Saturday, July 21, 2012

Picture Saturday--Squeak!

No, I did not draw that. lol!

But that has kind of been my mindset of late... I go though these silly times where I think, "I just want to fine my guy already!" sniffle.



                                                          This picture inspired it.

I didn't copy it, I just took the basic set-up, because it makes me feel all happy inside.

    And I loved the way my guy's face turned out. He looks Scottish!

That's it for now... we're going to watch a movie... I think it's The Mummy. (Brenden Frasier is hilarious in that.)

God bless!



  1. Hey! Great blog. I think we just have a wee bit in common. :D
    Thanks for following me and looking forward to following you!!!


    1. Oooh hi! Welcome to my blog. :) Thanks for following!(I hope you don't regret your decision. LOL)


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