Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blog awards!

Kat gave me two awards! **Treskie simpers delightedly**


So the rules of these are pretty simple, I have tell you seven previously unknown things about myself, and I need to award seven other worthy bloggers.

Fact the first: I know what the word "carriwitchet" means.

Fact the second: I created this blog accidentally, and thus freaked myself out so much that I had to give it a few days before I actually posted anything. :-|

Fact the third: I hate stiletto heels. So. Much.

Fact the fourth: Once, when my sisters and I were going to pick up another sister at the airport, we got super, super lost and had to ask for directions. Eight. Times. (It was dark. There was construction. And no one gives adequate directions anymore. "Ooooh it's SO easy!" they all said, and then proceeded to give us directions which sounded something like this: "Turn right, take a left, go straight, pass one, two, three, stop lights, turn around, come back, get on a ramp, get car-jacked, buy a GPS...")

Fact the fifth: I write and draw with my left hand, but do everything else with my right. :-\

Fact the sixth: I cried over every single Redwall book ever written. When certain hares died in Mariel of Redwall? I grieved for weeks.

Fact the seventh: I got asked out five times in one class when I was taking music lessons at our local middle school. I was in sixth grade. I was eleven. I told them no.


I know you're supposed to award seven bloggers, but I'm only doing five.

1.) Amy
2.) Miss Elizabeth Bennet
3.) Mime
4.) Anna Grace
5.) Marlene E.

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