Wednesday, September 11, 2013

There shouldn't be good in goodbye.

Hello all you people out there!

So, I realize I kind of disappeared from the blogosphere for a while, and I do so very much apologize. (especially since my last post went on and on about the epicness that was going to be happening at my house.)

But I did have a really good reason, I swear!

Because the epicness that I talked about was a freaking family reunion!! (I know, you're all like... thrilled. )

See, my two sisters who are married live waaaaay away from us, and we only see them every two to three years or so. (which stinks) So a couple years ago, we all decided that for Mom and Dad's 35th anniversary, we should surprise our parents and get all the kids together at the same time. (the last time we were all together at home was at Laura's wedding which was... eight years ago.)

Getting it sorted and planned without Mom and Dad knowing was a bit tricky, but we were sneaky and secretive and they had no idea.

And the surprise rocked.

Look! Look at all the people who emerged! (And yes, Justin really is that tall. He's six foot eight!)

Can I just say that suddenly having eleven kids under eight almost overwhelmed me with adorableness? I'd just sit there like, "I'm their aunt. I have the cutest nieces and nephews on the planet!"

I'm going to try not going into it hugely, because I think all of my sisters are planning on posting about it as well... but I'll do a quick go-over. Because I can't help but brag when it comes to my family. *grin*

Let's just say there was a little of this:

And a little of that.... (Thank you, Dan, for trying to teach me to dance. :)

Some of this:

Some of that:

s'mores are delicious!

Waaay too much of this:

Like seriously.

We love food!

Mom and Dad!

A truly ridiculous amount of just talking. And laughing. Because our conversations quickly move from serious matters like how yummy the aforementioned food was, to the stupid things we used to do.

The visit was perfect, it was so much fun! It's been so long since we've all been together and just relaxed. We packed in hiking, and swimming, we went to the park, we played volleyball. (way more fun than I thought it would be)

We watched Rise of the Guardians and we introduced them to Psych. Hehe.

We even managed to get a professionally taken family picture, which was awesome. (the last one we had was when I was nine, and my face got partially cut off so it looks like I'm biting the frame.)

The only thing that stinks about the visit is that it's over. I don't like saying goodbye for another couple of years! *sniff*

I understand the Doctor.

The vacation's over, everyone leaves, and I'm just here like:

Hee! I might not be as depressed as Ten, I'll give you that, but the house does feel emptyish now.

Anyway....  real quick: Mary! I can't comment on your blog! It won't let me!

So yeah! That is why I was gone. But now I'm back and things will be back to normal. Yay!

And now I must go, because I've been on the computer way too long, sorting through pictures and figuring out which ones to not post.



  1. Great post, Treskie!! I actually did enjoy seeing all the fun you had with your family. Family reunions are SUPER, but I agree, saying goodbye is AWFUL.

    And cheese balls and s'mores are THE BEST party food EVER.


    1. Really? Yay!

      Yeah, saying goodbye is hard. I don't like it.

      They really are! We had so much food.... *happiness* Our Italian shows the most when there's a big get together and we plan around what we're going to eat. lol!

  2. Aww, I miss those good family reunions from my mom's side, but ever since my grandmother passed away, .... We only got to reunite when there was a death in the family. :(

    Anyway, I LOVED watching your family reunion on video that you took. Makes me feel kinda like I'm part of it. Thank you for sharing with us that special moment. And happy anniversary to your parents!! May God bless them always, grant them their wishes, and live a very loooong life filled with love and happiness and good food. :P You,are right, everything is better with food!

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! :) It was so nice. I'll give my mom and dad the message. Hehe. ;)

      But oh, that's very sad that you only get together when there's a death. That makes everything bittersweet. *hugs*

    2. Aww thanks!!! :D ok.

      i agree. It is.

  3. Awwwww! SO awesome! I love big families (though they can get kind of overwhelming at times). I only have two and a half nephews/niece and I'm already slain by the adorableness. My life is theirs to commands. Such an awesome family you have! Woot!! :D

    1. I KNOW! Hehe, overwhelming.... I dunno. I've grown up with it, so it's not that hard for me to deal. (We get really loud though. Everyone talks over each other.) Two and a half? Is someone expecting?? If so CONGRATS!!!!

      Thank you so much!!!

  4. So happy your family could all get together! I got all teary-eyed watching your video, it was so beautiful :)

    Oh! Well that would explain why I haven't gotten any comments! I just looked at my settings and I had it set so only members of the blog could comment ( which I thought meant followers :P).I now realize only I could comment! :D That was kind of counter-productive.
    It SHOULD be fixed now. Thanks for letting me know, Treskie! :)

    1. So were we! :D Oh you did? D'aaaw. lol. Everyone was hiding in the hallway when they came in.

      Yeah, the last couple times I've been like, "post comment!" and it doesn't. And I couldn't figure out how to let you know. I'll go check and see if it's fixed now. :D You're welcome! And cheers!

  5. I have two older brothers who are married and live on the East Coast. I get to see them at least once a year though:) Thats so cool 11 nephews and nieces!!! Introducing them to Psych was the best decision ever.

    1. That's awesome that you get to see your family that much! :)

      Eleven and counting.... (secretly we're planning world domination, you know.)

      It was! I think they really liked it!

  6. I am so so glad you all had such a nice time. Your family is so epicly huge! I love huge families. I would love to stick a few more members into my own family. (Which is why I am trying to marry of fmy brothers.)

    Welcome back, by the way! We missed you around here, though having to share you for something as grand as a reunion wasn't so bad.

    Thanks so much for all your thoughts on my site!!

    1. I know!!! Isn't it awesome!! Oooh you should. It's so much fun bragging about the size of you family.

      Aw, you did? That's so sweet. :)*happiness*

      oh you're welcome! No problem, m'dear!

  7. Wow. That's a lot of people. Our family reunions suddenly pale in comparison. Our big sister used to live in America, so we went about 3-4 years without seeing her. Then she moved to China. Now she and her family live literally ten minutes down the road. Who knew? Big families are great, though it can be kind of sad when they scatter (literally) all over the continent. :)

    1. Hehe, yeah there were a lot. I think... let's see.. there were 26 of us all together. :D

      Oh, did she marry an American, your sister? That's cool.... And wait, China's ten minutes away from you? 0.O I had no idea.

      Big families are a must! But yeah, it is hard when they scatter over a continent, especially one as big as America.

  8. (My computer won't let me reply to replies.) Ahem!

    No, she had to move from China for Visa problems. ;) Hey, Australia's a pretty big continent, too! :)

    1. oh, that's fine. lol.

      Oh I see. lol. And yes, I concur that Australia's a bit continent. Wooo!

  9. Late comment is late, but loved your post! Your family reunion sounds like it was a lot of fun. Nice to see pictures from it!

    1. Late comments are always welcome! :D

      I'm glad you liked it... the family reunion was the best thing that happened all year. :D


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