Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Aaaaaaaand the SPN gifs are back!

Day sixteen: A song you used to love and now hate.

This one is haaard.

Because I'm more of a "hate the song and then love" it sort of person, not the other way around.

So I puzzled.

And thought.

And chewed on my mouth some more.

And then remembered this one song.

Kaaaaaay. There was this song that Celine Dion does, that I heard when I was ten or eleven or so. I liked the beat, it was fun.

But then, I re-listened to it a couple months ago.


It's a bit inappropriate!

I drove all night
to get to you 
is that alright?
I drove all night
crept in your room--

And that's where I stop, because I'm too embarrassed to post anymore, ya know? 

So yeah. I used to love it. 

Now I'm like "Skip that horrific specimen of awkwardness!"


Anyway, I want to say thanks a bunch to all of you lovelies who commented on my last post. You are all so nice and sweet.



  1. i was just about to go to bed when i thought to myself to check your blog so i did and i'm glad i did cos it made me giggle and i hate celine dion. *whew* that was a mouth full.


    1. LOL! That makes me happy that it made you giggle.

      I only like a few of her songs, she gets too loud usually.

  2. OMG. I never realized those lyrics before. *le gasp*

    1. You will never un-hear it, will you? lol.


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