Friday, October 4, 2013

"It's happy, for deep people."

Day four. 

A song that makes you sad.

You guys.... if you had any idea how many songs make me sad..... 

Loads of them do!

But there's this one... That my dad let me listen to a couple years ago. And oh my gosh, it makes me cry.

It's from the viewpoint of man who lost his wife, and it's tragic.

(It's very seventies, complete with helmet hair and everything, but it's worth the watch.) 

One day while I was not at home,
While she was there and all alone,
The angels came.

Now all I have are memories of Honey
And I wake up nights and call her name

And, Honey, I miss you.
And I'm being good.
And I'd love to be with you,
if only I could.


Anyway, real quick, I wanted to thank all you lovelies for praying for me. I appreciate it so much. I think  the interview went well, but since it was my first, I don't know for shizzle. They said they'd call me either way in a couple of weeks. I hate interviews. 

It's been a rough day. 


  1. Ooh good. I hope they hire you if you like that job. Prayed for your interview to go well and that if it is God's will, a job you will be happy with. :D

    Did you draw the second pic? i LOVE IT!! ❤

    1. Hilda~

      I'm so conflicted about that job. I think at the moment, I'd rather find something else. But then I'd have to go through an interview again, and that's... horrific.. SO yeah.... Growing up stinks.

      I didn't, but it IS awesome! I was like, BOOOOOOM! If any picture can describe me, it'd be that.

  2. You'll do okay, I'm sure. :) I'm praying that your interview did go well in the interviewees eyes and that you will feel better about as you wait. :)

    1. I know...

      Thanks, m'dear... It would be nice to feel better about the interview... I've been really anxious ever since. lol...

  3. Aww, rough days are the pits.

    *hugs* Keep your chin up!!

    1. They really are.

      *hugs back* Thanks. I'm trying.


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