Monday, March 10, 2014

In which I rant

I was afraid, for a while, that I might be losing my love for reading. I used to read right about three books a week. And now, if I try new books, it tends to take me over a week to read one.

Sooo, I was freaking out that maybe my bookishness was seeping out of me! NOOOOOOOO!! I love being a bookworm, what was wrong with me!?  *gurgle of death*

So, I pouted and puzzled and finally came to these conclusions:

1.) I'm still a bookworm, I'm just picky

2.) I merely have no luck when I try to find new books.

See, here's the thing. I grew up on Redwall and... and.... well, mostly Redwall.
But heading into my teens I read things like Lark, Howl's Moving Castle, and The Sherwood Ring. I started on series like Alex Rider, The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Artemis Fowl, Heist Society, and The Gallagher Girls. I dabbled in higher fantasies like The Riddlemaster of Hed (Which was eeeepic.)

Basically I like clever books. Unique books. Books with flare and exciting happenings. Books that make me laugh, or cry, or both. Books that make me go, "I was not expecting that!"


 (See my Anton Ego coming out?)

And just like that, I figured out why my reading of new books has gone down.

Because, in general. I couldn't care less if the characters laughed or cried, completed their quest, lived or died.

People, if you want me to like a book, you need to make me care. And the run-of-the-mill, angsty teenager with boy problems, or the love triangle, or the same old distopian story over and over and over again is not going to do that, usually. Why? Because every single book on the shelf (minus a few brave exceptions) sound exactly the same. Sure, they can have different stories, the MC can be a different gender, but every writing style sounds the same. It's klunky and boring.


I like writing style to stand out a bit. Not the same old generic stuff as everyone else's, puh-lease!

It's actually a thing with me now, I'll go to the library and check out a bunch of books that sound really good. I then bring them home, read the first couple chapters, go, "Meh." and return them unfinished, because... well because.... I turn into Sherlock.


If I'm reading a book, and it's an arduous task for me to turn the page...? I'm done. And I don't mean books like The Lord of the Rings, which are difficult to get through sometimes, (unless you are one of those very lucky people who have a devil of a good time reading high fantasy.) and I don't mean things like history books or theological books. Those are supposed to make you slow down and think a little. I'm talking about the horrible, depressing books that sound brilliant and let you down.

Like Time Snatchers. 

Doesn't that look great? It's set in the future, it has time travel, it has thievery, it has a weird sort of Steampunkiness to it! What's not to love?


That book could have rocked, but as it was, I struggled mightily to about the mid-way point, until the villain cut off someone's little toe. (yep. The little toe. And he did it while yelling out, "This little piggy." Eh. No.) And right about there I was done. It was too weird, thank you very much. I didn't care! I didn't care that the main character just lost himself a pinky toe. Or that his father figure had done it. It was whatevs. I was bored silly.

So, with a chuckle and a "later, loser." I ditched that book.

And you want to know the kicker? Whenever I stop a book in the middle... I have absolutely no urge to go back and finish it! What's the deal? I'M SUPPOSED TO BEING DYING TO FINISH! If not dying, at least I should want to a little! But with most books, I can't even remember their names they were so bad. There is nothing that makes me wonder how the book ended. It's beneath me.

I don't care. 

So, after leaving Time Snatchers at the library, I munched an apple and looked at the books that Kat had checked out. There on top, was a purple book. (PURPLE! I LOVE PURPLE! LALALA!) This one was called The Thirteenth Child by Patricia C. Wrede. Book one in a trilogy. "Hmm." I thought. "She's a good author." I told Kat I was reading her book.

It started off a little slow, most of hers do. But then I was like,

That book was amazing! I loved it! I loved everything about it! I loved that it was set in the Old West, but in a parallel universe, where magic existed. I love the Old West, and I love magic, so it was a double win, right?

I finished that series in less than a week. Three books. Four days. No biggy.

AND THAT! That is when I realized that I am still a bookworm! I'm just a book snob. I expect a lot out of books.

 I love reading, I love everything about reading. I love the feel of books, the smell of books, I like turning pages, and getting sucked into a world that's not mine. It's like flying. (but you know, without the danger of falling. Or dying.)

I just like a higher caliber of writing than what's getting published a lot today.

And that is my story.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to finish The Shadow on The Earth by Owen Francis Dudley. (That is a great book. I enjoy it loads. It is a higher caliber of writing. Hee!)

The end.


  1. Gosh, I'm exactly the same way! I always used to finish books even if they weren't my favorite! But the past few years I've found myself giving up and was worried, but I realized I just didn't have the time (or mental energy) to force myself to read books I didn't love!
    Book snobs unite!!

    1. Haha! I'm glad other people feel the same. I was worried that this post might be a little controversial. lol. Exactly! If I want to read, I want to enjoy myself, thank you very much.

      What kind of books do you like?

      Book Snobs should mash up with Hermits United and we can get together every 10 years.... It'll be great fun. lol.

    2. Long epic fantasy books/series are a huge favorite of mine. Like The Wheel of Time series and Lord of the Rings.
      Gail Carson Levine is a favorite author of mine, as are Tamora Pierce and Robin Mckinnely(sp?)
      I also love a good historical fiction book, biographies and such.
      Mystery's, especially if they include recipes, a weird genre, but one that I fell in love with and have even written a few myself!

      Yes! I'll bring the cookies, wait.....where exactly do a group of hermits go to have a meeting.....

    3. OOoh. I've only read Beauty, by Robin McKinley... (I think that's how it's spelled.) But I should check out more of her stuff.
      Waaaal. (In my best Ten voice) You should try "The Riddlemaster Of Hed, because those are beautiful. And if you like historical fiction go for Lark, or the Sherwood Ring.
      I haven't been able to find any mysteries that I liked.... hmmm.

      I'll bring the tea.... but I don't know where we'd meet either. Libraries don't allow food and drink. .

  2. I awarded you!

  3. Yep. I find the majority of new books to be a bit rubbish. It's sad, really. Why does writing have to be so much about business rather than the art? GRRRRR!

    1. This is why you aren't published. Because you do it as an art instead of a business.

  4. Love this! I think a lot of my comments start with that...but it's always true!! ;D For a little while, I thought I was losing my bookishness, too. I finally realized that I just don't have the time I used to for reading. My reading style is find a book I love (and characters I care about!) then read it as fast as possible, preferably in one sitting, from cover to cover. And I just don't have too many whole days (or nights;) to devote to reading anymore. Especially cause you can't multitask while reading. Sometimes, I listen to audio books, but it's just not the same as holding a book in your hands and turning the pages.
    Anyway, totally relating and loving this post:)

    1. Haha! At least you comment, eh? :)
      I think the time thing plays in to my problem too. I do other things than read now and that makes it harder to find the time to sit down and read. (I do the same thing though. If I love a book, I won't put it down until it's finished.)
      Audio books aren't the same at all really. It's fun sometimes, but in general, it's not the greatest.

      I'm glad you can relate! Mischief managed!

  5. I can SO relate to this! I'm struggling through "a series of unfortunate events" right now. I was thinking, "Why is this taking me so long?" and "I should love this." I like them, but I wasn't speeding through them like I normally do.
    Now I know that it is just not my type of book series, or maybe type of writing, idk.

    Anyway, I thoroughly loved this post!

    And also, your gifs are hilarious! HOW do you find the perfect one to describe how you are feeling at that moment? I'm dying over here!

    1. I would almost recommend not finishing the Series of Unfortunate Events. I thought the last one was a huge let down, and he didn't finish the story really. There were a lot of plot holes and loose threads like the Sugar Bowl was never explained.... and yeah. I didn't like it. What kind of books do you like? I can recommend some good series if you're interested.

      I'm so happeh you liked it!

      Hahaha! I'm just a huge geek, so I have a lot of shows and videos to inspire my gifs. But if I have one in particular, I'll do a keyword search for the scene and write gif at the end.
      I'm glad you like the gifs! I love finding the perfect ones!! XD

    2. Well, I decided to finish since I only had a couple left and you are right, the last book was a huge let down. I was tempted not to finish, but for some reason Robert liked them a lot and really wanted me to finish them :P So I complied. I'm never reading them again, though. It took a painfully long to finish them!

      Some of my favorite books are The Wings series by Aprilynne Pike, The Tahn trilogy by L. A. Kelly, The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall, The Shadow of the Bear and other books by Regina Doman, and Crown Duel/Court Duel by Sherwood Smith. I could go on and on!

      I like good, clean romances. Books with a nice bit of comedy, drama, action and adventure. Sometimes mystery. I like mostly fantasy books. I'm not much of a non-fiction person. I also tend to lean toward books with medieval and Celtic themes. Or anything with faeries in them :)

      Yes, I would love some recommendations! I'm always looking for something new.

      Well good, I'm a geek too :D Geeks are cool!

    3. I'm glad someone else agrees with me about the Unfortunate series. lol.

      I LOVE the Penderwicks! And I've heard good things about the Shadow of The Bear, so I will probably give that a go after Lent.

      IF you like good, clean romances, you should TOTALLY read Sorcery and Cecilia (or, The Enchanted Chocolate Pot) by Patricia C Wrede and Caroline Stevermer. It's hilarious and clean and super cute. Defo. Or Lark, by Sally Watson. OR the Sherwood Ring, by Elisabeth Marie Pope. They're some of my favorites, and I can totally recommend them.

      Geek power, baby, stay strong. lol.

  6. I am in the same boat. What is with that? :-P I keep trying to get back into books but I'm like....meh. Maybe it is time for a reread of The Lord of the Rings *charges epically onto the scene, sword raised*

    But.... *sighs and looks at really large stack of books I have to read for school...* Meh. The Classics await.

    Funny thing is, I have been enjoying most of them. But still. It's just not as good if you're forced to read them.

    Or is that just me? :-P

    1. *dances in the street* People agree with me! lol. I really need to sit down and read the Lord of the Rings.

      No no no. It's not just you. There were books I had to read for school that under normal circumstances, I would have at least liked, because it was school, I had more of the "phhht." feeling. I think it's because you have to analyze and write about them. That's annoying.

  7. Yay!! I'm not the only one who feels that way. I grew up on classics and decided that they just don't write books like they used to. I discovered a few books (like The Count of Monte Cristo) that I'm pretty sure ruined me for any other reading material, which is quite sad actually. Anyway, love this post :)!

    1. Yeah, classics are awesome, and they're definitely not being written like that anymore, and that is quite sad. *sniff*

      Glad you liked it! :)

  8. Omgosh that is the PERFECT gifset. "I don't care that I don't care..." EVERY BOOK I"VE READ IN THE PAST SIX MONTHS! Oh yes. TIme catchers. I tried to read that book. I had your reaction. It was sooo terrible wasn't it?? That thing you said about "this little piggy" that made me laugh. That's where I stopped too!! wasn't it so weird???

    Now I must read this western! MUST READ!!!! Devour ALL the books!!!!

    1. I know!! Le gif set made me giggle.


      DO IT NOW

  9. Oh my gosh, I love the smell of books too!! ❤️

    It's hard to find a good book. Boy, you are a great reader. I'm ashamed to say that i'm a bookworm too but i haven't read a book in so long now. What is wrong with me?! :O

    1. I'm an unabashed book sniffer. lol.

      Don't kick yourself over not reading. It's hard to find time to read when you're busy, and it's harder still to find time to read when you don't like the book you're reading. lol.

      Read the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. Those are goooood.

    2. Aw thanks! ❤️ So true. Cool, thank you, i'll look it up. I like the title. :)

  10. I. Feel. Ya. I've actually been going through the same thing lately. Most books I've picked up on my own the past few years have suuuucked. Either I wanted to throw the book cause the writing drove me up the wall or the characters were bad (or both....*shudders*). See, I used to read about a book a week. Even my reading spurts are pathetic! Like, maybe three books in two weeks. Sadness, right??

    Then I read a few really good books in school and...I'm slowly trying to get back into the habit of reading. Like, I haven't even read "Haphazardly Implausible!" **headdesk** And I OWN it. **cries** I'm a *horrible* friend! ((I very sorry, Jack.))

    But good for you! It's always the best feeling when you pick up a book not expecting it to be that great and then BAM! You fall in love with it and read it in a few days. :)

    Got any book ideas for me? What are your top five favorite books?

    Love you post,

    1. Lalala. People relaaaate!!

      I think that people tend to just write for the business and not for the art. That sucks.

      Three books in two weeks IS sadness!

      Shaaaame on you for not reading Jack's book! Shaaaaaaaaaaaame. lol.

      I love finding books that I love haha!

      What kind of books do you *like*? My top favorite stand alones are Lark, The Sherwood Ring, The Last Crescendo, A Matter of Magic, Howl's Moving Castle...... you?

    2. I know, 'tis extremely sad. See, I grew up reading children's classics (Pollyanna, Heidi, Louisa May Alcott stuff, Howard Pyle, RLStevenson) so I've learned to appreciate the good writing from the lousy stuff....I was actually going to give Divergent a try and then... I read the first few sentences. Nope. The one writing style that literally fries my brain is the first, first person...aka, "I walk into the kitchen. I make a sandwitch"....Ya know...present tense it happens. To me it doesn't make it any more real....just overly used an clique. Sorry. Rant over. :)

      I knoooowww!!!! I feel awful!!! That's actually the first book I'm going to read. I honestly don't know why I haven't read it yet....I love her writing style! And it brings back good memories.... :) *happy sigh*

      Okay, so....the books you just mentioned...who are their authors? I've heard a ton about Howl's Moving Castle....I'll have to see if my library owns that. :D

      I like historical fiction (unless it's written by Henty.... *gags*), it doesn't have to be a "classic". In fact, there are many "classics" which I hate....Jane Eyre for example. So, I'm really not a snooty, hipster when it comes to reading. I will go so far as to say that half of the "classics" written in the 19th century suuuck.

      But, historical fiction, fantasy, etc - if it's done with taste. Well, really I don't care about the taste or has to have good characters. So the time period it's written in doesn't matter. :D Oh! I also *love* the American Revolutionary War time if you know of any books from that period, let me know!! And medieval stuff....especially if there are knights in them... :D

      I'll check out those books though! Thanks!! My favorite books?? "Kidnapped" by RLS, "Men of Iron" by Howard Pyle, "Pilgrim's Progress" (no's amazing, kay?), "Little Men" and "Jo's Boys" by L M Alcott, and "Children of the New Forest" by Frederic Marryat, and The Ranger's Apprentice series. You should read them if you haven't....they're super good. <3


    3. I will admit that I had a hard time getting through a lot of the stuff written in the nineteenth century. lol. But I did read some Louisa May Alcott, and she didn't make me want to cry, so there's that.
      THANK YOU!
      I hate first-person present tense, so much! It doesn't make me like the characters, it feels klunky and rushed. The only book I read that I didn't *hate* it in was Hunger Games, and I hated that series by the end, soooo... lol.

      Read it. Howl is a brat.

      Historical fiction, I'm really picky with, because people try to write it with modern ideals, and I go, "No! That's not how it was! Do your freaking research." It depends on the mood I'm in... with nineteenth century books. I loved Jane Eyre the Musical, but the book made me bored. Have you tried The Virginian? That one's good and Old West-y so that's fun.

      If you like the Revolutionary War time period, definitely, DEFINITELY read The Sherwood Ring. It's brilliant. It's got everything I like in a historical novel, including really, really awesome characters. (the premise sounds really weird. Ghosties. But just try it.)

      Lark is amazing, read that one.

      I need to read Kidnapped, because I went to a bunch of places where RLStevenson wrote it. So that was cool.

      I've also read about half the Ranger's Apprentice series. I read them in a bunch a few years ago and got burned out. I should give them another try. lol.


  11. i loved this book rant! they're my favourites. xD
    an i so totally understand what you mean about books, i recently tried to read this book called Orxy and Crake, supposed to be like really fantastic, mind-blowing literature. Ha! It was awful, the writing stunk to high heavens and the story line was like "seriously. THAT is the plot twist?! reaaallyy??" yeah. it was awful. Sadly, I have to finish it because it's for book club at school. :(

    I just finished reading Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children, have you read it? I liked it ok, the story line was lacking, not incredibly original, but i adored his style of writing. Very humorous and wordy. The author was definitely well read, he sounded like a overly sarcastic Dickens sometimes. The only thing, is that the protagonists background didn't support his style of talking and thinking, it was far to intelligent. The author failed with matching his brilliant style of writing with the protagonist. If that makes sense. :D

    anywho. I loved The Sherwood Ring (everything by that author is great!). I've been putting together a summer reading list and I thinks I shall have to add several of the ones you mentioned. xD

    1. I'm glad! I was quite overcome. lol.

      I've had that happen a couple times, with books that are supposed to be awesome and *aren't* It's like, "How did this become famous!?!?!"

      No, I think my little sister has, though. But heeey, I might have to give it a go now. lol. I love humorous and sarcastic.
      lol, I know what you're meaning. I'll try it anyway.

      You're like the only person outside my family who's read that book!!!! AAAAAAAAH! I love Peaceable. lol.
      Defo try Lark. It has the same style as Sherwood Ring. XD


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