Sunday, February 21, 2016

Picture Satuday-- Guest Post of Awesomeness

Hellooooo, people of the internet! Treskie is back from Disneyland and oh the stories she can tell....

But until then, here is a guest post that was supposed to be up yesterday, but I was driving home, and then I crashed. Well... I mean not LITERALLY crashed, because that would involve tears and insurance, but crashed as in, "Oh look a pillow, better... ZZZZZZZzzzzzz." so yeah.

Without further ado, the aforementioned guest post, with art that made me go, "Wow this is awesome! Look at that fore-shortening! Epic gif usage! Aasdlfkjsdfdf "Hollow Boy" fanart!!!!!"

So wow, thank you, ladies, for posting for me!


Hey, this is Hannah and Sarah from Sister Sketches! We are here, guest of our queen, Treskie, whose fabulousness is beyond fathom.

Since I (Hannah) don't trust myself to do any sort of tutorial post, because: 1. our skills have all been sort of self-taught, and therefore, very slapdash, and 2. our teaching abilities are questionable... This will just be a sort of sketch dump. And it will NOT be awkward, because I, Hannah, declare it so.

1) This is a painting I finished way back when, in like, November. It simply hasn't seen the light of day. And now's it's been sitting on my shelf for months because, seriously, what do you do with it?

2) An girl hugging a short elf in a kilt. Because why not.

Excuse the quality of these pictures, they're all taken with obsolete iPhone cameras for lack of scanners.

3) This is an uncolored picture for a book I'm illustrating for someone, which is like the most stressful thing ever because deadlines and AACKK.

4) And while we're on the subject of commissioned drawings, here's the picture I drew for my older sister's wedding invitations. She colored it in on Photoshop (which is her specialty) but I did the sketch, based on some drawings I sent her while she was gone over the summer. Oh, and the sister getting married thing = a whole lot of freaking out.

5) I finally read Lockwood and Co. The Hollow Boy. This is from one singularly adorable scene of Lockwood and Lucy toward the end. Because Locklyle ftw.

And these following pictures are Sarah's. They are more plentiful and more recent, as her sketchbook is her constant companion and is almost as treasured as her eraser.

6) "Bird lady". With tabi boots. Tabi boots are cool.

7) "Queen Lady". We had a discussion with our uncle concerning the difference between high fantasy elf ears (the really long ones), epic fantasy elf ears (the "realistic" ones), and Atlantian ears. These are none of the above. Just pointyish human ears.


8) Raven lady. Not crows, ravens, as in, Odin's ravens. I sketched this when I was researching getting a raven as a pet, but nope, they're illegal. Also, fun fact, ravens sound more melodical than crows. Just in case you needed that information sometime in the future.


 9) His hands drove me NUTS because it's really hard for me to draw guy hands without them looking like noodly appendages ending in smaller noodly appendages.


10) A stabby girl. Like, someone stabbed her, and she looks like she wants to stab someone who stabbed her.

11) I wasn't really sure about posting her because of her unfinished, geometrical type hands, but oh, well. YOLO.

So thanks so much to Treskie for letting us do a guest post! Hopefully this will help us do more on our own blog. Any comments, critiques, smart remarks? Favorite picture?

Hannah and Sarah

*After note by Treskie*

They called me queen! (!!!!!!!)


  1. Yay! Great guest post! I liked 1, 2, 5, and 8.


    1. I wasn't on Saturday, we were there from Wednesday to Friday. SO FUN THOUGH. *dies*

  2. that Elsa painting is wonderful. the colors are great. cute drawing for the wedding invite. I like Lockwood & lucy, I've actually started on the first book but havent' finished.

    lovely drawings, ladies. have a sweet day.

  3. These are beautiful!
    I really like the Elsa painting, and the wedding photo is so adorable!
    I also love, love the Queen Lady and the Raven lady, as well as the last one.

  4. Thank you Hannah and Sarah, for sharing your lovely work!

    Welcome back, Treskie!


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