Sunday, March 2, 2014


Six Random Facts:
1.) There it goes. Wave to it. My Picture Saturday streak is over.



THANK you. 

I meant to have a picture Saturday, but I got super busy, and then I ended up staying with my brother for a while... and he has no camera, and... yep. Even if I had a picture to use, I wouldn't have a way to show it to you guys, unless I decided to use the camera in my iPod, and let's face it, those things take rubbish pictures. 

2.) In case the above paragraph didn't give it away, Bella and I are actually staying at my brother's apartment until Tuesday. 

He just moved in and we're babysitting his girls and helping him unpack and stuffs. Joe has so many freaking books, you guys! (Don't get me wrong, I love books as much as the next person, but... he has so many books and so little space. lol.) 

So we didn't really have anything to eat on Friday that wasn't meat. (We try not to eat meat on Fridays because it's the day Our Lord died, and it gives us a little penance.) 
Because Joe just moved in, his supplies are.... limited
And when I say limited, I mean non-existant

Therefore, I scrounged. And I came up with five things. Bread, flour, big, flag lasagna noodles, butter, and basic spices. (But no pepper. He doesn't have pepper. He needs to go shopping.)

And me, being all clever, I boiled the noodles, and then sliced them into fettuccine thickness, made a quick creamy sauce and toasted the bread. (in the oven, he has no toaster.) 

It was delish.
I was very proud. 

3.) After a long day indoors because it's been rainy everyday, Chloe and Sammi were a little hyper. 

Come to think of it, we were all a little hyper.

4.) In between unpacking and being a kitchen genius, I've been reading. Anyone ever read The Thirteenth Child series, by Patricia C. Wrede? The first one starts out a little slow, but I really love the way she describes magic. The second book's better, and I'm really itching to draw Eff. (yeah. That's her name. Miss Wrede could use a little work with naming her leading ladies. Eff... Cimorine? *headdesk*)
Who knows? Maybe next Picture Saturday will be Eff. 

5.) I missed out on a lot of the 90s and early 2000s Disney movies. So I'm systematically watching them all. 

I found the Emperor's New Groove absolutely hilarious. 
Mind-bogglingly dumb. 
But hilarious.

We watched Treasure Planet, too, and I really loved that one.

"You're gonna rattle the stars, you are."

I don't know, maybe I was just in the right mood for it, but I really liked it a lot. I only have a passing knowledge of the book though, so I could see how it was the same as Treasure Island, but I wasn't sitting there going, "THEY DID WHAT?"

Yeah, okay, so maybe Jim was a bit of a punk.... but he was a nice punk, and he got to be less punky by the end of the movie.


Also! Star Trek reference!

Yeah, I liked it a lot. *grin*

6.) I am SO excited!! Author of Mine, Jack the Awesome, is coming out to visit in twelve days!! This is thrilling, and we have great amounts of TV shows to watch, movies to swap, and talking to do. We shall have great, great fun.

Anyway, I just thought I'd pop by to say hi. It's been a truly ridiculous amount of time since last I spoke with you lot.

If you all could please pray that I can find a job that suits me, that'd be great. The places I've tried at didn't work out, and it's very difficult for me to get up the courage to apply to anywhere, so prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers and God bless!
(And remember not to throw off anyone's groove.)



  1. The food looks good. I love Treasure Planet. And yeah.

    1. The food was good. I love it too. Yep. lol.

  2. I LOVE THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE AND TREASURE PLANET. (All-caps were totally necessary for that statement.) XD And that did look like delicious pasta. Yum. I love pasta. I love it a lot. But seriously, there's nothing more scary than empty cupboards. That needs to be fixed ASAP.
    Eeep, good luck finding a job. I know it's scary. :/ I wish people could just pay us to be awesome. It should be a Thing.

    1. I completely understand the feeling of the necessity of using all caps. I LOVE THEM TOO! THEY ARE AWESOME!

      Pasta is very good, especially when I make it. HAHA!

      Finding a job is the pits. It makes me want to weep and then die. *sniffle*

  3. Tee. Heehehe! I like this post. It made me happy. All of it. :D You're a genius there with the food. Niiice! *nods head approvingly* A few months back I stayed at my brother's apartment for a few days to help him clean it up and pack and what-not since he was moving back to our town....He had no food, too. Actually, scratch that, he had food. What I should say is that he had no food that wasn't fried in oil and full of sugar and nastiness.....We went to Panera a few times. (He suggested McDonalds, and laughed when I said their salads suck by comparison. He didn't believe me -- Until he tried it, that is). That sounds rather fun though. :)

    When my sister moved to her new house I packed up most of her books. Her husband's actually. Maaaaan, he has a toooon of books! O.o (He's a history nut) So I hear ya!

    I'm so glad you liked those movies!!!!! They're my two favorites (tied with Robin Hood). Jim Hawkins.....Yes. He is a punk. But I love him, nonetheless. <3 And Silver. uuugh, I love Silver so much, it's just not natural. You could almost say it's - supernatural.....*cough* Sorry. I have to use that joke whenever I get the chance to. Even if it doesn't really work since we're not talking about Supernatural....*nod* No, but he's one of my favorite literary characters ever. Especially in the book. <3 You love him and also hate him. But mostly love him. It's crazy. Yeah, it's veeery differnt from the book, which I LOVE, but I like as Treasure Planet....You should read the book. It's SO good. <3

    Awwww! Say "Hullo!" to Jack for me when you see her. In fact, give her a Winchester hug for me. I misses her. Very muchly. :(

    I'll definitely keep you in my prayers, Treskie. Finding a job is hard, and from what you've said, even harder where you live. I haven't had an interview or job or anything yet so I, too, am a bit nervous. I know you'll be great when you do find one, though. :D Keep your chin up, girly! *hugs*

    Until we chat again,

    1. Haha! I'm glad you liked the post. I was cracking myself up, writing it.

      Haha! Oh we had a little food, but just the essentials, and nothing extra.
      Ooh ho. So you understand my predicament then, eh? lol! Awesome.

      Yeah, I convinced Joe to keep one of the bookshelves he didn't think he had room for. I told him where to stick it and he decided not to get rid of it. Trust me, he needs all the bookshelves he can get. Ha!

      Yeah, I really really enjoyed them. They were fun. I liked Jim better than Silver though. lol... I dunno. That whole part where you can see Jim starting to look at him like a father figure I was like, "Bad bad bad."
      Don't feel bad, I use that joke as much as possible too. It's absurd.
      I should read the book....

      I shall! I didn't realize until recently that you too knew each other in real life, so that's pretty cool. But yesh. I shall impart your message. lol!

      Thanks, I need them. Sniffle. (I don't interview well... at all.) *hugs back*

      Chat soon ! lol

  4. Oh yeah. And I missed your weekly pictures. :D I love those things.

    ~ME again

  5. I am impressed with the pasta you made. That took skillz. S'r'ously, it did.

    I liked EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE. The humour is so darn corny, but you can't help laughing. I think it's Kuzco's whiny little voice that makes everything so comical.

    1. I get the feeling you're being sarcastic. lol.

      I love ittttttt. "You did that on purpose..."

  6. Awww, I loved this post. :) The pictures are adorable. Like, super adorable.

    Yes, The Emperor's New Groove was really funny. And so stupid. And I can't believe I actually watched it ! lol.

    I'm glad you're back home. I missed you.

    1. Awwww *fanks*

      I loved it. You know you did too. PULL THE LEVER KRONK.

      I'm glad I'm home too. I missed you lots. :)


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