Saturday, March 7, 2015

Picture Saturday - The lazy one

It was one of the best weeks, guys.


Buuut I'm not telling you what they are until I get pictures so I can illustrate the awesomeness of them.

Suffice to say, this week made me feel very lucky and very loved and yeah, it was great. Epic, even.

More on that in my next post.

Drawing wise, I was lazy this time. I didn't feel like doing anything in depth, I just wanted to sketch. Sketchy sketch. So I did, which means no color this week, but next week for shizzle, I will make beautiful good things.*

*I'm actually not conceited, I just like to pretend I am.

1.) So first we have the, I-don't-know-what-to-draw-I-guess-I'll-do-hugs.

2.) Then we have the how-does-the-human-face-work?

Not like that, I hope. What even.....?

3.) The Hmmm-hugs-are-fun-and-so-is-Steampunk

I don't know who they are or why he's sad, but it's a cute picture, and I love it.

4.) The Oh-yeah-Steampunk-is-really-fun-better-draw-a-girl.

5.) The epic Luka fail. (Luka from Dragon Slippers. He's nice.)

This picture is terrible and makes me want to cry a little.

6.) The Hey-this-Luka-doesn't-suck.

7.) And lastly, the really quick Celestia rough draft which I drew because I felt bad telling Chloe and Sammi that I hadn't drawn her yet. Yes, she is terrifying. No, the final draft will not look so bad.

Aaaand that's it this week, I'm afraid. I wasn't motivated to draw a giant 'fro on a character for Hannah, (though I will get to that, and make his 'fro ginormous, just you wait.)

Next week, I shall try to get Celestia finished and colored.... I'm really excited to draw the humanized version of Discord. Mwahahaha.

Tonight we're going to stay over with some friends and get them addicted to Prison Break, because everyone needs a little extra stress in their life. HA! It's going to be fabulous good time.

FYI, the Pizza Vlog will be up sometime next week, if I can get Bella to get her act together and finish editing it for us. (Love you, Bellaaaa.)

In the meantime, if you want a chance to win an early copy of Jack's Brothers in Arms book, go here to find out the rules. (Good book) If you don't feel the urge to try to win a copy, look at the fanart I did for it here and here and then rethink.

And yeah, good bye. I'm off to watch Kingsmen.



  1. You ABSOLUTELY need to post about how you draw! I can never get the hang of it! Lovely!

    1. Oh I do, do I? lol! What do you mean, like a step by step or a video? Because.. I've never done anything like that before. :)

    2. Exactly! Or maybe just post different styles you use!

    3. Oh! Alright, I'll see what I can do . ;)

  2. Maybe I should read Dragon Slippers because LUKA *SWOONS* XD oh man.



    I am so excited for Hannah's drawing because I heard nothing about it (which is to be expected XD) BUT WHAT WHO HAS THE FRO WHAAAAA she really should get to sending me that COW SRTM so I can read ittttttttttt.

    YOUR ART IS LOVELY, TRESKIE. That kind of rhymes but not really? Lovely Treskie.

    1. Yeah, you really should, because A. Dragons, B. Creel is actually pretty good. C LUKA IS A HOTTEH, and D DRAGONS


      SHE HASN"T LET YOU READ COW SRTM? WHAT. It's fun. Loads of characters, but fun.

      Awwwww thank you! *boings* I like it when people like it.. :)

  3. How are even your sketches AMAZING????? These are all FABULOUS! I especially love the two steampunk ones. You should draw lots of steampunk to get me inspired for my Camp NaNovel. Pretty please????

    Also, I think Celestia looks fabulous what are you even talking about. Looking forward to the colored one!

    Anyway, yes, this whole post kept making me laugh, which is a good deal because I'm just over the nasty flu. Love ya, Treskie. :-)

    1. Phbbbbth, did you take a close look, they've got loads of mistakes lol. THANK YOU THOUGH!!! I know, talking about it with you made me like, "OH YEAH STEAMPUNK IS A THING." Hahaha, I'll see what I can do.

      Celestia's EYES though. Like no.

      I was feeling really sarcastic when I wrote it so maybe that had something to do with the hilarity. XD AW YOU WERE SICK? *sends Baymax*
      Love ya too. :)

  4. OH I PITY YOUR FRIENDS. NO ONE NEEDS PRISON BREAK IN THEIR LIFE. *hyperventilates* I'm still trying to recover from S1 and get brave enough for S2. XD

    1. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT PRISON BREAK IS THE BOMB DIGETTY. LOL BUUUUUUUUUT they are like us and they enjoy the stressiness of Prison Break. They're over half way through s1 now. We booked it. BUT YEAH. THEY LOVE IT. YOU SHOULD WATCH THE REST BECAUSE PLOT TWISTS.

      Thanks loads. XD

  5. I like the sketches! Particularly numbers 3, 4 and 7.

    Ooooh, Kingsmen! Did you like the movie? I've been wanting to watch it.

    I tagged you with an LOTR/Hobbit tag over at my blog:

    1. Squeee those are some of my favorites too. :)

      OH OH YES I LIKED IT. It's a bit violent (but I like violence, which disturbs people.) IMDB says there are 111 fbombs, and I'd say that's about accurate. (But it's not really *offensive* British swear totally different and it doesn't bother me as much) There's one like 10 second scene at the end, but you can see it coming and avoid it. (Totally unnecessary though, what's with that.) But yeah, overall super enjoyable and I'd watch it again lol.

      OOOH REALLY? *goes to look*


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