Monday, September 16, 2013

A tutorial!!

Well hey!

Righty, so I've had a couple of requests to do a tutorial on how to draw a face in profile. I'll be honest, I am not sure how good my tutorials are. But I shall do my bestest, and you guys can let me know if you prefer them this way or as videos. Okay?

Here we go.

1.) Start with this. It's kind of a backwards P I guess. The length of the top should be a little more than half the length of the bottom one.

2.) Add the jaw line first. It should only come about halfway across the face, slanting up a little.  The back of the neck connects to the back of the skull, and the front should start... just about halfway up the jawline. 

3.) Add the guidelines for the eyes, nose and mouth. The eyes are about halfway down the face. The nose is usually about midway between the eyes and the jaw, and the lips.... huh. Are about halfway between the nose and the jaw. Gosh! I didn't realize how I measure everything by halves like this!

4.) Add the nose. It should come in right about where the eyes are and then slant out. Bring it all the way down to its guideline.

5.) Add the lips. Um... The bottom lip is fuller than the top lip and is usually a little behind.

6.) Add the eyes and the nostrils. Hehe. Nostrils. It's a weird thing to say. Anyway! The eye is basically a forty-five degree angle. Or a bird's beak. whichever you prefer. The nostril is.. a rounded checkmark. 

7.) Add the ear. It should be just above the back of the jaw, and reach from the bottom of the eye to the bottom of the nose. It's shaped a little like a backwards question mark, which a backwards capital J inside. See?

8.) Erase the extra guidelines and add a little definition to the nose and lips. The nose.. is just a line to give depth.

9.) Draw a slightly crooked line for the eyebrow, and color in the eye, leaving a bit near the front white, for that realistic shine. *grin*

10.) Add the outline for the hair. 

 11.)  Begin shading.

12.) Aaaaand fill it in. (I usually add a few sticky up pieces of hair right behind the part.. you know, cowlicks.)

Laaaa! You're done! I think... that's.... that's about as simple as I can make it when I'm just doing pictures and trying to explain what I do.  I think I am not that great of a teacher. lol. 

Let me know how it works if you try it though, yeah? 

OOH! It is Jonnah's birthday today! Happy birthday, m'girl! Hope it rocked. 

Cheers and God bless, guys. 


  1. This tutorial really helped! Thanks for taking the time to do it!

  2. Wow, you're good!! Your drawing kinda looks like pic right below it. Cool!

    1. Thanks! Wait... what picture right below it? :D

    2. The one that says "we can have cake" LOL! :D ❤

  3. I love the tutorial! It is very helpful!

    I wanted to ask where you get your doctor gifs cuz I can't ever find any and I love them!


    1. Was it really? Oh lovely.

      Well, I go to google images and search Doctor Who Gifs... or if I'm being specific, Eleventh Doctor Dancing gif, or something like that. Always add 'gif' at the end of the search and it should bring something up. :)

  4. Artists always make it look so simple. *Grin* I think it was a good tutorial. And if you are taking votes, I like the video ones best because I like listening to you talk. (Weird sounding probably, but you have a cool accent and I'm envious.)

    1. lol. Thank you.

      I think I might like videos more too. They seem... clearer? I dunno. I have an easier time explaining things when I can actually show you what I'm doing. lol.

      I have a cool accent!?!!? COOOOL! (no, that's not that weird, btw. I know what you mean. *grin*)


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