Friday, May 18, 2012

Picture Friday-- Softball

Hallo all you people!

Well I have survived the week and even managed to draw a picture. 

Hopefully this will happen every week?

As it is, however, today was super busy and I only have time for a rather short post because I go to babysit in about twenty minutes and must hurry.... 

My little sister joined a softball team earlier this month, and seeing her running around with her enormous glove and scary green softball, made me decide, "Aha! I know what I shall do for the drawing post!" 

                                             Here it is. Ta-da! 


What think you? 

The aforementioned little sister bumped me slightly while I was outlining the whole thing with pen and therein lies the reason why her nose is... weird. I had a moment of loud and irritated outbursts of "Why did you DO that?!" before reconciling myself to the fact that I didn't have time to redo. Sniff. Oh well.

....Also, I decided against doing the girls' softball uniform because they look like this:

           And I'm sorry.... I just can't like it. What's with the tank tops? 

     Wereas, little league outfits are so much more baseball/softball that I did them instead. 

T.T.F.N., Ta-Ta For Now!

God bless, 


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