Saturday, September 3, 2016

Picture Saturday || September {1}

Wherein, Treskie didn't draw.

Well, it's not like I didn't draw, I just didn't draw a lot, and it's hard for me to do a post that only has one drawing that's quality, you know?

I mean, I drew Tristan... And he's really... flat.

So instead of my traditional Picture Saturday, I'm going to talk about art.

  • I might talk about my art process...
  • I might highlight my favorite artists...
  • I might scream about the price of art supplies...
  • I might leave you with a really terribly filmed time-lapse video of me drawing the above Tristan.

Do you ever wonder if there's ever going to be another "Great Master," like Leonardo da Vinci, or Vincent van Gogh, or Rembrandt? I mean, back when they were drawing and painting and being amazing, it was so much harder to get your art out there for people to see and to like and appreciate. Whereas, now.... now we have the internet and instant satisfaction and there are so many incredibly talented artists who's art is beautiful. And the viewers aren't limited to people in your town, or state, or country--with the means that we have these days, the whole world can see one artist's work, and the whole world is filled with people who's art is mind-blowingly good.

So I wonder... I just wonder if, out of the hundreds of thousands of gifted artists, if there's ever going to be another person who the whole world will agree is one of the great masters. You know?

I want to go to an art museum and soak up the skill there.

Is anyone else getting really sick and tired of the whole "art isn't really that important" thing? Like, yes, hi, hello.... Art is hard, and deserves more credit! Agreed? Agreed.

For example, art should be taught in schools and it shouldn't take such a huge step back from things like math and science. Sure, math and science are all well and good and hurrah for you if you can understand the bloody things, but art is just as important. It's important for kids to learn to be creative. It's important for kids who are naturally creative to have their talents nurtured just as often as the kids who are good math and science. It's wrong to push everyone into thinking math and science are the only option once you graduate high school. Some people blossom better doing things like writing, or drawing, or making.

Fairly freaking sure God didn't create so many people with so many different skills only to have everyone latch on to two of the most "realistic" subjects, and push other things to the back burner.


The whole "starving artist" shouldn't be so accurate. You should be able to seek gainful employment doing art just as often as you can doing construction or chemistry. #endrant

Sometimes I look at other people's art and cry a little bit. Like I've been scrolling through tumblr or pinterest, and I'll find this artist who's so good, and so talented, and they're like... self-taught thirteen-year-olds who have skillz far beyond what I could ever hope to achieve.
And you get people who tell you stuff like, "Comparison robs you of your joy." And you're like, 'DARN STRAIGHT IT DOES. I HAVE BEEN DRAWING WHOLE LIFE, AND THIS PEON HADN'T EVEN PICKED UP A PENCIL UNTIL TWO YEARS AGO AND NOW LOOK AT HOW GOOD THEY ARE. I AM A FAILURE."

Like Burdge. Can we just talk about Burdge for a second?

How does Burdge even art? Even her super rough, super sketchy doodles have this gripping look to them and I want it. I want to capture people the way she captures people. I maddens me that wow, I'm hopelessly behind her, skill wise.

 Or Ezelle Van Der Heever, (better know as EZ)....

Because wow the emotion you can feel in her art is intense it makes me want to vomit. Like come on, how do you convey so much with so little?? Look at their poses and their faces and how natural everything looks. It is killing me that I can't do this. I practice?!!? I should be that good!??


They have such great styles. *headdesk* I'm not saying I want to copy them or their art styles, I just sit here and admire them and cry a little. 

But oh, speaking of style, let's get on that little roller coaster of a conversation!

Now listen! I don't profess to be all knowing about art or how to art or anything. I'm just a tiny cupcake in a big cupcake world and I know very little. HOWEVER I do know something about art style. 

Some of the questions I get asked a lot on this infinitesimal blog is "how did you get your art style, is it something you practiced?" or "do you have any tips on how to make an art style?" "How long did it take for you to develop your style?"

And honestly guys, here's the deal: you don't really develop an art style. You don't have to work to get one. You just make art. The way you do it is your style, whether you're an old hand at it, or whether you pick up a pencil for the first time yesterday, if you make art, it's going to be in your style

It's like handwriting. Everyone has different handwriting, some people's is beautiful, some looks like giant bubble letters, some people have chicken scratch, but everyone's handwriting is unique to them. It's the same with your drawings. Sure you can go ahead and copy people (with their permission) and imitate other artist's styles, but it's like tracing letters when you're learning how to write: you copy it and then you do it by yourself. It always looked different when you wrote on your own, right? 

If you relax and draw, your style will come naturally. It's not something that you can make, it just comes. Your art will look like you. I've been told my art looks like me. Burdge's art looks like her. My sister's art matches her personality. 

Art is very personal and it's ingrained into you, so if you draw, and you put everything you've got into it, it's going to have a style. It's going to match you. 

And on that note, I think I shall call it a night. 

Here, watch this terribly filmed, poorly lit, time-lapse video. It did not look that fast when I was editing it, it was about half that speed. I don't know what happened between the editing and the processing, but great heavens that's the fastest 28 second video you will ever see. 

I apologize for the lousy quality. Next time I will use a tricorder and a proper editor. Thank you and goodnight.

Question Time!
Do you think there will ever be another 'great master'?
What are your thoughts on art in public school? 
Do you ever get depressed looking at other people's art?
What's your drawing style like? 



  1. Hey, don't feel bad. I drew only finished 4 pieces of artwork this week myself. And I like the way you drew Tristan's jacket. :-)

    Ooh, interesting question about another art master! As for *whether* there will be one...really, only time will tell. Not something I can predict. :-)

    Haha...had to laugh a little at your remark about understanding math/science. 'Cause it can be tough. Actually, I think that art and science need not be *separated* the way people insist on doing--for instance, there's a science to color theory and mathematical calculation in techniques like foreshortening; while I think there's a good deal of creativity in creating or discovering something new while working within fixed scientific guidelines.

    That said, I totally agree that God created people with *all kinds* of talents, and we need to quit putting ourselves and our kids into boxes.

    "Self taught 13-year-olds who have skillz far beyond..." been there, done that! Oy. Still, I wonder if each artist has something that comes naturally to him/her that others have difficulty, one artist may be really good at expressions, while another can draw poses without thinking about it, and another never struggled with drawing hands.

    Haha, my style is probably "recovering perfectionist." Seriously, I was incredibly strict about drawing realism, whether it was within my skill level or not. But I've relaxed a little.

  2. Hahaha... Yeah, but you were sick. I just had a bad case of exhaustion. I think I have fall allergies.

    RIGHT? I was like, "I WONDER!" I mean... there probably *are* people, but how do you choose out of so many?

    exactly! Why do we have to separate everything into neat little boxes, why can't it mix and grow into something else entirely. But good point about having to use calculations and creativity within scientific guidelines.

    Or we should make the boxes bigger and less suffocating. Like I definitely fit into the "I'm creative" box, but that's not *all* there is to me. I don't usually get into stuff like that, but labeling and putting people in boxes seems to limit more than help.

    *Violently and repeatedly headdesks* I think there is something that comes easily to every artist. Apparently hands are hard... I never found them all that difficult. Some angles, yeah, but there's a formula for them and it's not that tricky for me. XD But YOU you're good with details and little accents that bring out a lot of life to your art.

    Good for you for relaxing! There's always a bit of a struggle for perfectionists... I am one and it's hard for me to post my art when it's not up to par with what I KNOW I can do and what I envisioned. XD

  3. Do you think there will ever be another 'great master'?- Most likely.
    What are your thoughts on art in public school? - I'd say it's something to be encouraged. It sounded as if art isn't taught in your region. Isn't it?
    Do you ever get depressed looking at other people's art?- I think a better word would be distracted.
    My guilty pleasure is browsing art on blogs, pinterest, and DeviantArt. All that talent, all those ideas, all the minutes slipping away.I look at other people's art, and I love it! I feel the flame of inspiration, and I must draw something...but first I must look at this person's art again. After a while I'm so absorbed in that other person's art that I ignore my own. But sometimes I manage to keep hold of the spark long enough for me to pull out my pencil and paper. This post, and the art featured on it, inspired me. So I drew something today. Thank you.
    What's your drawing style like? - I'm trying for realistic/cartoon/minimalist. Sometimes my style is scribbly.

    1. Oh probably, but I don't know if they'll ever be put in the same *category* as the original ones, you know?

      It's not really taught. I dunno if it's just because California sucks, or what, but yeah... it's not encouraged all that much here.

      RIGHT? UGGGGHHH. I can watch people art all day. I have spent hours on youtube watching nothing but time lapse drawings and it's so ridiculously relaxing. XD

      I want to see your aaaaaaaaaaart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Scribbly is a good style though. I like it.XD

  4. Girl, I didn't know you were left-handed! Or did I? I bet you've heard people comment on your left-handedness a billion times, but I think it makes your art even more impressive, considering my left hand draws like a limp baby fish.

    I don't know if there will ever be another great master. I've thought about this a bit. My automatic answer would be no, since it seems there's no more pioneering left to do, but then again, back in the 1800's someone announced there was nothing left in the world to be invented, and here we are Internet-ing today.

    Meh, being homeschooled lowers the care factor for what's taught in public schools, but I do wish art were more widely appreciated. I've noticed male artists seems hard to come by. And you're right: it's hard, and people should see how awesome it is.

    Do I get depressed looking at other people's art? I try not to, but when you think you have great talent for your age and then get a major reality check like that, it's hard on the ego. Plus there's sometimes when you know you COULD do stuff like that if you put in the effort, but you don't. And then you feel guilty for not living up to your full potential like the great masters would have. Or maybe that's just me.

    What is my drawing style like? Uh, manga-inspired semi-realistic cartoon sketchy-sketch? IDK?

    BTW, I like the video. When you ink it and color it in, it's all like, *swish swish swish, lines lines lines. BAM color. WHOOSH. TA-DA.* You know? Like, the only thing I'd change would be to slow down your signature, so it's like, Voila, friends, it is I, the artiest master! (grand bow, clap clap clap, encore, encore!).

    1. hahaha that seems to take everyone by surprise. It's weird though, because I'm only left-handed when I draw or write, everything else, I'm a righty. Very odd. (But how did you miss it, there's literally a picture of my left-handing it on my blog header XD)

      RIGGGGGGGHT??? I dunno. I think there's always a possibility, but I don't know if they'll ever really be in the same *category* as the originals ones. *puzzles*

      I just think it's getting to the point where people don't really take pleasure in art, and that makes me sad.

      RIGHT?????????????????? mmmmm. No it's not just you. I do that too...

      OOOH. nice description. Very descriptive-y. XD

      haha thank you. It's too fast. Next time I will make it slower and use better lighting lol. ;

  5. 'great master' is really someone's opinion isn't it? I don't really know. I'm like you. I see other people's art and I wonder why I can't be as good so really, it's natural to doubt yourself, but don't even try to compare with other people.

    as for style, I don't think I have one. like you said, you just create and whatever comes out, that's you, that's your suppose style. & besides, when you create, you learn and when you learn, you might end up with a style of sorts, at least, that's what I think.

    I can understand wanting to show off your best work, I do it too, if I think a drawing is to my liking, I wouldn't post it. one drawing per post isn't bad, whatever you feel comfort with - it's your blog.

    have a lovely day.

    1. I guess so.. but then again, there are those few like Michelangelo, whom everyone all over the world agrees is a "master" so I think there's alittle more to it than just a matter of opinion.

      It's very hard not to compare yourself to other people though.

      I think you do. I think your style is really whimsical and wistful. Like I can see your art and tell it's yours...


      You too!

  6. *cries because Burdge and EZ* Have you read the Valiard Mansion though?? Soooo amazing. Gahh. Gangfield. How do they even art so good alkfhglksh???

    Do you think there will ever be another 'great master'? Probably not. With the internet, everyone and anyone and their third cousins can showcase their art on social media and it lowers the worth of it by putting it out there with bajillions of other amazing good art. But who knows! It might happen. That's just my opinion. :D

    What are your thoughts on art in public school? How should I know, I'm homeschooled! But from what I've heard, it seems like they do teach art pretty well. I mean, I've had to struggle along as a self-taught artist, so I envy those people who were able to take art in school.

    Do you ever get depressed looking at other people's art? YES. YES YES AND YES. *cries a million tears because those 13 year olds who draw like nobody's business will send me to my grave, I tell you"

    What's your drawing style like? Photorealistic? I'm not sure. I just copy photos of people so.


    Me neither. I don't think anyone's going to make it like they did, which is sad. :-{

    Well so was I... but hmmm. maybe they just don't teach it in our county. It's not really approved. *has a sad*



  8. THIS IS A QUESTION I ASK A LOT, WILL THERE EVER BE ANOTHER GREAT MASTER? I do not know. I just have no idea. How can we tell?? What about artists of the twentieth century? No one calls Andy Warhol or Jackson Pollock Great Masters ... does that mean each artist is confined to their period? Impressionist, Expressionist, Fauvist, what are the artists of today, then? What are you?

    (Who am I? Can I condemn this man to slavery-- Shut up, brain!)

    I have been so blessed with a great art education, I did art right the way through school in a school with a wonderful, well-resourced art department and great teachers. Of course I still got the " ... well it's not really a real subject is it" but not from so many people. The school, if not committed to art above all else, at least left us room to do our thang. I think Britain as a whole is pretty good for promoting art in schools. I don't know much about other countries.

    What is my style? My style is underdeveloped because when do I ever draw ha NEVER. But you know what? I am going to draw right now! And listen to Hamilton! YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME! Goodnight, fare thee well! ~dances off~

  9. RIIIIIIIIIIIIHGT? THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING. Ugh. And I don't know... it's very frustrating to not know.


    I've gathered from a lot of the comments that most other places have better art programs than California. Apparently California just sucks. XD (BUT OOOH IT WOULD BE SO COOL TO MAKE PRETTY ART IN Class!>..........)

    YOU'RE GONNA DRAW AND LISTEN TO HAMILTON!???????????? COOL!(Ugh, Hamilton makes me mad, and stuff and things and wow Alexander was a jerk. BUT HEY. Burn's a good song. YOU SHOULD POST YOUR DRAWINGS.)


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