Friday, May 25, 2012

Picture Friday-- Fairy

Okay, here it is!

Fairies are fun to draw, you can do lots of weird things with their design, and they still look pretty. =) 

I promise to start doing some more in depth drawings at some point... but right now we have company up and my mom is out of town, so all the Donna Domestic stuff (cooking, cleaning, hostess-ing, etc.) rest rather heavily on yours truly's shoulders. 


     As an aside, my sister showed me The Nine Lives of Chloe King, and last night we watched the last three episodes. I actually recommend that series, it's really good, mostly very clean and the main character is a good girl, which is unusual in teen directed shows. 

                    I won't give you any spoilers, here's the trailer:

     I am going to say, though.... It ends on a serious cliff hanger. MAN! And there is no second season.... I signed a petition. Go here and sign it too. Get it back on the air! I want to know how it ends

     The last episode finished and I was thinking... "Wait...what? What! What!? WHAT?! WHAT?! They can't just cancel it now!

     Forget Team Edward or Team Jacob, I am Team Brian, because Brian is awesome and sweet. **melts**

     You should watch it and discuss the ending with me. lol...

    God bless, pepes! That's all for now. 



  1. Two Fridays down. Hoot hoot! I like the fairy's hands. :-)

  2. Yeah, they seriously need another season of Chloe King. C'mon, why leave it like that?!?!?

  3. Amy-- I know, right? Who'd have thought?

    Kat-- They need to make a move about it at least. Just TIE up the loose ENDS!


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