Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oooh. I've just gotta!

Three words.


I'd probably change the pants to skirts, just because I think skirts are more modest and flattering, but.... I might have to start my Captain America and Hawkeye collection right now. And then work my way on from there. I plan to have ALL of the inspired outfits before I'm 18. (I will make modifications especially to the Captain America one. I prefer more subtle.)

Also... It occurs to me that I haven't done Random Facts in a while. :-\ Hmph.


Five Random Facts:

1.) I love classic Winnie the Pooh:

2.) Giving speeches is my Achilles Heel. I'd would rather sing solo, it's so much easier!

3.) I can swim in very cold water no problem. We go swimming in a mountain lake, and believe me, it's still cold in August.

4.) I'm in a "movie musicals" mood. Watching Oklahoma! started it, I think. But we watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers the other night, and I'm very much wanting to watch Happiest Millionaire again. (my sister Amy did a suh-weet post on those a few days ago...)

5.) Sticking to the "musicals" thread, I was obsessed with Newsies when was about twelve, and stayed obsessed until I neared my sweet sixteen. I think we watched it three times in the first week I was introduced to it.

That's all people!

God bless,



  1. Avengers.... outfits.... must.... have.... Oh, I'm TOTALLY doing this. Way totally. Thanks for sharing... I'll let you know if I get anywhere with mine!

  2. Yeah, Avengers inspired outfits would be cool. Mine are going to be a lot different than those pictured, but they do give a girl some fun ideas. :-)

  3. Are you jealous of my Iron Man dress? LOL

    Yes, I love musicals too. The BEST!

    And, you have two blog awards. Come get 'em!


  4. Marlene-- Oooh cool, glad you liked it! :) I want to see them when you've finished.

    Amy-- We should do it together!

    Kat-- Alright, I'll admit it. Yeah, I'm jealous of your awesome Iron Man outfit... (I thought we were going to see it on your blog?) Thanks for the awards!

  5. I am diggin' the Loki and Hawkeye outfits! (my two favorite Avengers!!) yes. Loki is my favorite Avenger. Call me crazy, if you like! ;D

  6. Captain America and Hawkeye are my favorites... And while I *totally* get why you love Loki (He's pretty awesome. He's just too darn likeable!) I can't classify him as an avenger, because he's the REASON the Avengers assembled! lol. But I defo prefer his outfit to Thor's. Just sayin'. Yup. :)


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