Monday, October 14, 2013

An unexpected song!

It's getting really hard to start these posts in an interesting manner.

It's at the point where I click "new post" and sit there, chewing on the inside of my mouth, trying to think of a clever way to say, "Day fourteen of the challenge."

After several minutes of mouth-chewing and puzzlement, I gave up. 

Day fourteen of the challenge: A song no one would expect me to love. 

The first song that popped into my head with this one, is Carry On, My Wayward Son by Kansas. 

Carry on, my wayward son. 
There'll be peace when you are done. 
Lay your weary head to rest. 
Don't you cry no more. 

Honestly? The main reason I like this particular song is because..... it's kind of the unofficial theme song of Supernatural and listening to the stupid thing always reminds me of extreme awesomeness. 

Like.... extreme.

Normally, I don't go for the whining electric guitar sound. It's so annoying!

But after listening to it for the.... umpteenth time, I realized, the lyrics are pretty cool.

On a stormy sea of moving emotion
Tossed about, I'm like a ship on the ocean

I set a course for winds of fortune,
But I hear the voices say

Carry on my wayward son
There'll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more.

It's silly, I know, for that to be the reason why I love that song, but it is. 

It's kind of gotten to be my "go, be brave" song. 

... ... ... ... ....And that's it. 

I promise my next post won't mention Supernatural once. Not even in the title! 

Good bye, y'all. 


  1. Wow, I didn't think you could do it so I rushed back to look and you didn't even have an SPN picture in the last post! I'm impressed! (Even if I did help you ruin that resolve by filling a comment box with SPN references and random rantings...)

    1. LOL! I KNOW! I wasn't sure if I could do it either. :D

      I'm amazing.
      ....I'm Batman.

      I forgive you. :D Your comment made me happy. :)


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