, you'll find a Hamilton fanart of Eliza cause she's a cinnamon roll.

      Max is just a flirt, he's not really serious, don't worry, Tristan/Kate are a thing.

    2. I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T SEE THE HAM??? I THINK I MAYBE SAW THE ONE BEFORE IT AND WAS LIKE "well that's a musical I've not seen scroll scroll scroll OOH Kate!" AND MISSED ELIZA ALTOGETHER?!

      That's beautiful though, and ughhhh THAT SONG IT JUST KILLS ME (in my current cycle of the musical, which is like always rolling, I'm on the Reynolds Pamphlet so BURN IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN). I remember listening for the first time and hearing Say No To This and just DYING. I do kinda sorta love Ham bc, you know, Lin Manuel and just oh Alex but also HE'S SUCH AN IDIOT AND A JERK??? WHY AND WHY ?? AND SHE'S FAR TOO GOOD FOR HIM????? Anyway I've been listening to Story of Tonight (Reprise) all day non-stop (Non Stop! IT'S ALL HAM) and just aaghhh Alex and Burr's relationship KILLS ME I JUST--

      well anyway

      *hemhem* I like your drawing! <3


      Well thank you. (it's my favorite from the musical, actually.)Hahaha omg. THE REYNOLDS PAMPHLET! (HAVE YOU READ THIS!!)
      OKay, Say No To This was kind of the turning point with Alexander for me. I was like, "AAAAAAND RESPECT IS GONE." HE *WAS* AN IDIOT AND A JERK AND EW. SHE DESERVED WAY BETTER THAN A TWERPY CHEATING HUSBAND.

      Alex and Burr has a love hate relationship and it kind of amuses me how Burr is such a polition...


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