Thursday, July 24, 2014


Five Random Facts:

1.) I have a laptop again!

I bought it. With my own money. (BECAUSE I WAS DESPERATE.)

This means blogging, and commenting, and emailing again.

I feel like I ought to say goodbye to my old one though. (maybe then, when I turn it on to get my pictures off... it won't... kill me.)

Apologies for the cruddy picture quality. *mobiles*

Dear Old Laptop,
I feel like I will miss you. (But, I'm not going to lie, you were kind of a pain the whole time we knew each other. Like... what was the deal with overheating and freaking out? I had to send you in for repairs twice, what's with that?) I liked your pretty design --butterflies are always awesome-- and how fast you were. I really liked how you operated with Windows 7, because Windows 7 is my favorite. If you hadn't sabotaged our relationship, I think we would have lasted a long time. But you kept having issues. I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's not me, it's you. 

Dear New Laptop, 
Still not sure about you. I mostly really like you, you're fast, you're sleek, you're black... black like the night. Batman would approve. You're bigger than I'm used to, though. But your keyboard gives me shivers of delight, and you're so quiet, it's a dream. I need to get used to Windows 8, because I don't like Windows 8. So you and me.... we need to get to know each other before I can decide if I'm head-over-heels in love with you. 

2.) Bella and I video-chatted with Jack, and it was fun. (Naturally.... I mean, it was Jack.) At one point, Bella brought out Henry the Hedgehog, and Jack brought out Sammy the Moose, and we had them say hi, and it was cute. 

3.) I made a ton of boutonnieres for someone's wedding today. I AM AWESOME. 

4.) We finished the final episode of Psych this week.

I think I might have to do a review on Psych, because I kind of like doing reviews, when I'm in the mood. It's one of my favorite TV shows, and I think the series finale was fantastic. Everything I wanted to happen happened and that made my day. 

5.) Here are some random pictures that I took. (If you want more, you can follow me on instagraaaaam!)

That's it. That's all I've got. YAY for new laptops, and camera phones. 

Cheers and God bless. 



  1. YAAAAY for new laptop! Ick for Windows 8 :P I don't like it either. Robert 'gave' me his laptop because my laptop was suuuuuuper sloooooow (it was my brother's FIRST laptop, which he gave to me when he bought a new one). We have a desktop and Robert also has a netbook, so it basically should be MY laptop anyway, right? I bought a laptop skin on Amazon for my old laptop and now I'm mad because I really liked it. IT WAS PRETTY! Idk if I'll get one for 'my' laptop anytime has issues with heat as well but it's much faster and has Windows 7 but I'm not positive on how long this one plans to live...

    Is that your bedspread that the laptops are lounging on? It's SO pretty! I love leaf patterns on fabric :)

    Do you think you'll do your own wedding flowers when the time comes?

    Ooooh, I need to get on instagram.....SOMEDAY! Someday when I sit down and improve my online life XD

    1. YAAAAY is right! lol. I really don't like Windows 8, it feels like they're trying to make it all cell-phone like... with apps. But I want my laptops to be laptops and my cellphones to stay cellphones, so W8 irritates me. lol. Hahaha! I hate it when you buy something nice, and then you can't use it anymore. Like.... WHAT? lol. I hope it lives a while. Windows 8 takes some epic getting used to.

      It is! I think it's pretty, all leafy. I'm not wildly fond of floral, so the viny leaves were better. (lol "lounging")

      I think there is a possibility of me doing my own boutonnieres and corsages... and possibly my own bridesmades bouquets, but I'll probably have someone do MY bouquet, because I'm not that good. I've done lot of boutonnieres,,, but I haven't done any arrangements or bouquets yet. lol.


  2. I thought I should comment cause I haven't commented on here in like....forever...AND I FEEL BAD!!!! D'8 If I make you pie, will you forgive me? Actually, scartch that...I almost burn down the house every time I try to cook. Let's just say cooking and I have an understanding -- we stay away from each other. Faaar away. For instance: A few weeks ago I was cooking and I had already messed up the recipe...somehow...when I was boiling noodles on the stove. My mom came in and started hollering at me cause I um....had a wooden spoon's handle sitting in the flame for least ten minutes. It was all charred and black. *cough* SO DON'T ASK ME TO MAKE YOU A PIE!

    Um yeah, anyway. Congrats on a new computer. Do you name your electionics, if so what'd you name it? I'm...a dork like that and have names for everything. My small red camera is "Sir Andrew Ffoulkes, best bro of Sir Percival Blakeney, Bart" (it's a mouthful I know, but he's a precious camera, and likes his full name). Then my black DSLR is named.....actually...I, don't have a name for him yet. I was trying to find the perfect one. Maybe I'll name him Japhet Buchanan. Yeah. That's it. When I finally buy a lens for it I am now naming it Franz Kappel - for obvious reasons. They are inseparable. Literally. They won't work on their own. 8) Aaaaand now I've got feels....My phone *had* a name. I forgot it though. WHATEVER. The point is, does your computer have a name and if not...WHY!?

    *cough* I'm really random right now cause I'm all hyped up on excitement and dreams and potentially cool stuff happening in my future. PLUS my college books should be arriving today and I can't wait to crack one of them in particular open and gaze into it's big words and long sentences. I apologize for my randomness. Actually, no, I won't. I'm on a blog named after randomness so I shan't apologize.

    How's your day been? It's raining here. And I love it. I..should go though. Sorry for the crazy comment. Baaaaaiiiiiiiiii!!!!!

    1. Yeah, shame on you. No commenting or blogging.... seems a little RUDE. lol. No, don't make me pie. ... you will burn the house down... and probably get stuck on the ceiling, so don't do that. (Seriously though... how did you not notice the wooden spoon in flames? like... *how*)

      Yeah, congratulations to ME. I don't tend to name my electronics... I know! I'm horrible! But... like I never call them what I name them. Techinally my Ipod is Sammy and my cellphone is Dean... but I never actually call them that. At the moment ol' Lapytop is being called Mah Pretteh Thang, but... yeah. *cough*

      Ooooh what's going on in your potential future!? Uhhhh college is scary, you go girl.

      Been a rough day actually. I need to draw someone dying again to vent my feelings. lol. No worries though, razy comments are DA BOMB.


    2. I'm sorry. I don't comment and I miss epic Supernatural References I SHOULD know! I'm just slowly losing my touch I guess... D'8 Yeah. No pie. I DON'T KNOW! I was making rice...or...something...and see, it was on the front right burner of the stove and there was a tea kettle behind it.. We have this little spoon-plate thingy in the center back of the stove and the spoon was on that. Bascially, I'd say I couldn't possibly see it even if I wanted to....except I was standing to the left of it. So...yeah I really DON'T know how I didn't see that.... *cough*

      Well that's okay. I hardly call my electronics their names anyhow. But it's fun to come up with them. :D YES MY CAMERA GAVE ME FEELS. DON'T JUDGE ME.

      You'll never knoooow!!!! WAAAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! Actually no. I'm working on a blog post which talks about it. So when that's up you can seeeee. 8-D Look. I finally finished stealing Jack's smiley-face. I never used the nose. Well, now I stole that too. I'm a thief. *Stein grin* I'm only taking two classes at College this semester, and one I'm super excited about. So it should be okay. Knowing me I'll start stressing out the Sunday before and will get horridly nervous and ugh. So thank you!!!!!!!

      Sorry to hear that. Drawing someone dying helps. I usually write up posts which are totally angsty and emotional and all but don't publish'd be amazed at how many drafts I've got in my blog. It's like a journal. But I kinda hate journals. My mind goes faster than my pen and I get frustrated and never say what I intended to write. Journals and I aren't best that's what I do when I'm having that kind of day. That or I draw the Buchanan's as mice. <3

      I shall try to make it a point to comment MUCH more.


    3. You do, you do. lol. No losing touch is allowed, make it stop.

      Hehehehe. It's okay, one time I left a rubber spatula on the burner and it melted all over the place and smelled bad for days. XD


      It's about being an Au Pair, isn't it.
      LOL. Jack's little glasses faces are the best, aren't they?? I only ever take college clases that I enjoy, so I wouldn't know about taking stressful ones. *coughs*

      I know you usually write angsty posts. I've read some. lol. I HATE JOURNALS. Ish. I sometimes use them as a scrapbooks and it's more fun. YOU DREW MICEY BUCHANANS. I MUST SEE THEM.

      lol. You don't have to, if you're busy. I get that you're busy, and I"m just giving you a bad time. :)

    4. Ahaha, I don't feel so bad then! 8-D

      It iiiiiisss. XD What, did my billion pins give that away? *grin* Yesh. They are indeed. Hehe!

      Ahahahaaa! I have written some angsty posts, haven't I? Whoooops....! I haaave been trying to cut those off. lol! I've written many others though...much worse ones...which I'd never publish...for reasons. *smirk* Aw good. Glad you share my hatred for them. I mean...I LOVE the idea and really wish I had the...whatever you call keep one going. From a total history nerd perspective I think they're amazing. ;) I DIIIIIDDD!!!!! I'll send you a pic. I luuuuvs them!!! And, to clarify, it's the Buchanan's as in Japhet and his wife. X-D *squeals*

      BTW, I totally love how you, Bella, and I have our own little fandom going on over Jack's book. Ehehehe!!!

      I knooooow you're teasing. And I do have more time than I like to think so I still have no excuse. 8-D


    5. I KNEW it. Oh they might have given it away. Where are you going, do you think?

      lol! Not so many lately, so don't worry. Hehehe. I do the same thing, except with emails. I can't stand having unpublished drafts in my blog. XD

      Hahaha, it's just... the only time I feel like writing in a journal is when I'm depressed, and like... that's no fun to re-read. HEhehehe. (yes, it's cool for nerdy historiness, but it's also cool from a Geeky standpoint. The Doctor and the Hunters.... all journals. : lol! LALALALLALALA *checks email*

      I know. We're like Jack's #1 fans, it's weird and kind of awesome.


  3. Yay for new laptops! Your letters to laptops made me smile :)

    1. YAYYYY I KNOW RIGHT!? lol. Oh really? Cool! I was feeling a little cheesball writing them. lol.

  4. I hate Windows 8, too. :-/ I'm glad you were able to get a new laptop... especially since it means you can blog again. ;)


  5. Ooh, ohh some intense love letters there with you laptops. WHAT A BREAK UP. How intense. How sad. I did that earlier this year with my meanie computer that continually rejected my love of it. BUT MACS ARE BETTER. My new computer and I are definitely a thing. My OTP, really. The breakup was hard, but I'm not looking back.

    I want to see Psych. *sobs* There's too many things to see. Although Prison Break...I swear, it's giving me grey hair. I WAS SO STRESSED IN THE MID-SEASON-FINALE. With the death-day like RIGHT THERE? Excuse me, but I was kind of having this heart ATTACK. Thanksnothankstoyou. x) I feel like I need to see Psych and kind of not have so much intensity. XD XD

  6. I know right? I was sooo emotional when I wrote them. XD I hate meanie computers. They use people, and it's just hard. lol. YES BUT I CAN'T AFFORD MACS SO I'M STICKING WITH THE ONES I'M USED TO.

    YOU REALLY HAVE TO SEE PSYCH IT IS HILARIOUS. Like seriously, it always makes me giggle.
    But yeah, Prison Break is stressy. SOOOO stressy. THE MID SEASON FINALE FREAKED. ME. OUT. LIKE, I WAS ALL, 'LINC DOESN'T ACTUALLY, DOES HE?!!?" *frantically hits 'next episode'* Mwuahahaha. Attack of hearts are not nice. lol. BUT YOU'RE WELCOME, SUCKERRR. Yes, try Psych when you're done. It is addicting, but in a good, not stressful way. ;)


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