Monday, July 14, 2014

Shhhhh, this post should have been up on Saturday.

Hello, hello, blogging friends!

Yes, I know. It's been over a week since my last post. This is frightful... I mean, how do you guys cope without me!? *coughCaitcough* 

Let me explain. I have a job now. (All hail the brave Treskie for tackling that terror.) This isn't really an excuse though, because I've had plenty of days off.

In actuality, the reason I haven't blogged, it because.... last time I turned on my computer.... it did.... this.

NO REALLY. IT LITERALLY DID THAT. (maybe not to that extent, but there was definitely  smoke pouring out of it's intestines.)

Except it felt more like:

And then I went:

And was like:

And I haven't turned it on since. I hope I can salvage my pictures and stories. I need those to be okay.

And I miss my butterfly laptop. Do you know how hard it is to blog, email, and comment, without a computer? Not awesome.

I finally got around to drawing. I spent the last few afternoons on the back deck, deliciously overheated, sipping ice water, with my sketchbook on my lap and pinterest handy for inspiration.

So we have the cowboy.... crooning. Do cowboys croon? Whatever, he's strumming and singing and even though it's a rough sketch, I really like it.

And then we have the random couple because I have this thing for drawing couples. It's a fetish, really.

Then we have the song lyrics + dancer that I did to my current favorite Christina Perri song.

The picture I did to this quote I saw on pinterest. I might have totally teared up when I read it. Yep. Those are my emotions, running rampant.

Epically, I get to show you the commissions I did! lalala. Yes, I blurred out her name for privacy.

And finally: Agents! I'm really proud of this one. I think it turned out spiffingly.

What do you think? Yes, no, maybe? Which one's your favorite?

Unfortunately, since I'm borrowing someone's computer, that's where I'm going to end this here.

I love you all!



  1. Your laptop story is so sad. But the gifs cracked me up! So perfect. :)

    I love ALL THE PICTURES! (Though I see no baseball picture....) The romantic ones are making me..snifflely and stuff. And the commissioned ones are gen-yous. We ned yur mund!


    1. It is sad.......

      Snazzy. lol I'M TRYING to work on the baseball picture! I need to let it stew for a bit. YOU ned mah mund.

  2. Loving the commissions, I have no idea what Luthar or Agents are but, uh, they look cool! I'm off to look up that Christina Perri ... I'm a bit obsessed with A Thousand Years ....

    PS Martin Freeman gif made me laugh!! :L

    1. Really!? G'aaaaawwwww. lol, they're the titles of books she's writing. XD Christina Perri is REALLY GOOD. a;sdklfjasdkfja. ;)

      PS That Martin gif makes everyone laugh. :)

  3. OH MY GOSH. I didn't think a computer could actually really do that! *gasp* I'm so sorry for your laptop!

    I think the dancing/Christina Perri and the one after that are my favourite pictures.


      Awwww. They're kind of my favorites too.

  4. Aww I'm sorry about your computer! That's horrible! But I love your drawings! I think my favorite is probably Ummm... The last 4! I just can't pick! They are beautiful:)

    1. Me toooo. lol.

      I'm glad you like the drawings! Hehe, the last four are some of my favorites too.... like.. yes. XD But thank you.

  5. It's totally ok to miss a blog post every once and a while.... I do that a lot... Whoops. *guilty smile*

    Anyway, it looks like while your computer is having some issues of it's own, you've been creating some wonderful drawings! I know I've said this before, but my favorite part of your pieces is the girls' hair! Seriously Treskie, you are insanely talented.

    1. Yes you do that a lot.... and it's not nice, because we likes your blog. XD

      I've been drawing a lot in my free time... I miss free time. lol. Hair is so easy for me though, so I don't feel like it's really talent, just... obvious! lol. :) THANK YOU

  6. Oh, and how is your job going, by the way? I hope you like it :)

  7. That would totally freak me out! I'm so sorry! Do you know if there is any chance that it can be fixed yet? I once fried Robert's hard drive, but there was no smoke, thankfully :P
    The gifs are SO PERFECT! They made me laugh out loud :D

    Awww, the hugging couple picture is so cute! THE FEELS, TRESKIE! My emotions are all over the place. *sniffle*
    I REALLY love your commissions! They intrigue me. So detailed. I love detail. Bravo, my friend, bravo!

    Oooh, I've been meaning to tell you that I finished the Sorcery and Cecelia trilogy! I liked the first one, loved the second one, and was slightly disappointed by the third. The third one had me a bit bored....I'm not sure why.I loved Thomas and Kate's romance though!!!!! So sweet and hilarious :) Who was your favorite character?

    1. Lol I did totally freak out. I was like, "Aaaahhh. AAAHH. AAAAAAAAAH!" and yeah.... at this point, I think it would be better for me to just get a new one than repair this one. This one has been having issues since I got it. lol. I was making myself giggle over the gifs too, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks I'm hilarious. XD

      I love details too, so I'm glad you noticed them. lol.

      OoOOOhhh did you like them then!? Yeah, book two is my favorite, and the third one left me a little disappointed, but Thomas and Kate were SO CUUUUTE... LIKE AAAAAAH. I love the way she's like, 'You are a good and kind husband." and he just goes, "I know." lol. Thomas and Kate were my favorites, yeah. XD

    2. YES! I love it when couples have an honest-to-goodness, REAL hug. It's like they're saying "I love you so much, I don't want to let you go". And that's what I saw in your drawing :) The quote was also a tear jerker, so yes....*sniffle*

      Details may be what takes me so long whenever I draw something. And also the reason some of my drawings are incomplete :P

      Yep, I liked them! I got the trilogy out at once so I could just read them one after the other :) YES Thomas+Kate=CUTENESS!!!!!! I LOVED THEM! Not that I didn't like Cecy and James but he always seemed to be more concerned about keeping her out of trouble (I don't blame him) BUT I also like sweet nothings and cheesy, cutesy romance and Thomas and Kate just fit the bill perfectly :)

    3. I actually prefer hugs over kisses.... but that could just because I don't have A PERSON yet. I like hugs better though. lol.

      I think you just need to relax and DRAW, because you don't, and I want to see pictures. XD

      That's the way I read trilogies too, yaaaay! lol. Thomas and Kate are so super cute, it's adorable. No no, I loved Cecy and James too, but they just weren't Kate and Thomas, you know? Sweet nothings are the best. I plan to have those. (yes I know... probably won't happen. But a girl can DREAM. lol!)

    4. I like both, but hugs are more for when your feeling down, and I think it's so sweet when I see a couple hugging instead of sappily smooching. It's less awkward to watch too :D I'm a couple watcher, I should know!

      I know, I need to work on that! I'll have to upload some that I already have, so you can see them, OKAY? Do you remember the 30 day drawing contest that Shealynn (you follow, right?) did a couple of years ago? Well, I got half-way through and then got stuck on my family portrait. IT WAS THE DETAIL. TOO MUCH DETAIL! But I'm trying to find time to sit down and finish it, and thus continue said contest. So there :D

      If I don't read series or trilogies that way, I'll forget most of it :P

      Robert has to ask me WHAT sweet nothings ARE! I tried to find a book of sweet nothings, but failed :P I gave him some examples but I don't want to outright TELL him what to do. Then it's not a sweet nothing!
      *sigh* Not that he isn't sweet, it's when I tell him I want a sweet nothing that he doesn't know what it is :D I think it's because his love language is different from mine...He likes more quality time and attention, and I like both of those but I also like surprises and gifts (when the occasion calls for one)+quality time and attention. He doesn't care if he gets gifts or not. I don't really CARE about getting gifts, it's the thoughtfulness that goes into them, which make them more special when they come from him.

      I guess I'll have to write a guide to sweet nothings :D

    5. Hugs make me sooo much less uncomfortable! lol. (I watch couples too... *high fives* I feed off their love. lol!)

      Good. Good. I like seeing other people's work. (Oh yes, I follow Shaylynn, she's sickeningly talented.) Oooh you did that!? COOOL. I was tempted, but I have hard time drawing to set rules. soooo. lol. Ignore detail until you get the basics done. Do the finishing touches AFTER.


      *snort* well I hope to have sweet nothings.
      How do people *not* know what sweet nothing are! THEY'RE SWEET NOTHINGS. (lol, yeah, I can see how it would be awkward to have to tell someone what to say to be sweet.)
      ooh, my sister was talking about love language and things... I need to find that book, because I don't know what my love language is. I have a feeling it's like touch, and something else.
      Exactly getting pressies isn't so much about *getting the pressie* so much as *that person thought of you and did something for you* and that's what makes it special. XD

      You do that. And pass it around to all the men. XD

  8. Yay, you're back! How could you possibly expect us to maintain our sanity without your regular posts? OH THE HUMANITY.

    Well, THAT'S rather alarming about your laptop... oh my word it's the demons!! GRAB THE SALT!!

    Awwww, you draw such amazing couple sketches!! HOLY TARDIS OF GALLIFREY THAT QUOTE. I saw it on Pinterest, and I swear, my heart just broke into a hundred bazillion little pieces.

    Hmmm, if I had to choose my favourite of your commissions, I think I would choose the Agents one. They're both totally awesome, but Agents has a kind of Heist Society feel to it, which is epic. I'm kind of REAAAALYY obsessed with the hair of the girl fourth to the right. :D

    Cheers!! :D

    1. I dunno! It's impossible! (But I only add to insanity, soooooooo.) XD

      It is! It was awful! I am SAD!

      I love couple sketches. lol. Hahahahaha the hug quote!? ME TOO. LIKE I SAW IT, THEN I PINNED IT, THEN I GOT MY SKETCH BOOK BECAUSE OF IT'S AWESOMENESS. *sigh*

      .... I'm glad. I love the Agents one. I think I did well on it. It has a Heist Society feel!? G'aaaawww. The fourth right... oh, the short haired one?? *derpy grin*



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