Friday, February 12, 2016

Picture Saturday {Febuary}

So it's technically Friday.

But it's late and it's practically Saturday, so I'm going to post this tonight because I'm going to be running around screaming tomorrow because reasons.

Speaking of this weekend, it's Valentine's Day on Sunday, and so Amy and I recorded Can't Help Falling In Love as a tribute to.... I dunno. Love? Anyway, here it is. Let me know what you think, yeah?

A friend asked me how it was going at the flower shop this week..... I sent her this picture.

It's actually less frantic than last year, which I'm super grateful for, but it's still the mad rush of guys going, "Valentine's Day is when!?"

This is currently what our walk-in cooler looks like at the shop. (Amy is for size comparison.)

So fun, so fun.

This Picture Saturday is going to be an odd assortment, because this week has made me feel gooey and romantic, and irritated and sad at the same time. (Gooey and romantic because love is in the air, and irritated and sad becaus love is in the freaking air all the time.)

1.) Here, have an Italian lady... sleeping? I don't know, but she's pretty.

2.) Sometimes I think I should draw Kate with her hair down, and then I think "mmmm better not."

3.) Random guy who looks like someone and I can't place it. But I know he looks like someone....

4.) Le me during Valentine's week.

5.) I drew Ignazio from memory on a piece of scrap paper (in pen, no less!) and thought he turned out pretty good. I want to retry with a reference picture.

6.) Le me: I wonder if I can draw Piero..... Oh look it actually looks like him. Better leave it unfinished.

7.) Le me: Contemplates drawing Gianluca.
Le me: Better not attempt. Draw Tristan and Kate doing something romantic. Like shooting stuff together.

8.) People: You're so funny and pretty and smart, why are you still single?


9.) Le me: Oh oh, Tristan should tell Kate that he loves her when they're in the middle of a shoot-out. That's so him!

Yep, that is a coffee stain on the left. I had it on my hand, and I rubbed the paper and it was sad.

10.) Le me: Contemplates drawing Gianluca some more.
Le me: Mmmm. No. Draw Tristan making Kate stop yelling by planting one on her.

11.) Le me: Abort! Abort! Too much love.

Literally me this whole week.

12.) Le me: Contemplates drawing Gianluca.
Le me: Pssshhh you'd have better luck with a terrible self-portrait.
Le me: Apparently I look up and to the left a lot.

13.) Le me: Gianluuuuuuca.

And I need to stop.... Like seriously.

There's this song called Big Deal by Leann Rimes, and it goes,

Don't wanna hear another word about candlelight, 
and long-stemmed roses, 
or how you're falling head-over-heels in love. 
So what?
Big deal!

And I can relate to it. Ha!

Okay lovelies, question time!

Favorite drawing?
What are you doing for Valentine's Day?
 What's your favorite love song? 
What did you think of our cover?

I love you all! And happy, early, Valentine's Day!


  1. ....Valentine's Day is this week?? Suddenly, I'm thrilled that I'm isolated and live in the middle of nowhere.... It's always so...sappy and sicky, sadly sweet. (I've not even been watching Lost in Space and I STILL manage the alliteration....)

    But you and Amy have absolutely beautiful voices. Old voices, somehow..... I don't know - maybe I need to stop watching old films..... But still! It was beautiful.

    1. hahah, yeah this week. Mmmmm. Lots of lovesick guys going, "no 1 dozen roses for that girl aw yiss." and I'm like, "Wow. So original." lol! (I haven't seen Lost in Space. That's oooold, right?)

      Aw thank you! And actually, that's like the biggest compliment anyone can give, telling us that we have old voices. THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY THANK YOU.

    2. Yes, I think late Sixties? It ran at the same time as the Original Star Trek, and was the more camedic of the pair. STar Trek was series, Lost in Space was a kid's show. And the effects are horrid - but Dr. Smith? Is completely worth watching the series for. But he's known for having all of these insults filled with alliteration.

      Good! I meant it as the highest compliment, but what that is to me tends to not be for others, so..... I'M SO GLAD!! *grins*

    3. Star Treeeeeeeeeeeek. *heart eyes* LOL! That's awesome.

      I like the old voice sound better than the new one, so it's all good. :)

    4. Good gracious... *grins* I've not actually seen that series.... Only the six films, and read all of the transcripts....

  2. I can't make up my mind... I like 4, 8, 10, and 12.

    Nothing XD But I'm going to Petrus later! Does that count?

    Eek, don't really have one. I know, I know...

    It was so nice! I loved it! :D

    1. *Dances cause those are some of my favorites too.*

      I have no idea what that is BUT YEAH OKAY IT COUNTS.

      Me neither, there are too many to choose from. <3


  3. AHHH YOU'RE SONG IS SO PRETTY THO. <3 Particularly the harmonies. (Do I always start my comments with all caps? Omg I am an enthusiastic bean. Ahem.) And I also I love #4 the best. YOU CUTIE. I can't even imagine working with flowers on Valentine's. XDXD Craaaaziness. But I guess it is the most fabulous payday for you?! ;D CONGRATS ON SURVIVING ANYWAY AND STILL DRAWING AWESOME STUFF.

    1. AWWWWWW THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU'RE THE NICEST. (Yes, yes you do. But it's okay, so do I.)

      Hahaha, really? Her eyebrows, doh. LOL. Oh it gets so crazy, it's a mad house. XD (IT really is, and I'm so *excited*.


  4. Woah, all those flowers...
    Is Amy sitting or standing?

    Favorite drawing? -Maybe #13. I like all the shading, and there is something about it that reminds me of my brother.
    What are you doing for Valentine's Day?- I'll be spending the whole day with my love....which is to say, reading. No, I'm kidding. I think I need to prepare for a family dinner after church, so I will have to have a date with my love some other time.
    What's your favorite love song? -As in love song between a boy and a girl? Hm, maybe Andrew Peterson's Dancing in the Minefields.
    What did you think of our cover? -It's good, especially when you sing together. (But why didn't you put a punching back in, like you did with the last one?)

    1. I knooow.
      Kneeling sort of. That's just one half of the cooler lol!

      That's Gianluca and his voice is insane.... But wow, that's cool that he reminds you of your brother, that's awesome!

      Ha! That's cool.... *knuckle bumps cause preparing dinner* XD

      I should really look up this Andrew Petereson's music.

      Thanks!!! *dances* lol Well... with Fight Song, it seemed appropriate. But with falling in love... we thought... mmm better not. XD

  5. Haha, I like the couple with the guns. Now that's a date.
    Your cover was so pretty, you two harmonize so well!

  6. TAKE HIS PICTURE WHEN WE GO TO HIS CONCERT AND ASK HIM TO SIGN IT AFTERWARD! He will be so flattered by your skill and touched you drew him and in awe of you I might not even have to trip him. Which would save my shins from possible damage and a whole lot of embarrassment for you. But as back up I'll still be prepared for tripping.

    I sees no Striker in a hoody......

    Or an adorable little girl with curls carrying around her mommy's boots for her. She smiles like I do, I stole it from her, with her wittle eyes closed.

    Don't worry, I shall join you in Forever Aloneness.

    For some reason this post made me laugh, which hurts, so now I hurt. Thanks. Or I'm still laughing over Hawaii Five-0 and Danny thinking Steve wasn't held as a baby...either way, I blame you.

    Yes, you do look off to the left and up a lot. It's a very you expression...

    And that is all I have



    1. YEAH BECAUSE THAT'S NOT CREEPY AT ALL. LOL. He's a total dork though....Also... your willingness to trip him fills my heart with joy. THIS IS WHAT BEST FRIENDS ARE FOR. <3

      I SPACED OOPS. You should sit next to me when we drive down, and I can see if I can do a rough sketchy thing.

      Well you might have seen the adorable little girl if you mentioned her earlier......

      Forever Aloners UNITE.

      Aw yiss. I'm hilarious, that's why it made you laugh. XD You're welcome. HAHAHAHA have you gotten to the, "What are you DOING, you neanderthal ANIMAL?"

      Wai I do that. Tell me to staaaaaaaaaaaahp.

      Love ya




  7. Favorite drawing?
    13!! and all the Tristan and Kate ones :D
    What are you doing for Valentine's Day?
    We shan't talk to about that.
    What's your favorite love song?
    maybe never say die by dixie chicks :D
    What did you think of our cover?
    *inserts thumb up emoji* :D


      (13 is my favorite too, because basically..Gianluca.) But yeah, kate and Tristan are my own OTP.

      Same... same....

      Never heard it! *Googles lyrics*

      AW YISS. Thank you!

  8. Yay for Picture Saturday! I also like the photos you included--it's a fun twist to Picture Saturday.

    Favorite drawing--wow, harder to pick than usual! Your self portraits are fantastic--#4 nearly made me laugh out loud because of the expression, and so that one's my favorite. But all the others are so good!

    If it makes you feel any better, I'm 23 and still single. *holds up my own "forever alone" sign* But I would rather wait than settle for second best--and I think waiting for the right man will be worth it. On a lighter note, my brother and I have an agreement that we'll come to each other's defense if romance turns creepy--I get to beat up on flirty girls, and he will gladly beat up any jerkish guys. :-)

    For Valentine's Day, I'll be in my church's nursery taking care of babies and toddlers, and I'll probably crash after getting home. :-) What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

    I really liked your video--y'all sound good! Do you and Amy take voice lessons?

    Favorite love song--"All I Ask of You" is a definite favorite. So is "We Were Meant To Be" by the Annie Moses Band, and "Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms," which is a Celtic/Irish song about love remaining even though beauty fades. I like love songs with substance, not just the "you make my heart sing" type of stuff, but songs about faithfulness and sacrifice.

    1. Haha, I did it early so it would be UUUP.

      Wow, really? Awwww. (I've never self-portraited before. it's weird. lol.) Hahah! I sat there making that face while I drew it, and Kat was like, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU."

      Forever Aloners are such sad potatoes. lol. RIGHT? That's kind of exactly how I feel, I don't want to SETTLE, I want someone who blows me away. (And I don't want go through multiple breakups. Like... no.) But ha! I'm so glad you have that kind of relationship with your bro. That's awesome. :)

      Awww that sounds like so much fun. I wish I could have done that. lol. I worked all day. It wasn't that bad, just loooooong. ;)

      Aw yay! Thank you! (Yeah, we've been taking voice classes at the college for a while now. It's an awesome class because you have to sing solo three or four times, depending on if it's beginning voice or intermediate... but you also get private sessions with the teacher thrown in and those make me SO HAPPY. I love singing! *Dies*)

      All I Ask of You is SO PRETTY, like URGH. I haven't heard the We Were Meant to Be, but I'mma look it up. (I've heard the Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms.... but only on The Andy Griffith Show, and so it's sort of one of those that always reminds me of Barney and that's awkward LOL!) Same here, There's a few that make me feel like, "Aw yaaah, THAT'S what love is."


    But my favorite drawing is the one of you with the sign "Forever Alone." You look so cute (^.^). Also your self-portrait is quite good :). Look at you! Arting again! I'm so happy for you :).

    1. YEAH, BECAUSE YOU ASKED AND I DID SINCE I'M SO NICE. (and also because I ship them so hard it's not even funny. :)

      Ehe. Thank you. I feel that way! Wow, really? I've never self-portraited before and it's weird analyzing yourself. lol I KNOW! SUCH ART!

  10. Nice drawings!
    I didn't really do much for Valentines Day. Although I managed to get over a crush. Isn't that kind of defeating the purpose of Valentine's Day? You know, falling in love, instead of out of love? Oh well!
    My favorite love song is the Saltwater Room, by Owl City. It's kind of a love song-ish? I don't know.


    1. Thanks!

      Well... that's good? That's good, right? hahah. I'm sorry, I CAN'T ANSWER THAT QUESTION.

      I think I've heard that one, my friend is really into Owl City. :)

    Favorite picture: GIANLUCA'S FACE!!!!
    What am I doing for Valentine's Day? GIANLUCA'S FACE!!
    What is my favorite love song? GIANLUCA'S FACE!!!!
    What do I think of your cover? GIANLUCA'S FACE!!!!!!!


    Not really.

    Your cover is awesome, you two have great voices!! Grande Amore is my new favorite song so, favorite love song, yes? :) I actually played an orchestra concert on Valentine's Day, with music that wasn't remotely was fun!

    I'm glad you're arting again. Your art is wonderful. Especially GIANLUCA'S FACE!!!!!

    ~D. Skye <3



      Thank you! Grande Amore is so freaking beautiful, an the way it just keeps *building* (although, the technical term is crescendo) is AMAZING. My sister got me the We Are Love album for Valentine's Day, which means I OWN ALL THEIR AMERICAN CDS, INCLUDING THEIR CHRISTMAS ONE, AND THE "LIVE FROM POMPEII" DVD.

      I love arting. (Oh my gosh there was this place in Disneyland that I basically had a heart attack over.)


  12. Favorite drawing: Gosh, it's really hard to choose! The one of Gianluca. It's amazing! It looks like him and it also looks realistic at the same time, if that makes any sense. Good job :) Your self-portrait is pretty awesome too! I can tell it's you! I should share some of my own attempts with you. Maybe in one of my next posts :) Also, your cartoon-y selves are adorable XD I love them all!

    What are you doing for V-day? - We stayed home! Neither of us wanted to go anywhere and we were both kinda peopled out after the work week, so we had a nice weekend of unbothered time together, which is few and far between. We had finger food stuff for dinner, I made a foccacia bread which was amazing and we watched The Vow, which is one of my favorite romances. I will probably post pictures of the day soon.

    Favorite love song? - Oh, gosh. Idk. There are too many. The song I consider Robert's and my 'song' is 'Only You Can Love Me This Way' by Keith Urban. He sent it to me during our first year together and at that moment I knew I could never be with anyone else.
    Oh, oh, and of course I love 'I See The Light' from Tangled!

    What did I think of your cover? - YOU GUYS HAVE AMAZING VOICES. AND YOU SOUND SO GOOD TOGETHER! Nice harmony too, Treskie. I see you were studiously avoiding eye contact with the camera whilst singing. As would I, as would I. It's so hard to make eye contact when oneself sings! What kind of camera did you use to record? The visual and sound were both really clear. Your little fireplace thingy is adorable, btw! And you both looks really nice and valentine-esque. Okay, I'll stop now.

    Yay for the random pics of you and Amy at the beginning of the post! I love that kind of stuff :)

    Your Forever Alone drawing is so great, I love how you did your hair and outfit. It is shaded nicely :) You crack me up though. Guys are crazy not to fall at your feet! If it's any consolation, one of my friends finally found her soulmate last year and married at the beginning of this year, and she is in her late thirties. Love is never too late. I'm praying God sends you your studmuffin sooner than later! Maybe a trip to Italy might do the trick? ;) At any rate, when I was single on Valentine's Day I thought it was a good excuse to stuff myself with chocolate and watch sappy romance movies with my also single sister!

    Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

    xoxo, cheers!

    1. I have to say the one of Gianluca definitely took the longest, but it *actually looks like him* so I'M SO HAPPY WITH IT. hahaha, thank you! I've never done a self portrait before and I was kinda stunned that people actually knew it was me. I was like, "it's the bangs, isn't it." and they ALL said, "No, it was the eyes" and I made a sound similar to the minion "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" (BUT HECK YEAH YOU SHOULD POST SOME OF YOUR OWN ART , BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE BECAUSE ART MAKES ME SPASTIC.)

      You Valentine's Day sounds awesome, that's exactly how I'd like to spend mine, if I ever have a real one. LIKE, IT WAS QUIET AND SWEET AND YOU GOT TO COOK, what's not to like? (Also, I heard The Vow ended depressingly, is that not the case, because I would really like to see it.)

      Only You Can Love Me This Way is a great song, I applaud your choice. THAT'S ADORABLE. (Also, I See The Light is amazing, and their is entirely too little Tangled love out there.)

      Ehem.... Awwww thank you so much!!! (I didn't realize I was directing myself with the harmony until we played back the video and I was like... "oh.... awkward." DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO STARE DEEPLY INTO A CAMERA'S SOUL? SO HARD. Erm. I don't know the camera we used. I borrowed Bella's. I think it's a sony something. (The fireplace is Amy's and it's warm and good for atmosphere. :)

      Ehehe. thanks. :)

      *snort* Sucks to work at a flower shop during V Day because all the cute guys who walk in are all freaking TAKEN. Like UGH. lol! (Crazy not to fall at my feet? You think? I think they are *wise* lol) Well that gives me hope, that she found someone in her thirties... but I want a small army of kids, and so I want to get started ASAP. lol. (Eheehehe. I did kinda stuff my face with Chocolate because it was sunday and I was sad lol. (Okay, so I totally cracked up over the studmuffin comment, so thank you. LOL! I CAN'T AFFORD A TRIP TO ITALY! AND I'M GONNA BE IN MONTANA WHEN IL VOLO FREAKING COMES TO MY TOWN. *tears*)

      Cheers! XO

    2. Lol, it was the eyes! But the bangs do look like Treskie bangs. I SHALL, SOMETIME SOON. I know it's been a long time coming :P

      It was Naiiiice.
      Ummm, I don't think The Vow had a depressing ending...I thought it was a cute ending and it kinda left it feeling like a beginning, so yeah. I love it. I love Leo and Paige's relationship, they're just so awesome together! AND Rachel McAdams is one of my fave actresses. The movie is actually roughly based on a true story and I just read the book about the original people and LOVED IT!
      It's cleaner than most romance movies but there are a few scenes to watch out for:
      1. Before and After Sex scene. Basically heavy kissing and awkwardness and then skips to them presumably afterwards in bed, artfully covered in sheets :P It cracks me up sometimes how perfectly arranged scenes like that can be in movies, because...unrealistic. But I'm TOTALLY okay with that. I don't want to see reality! There's another before scene later on, but they don't show the during or after.
      2. Channing Tatum's butt makes a brief appearance :P The scene is actually pretty funny but slightly awkward, especially when one forgets about said scene and looks up from their food and all of a sudden there's THAT. Nope, not awkward at alllll.

      3. People are sometimes in their underwear, just one scene that I can think of.

      4. Some sexual dialog, not a ton and usually brief and random.

      But yeah, I really liked the movie except for parts here and there. The book is better because the couple are both Christians, and none of the icky stuff actually happened. But the movie makes me happyyy and the romance is sweeeeet.

      Why, thank you. *bows* I AGREE, far, far, too little Tangled love. Frozen took over, that's probably why :P

      Well it was good harmony! YES I DO. IT'S TERRIBLE. So, just a digital camera? The sound was really awesome if it was! Fireplaces are nice, I want one!

      When one is asking you for advice on flowers you should be like "You could buy me flowers. Just a suggestion." And smile gorgeously. :D But seriously, yes, THAT SUCKS.
      Wise? WISE?! Now look who is crazy :P You're too hard on yourself!
      I know whatcha mean! Sooner is better than later. I want my kids to know me when I'm still in my twenties, but such things are slow going :P You might want to consider looking into your female health NOW though, so that if you ever run into problems like me, you can get them all figured out BEFORE marriage. It could save you a lot of stressing out, because obviously, I've stressed out. Apparently stress doesn't help when one is trying to get pregnant either, so I might be screwed :P
      *high five* Because, CHOCOLATEEEE.
      Lol, I'm glad you enjoyed it! God knows exactly what we women want in men and He wants to give them to us, whether it's a studmuffin or beanie wearing hipster. Or Italian hottie XD
      Yeaaah, we'd love to travel abroad but there's that thing called money...:P


    3. *snort* Weird. lol.

      Mmmmm well then Maybe I will give it a try, because I thought it looked CUTE. (HAVE YOU HEARD OF "REMEMBER SUNDAY" SO CUTE SO SAD SO CUTE.)
      Yassss, thanks for the warnings I like it when I know what to watch out for. (YOU know what else is awkward? Looking up and seeing something like that and then realize your dad is in the hallway looking at you accusingly. LIKE I"M SORRY I FORGOT.)

      mmmm that's irritating when they add stuff that wasn't in the book. Why can't they just leave well enough alone???
      Mmmm I think Frozen is overrated, I mean, yeah it's good, but Tangled is BETTAH.

      I think that fireplace was like 45 dollars or soemthing at kmart. (But no, we recorded the sound earlier, using amy's mics and stuff.

      Aw yeah, gonna work that particular gem. And they'll be like, 'Yeah, uh... I"m engaged." hahaha.
      Yeah, too hard indeed. XD
      YES TO ALL OF THE ABOVE. Hahaha, but if there's no one even on the horizen I don't really see the point of looking at my feminine health that much. (Apparently, however, lavender is supposed to reduce stress. Invest in candles and stuff.) YOU'RE NOT SCREWED, HAVE FAAAAAAAAITTTTH. I'M PRAYING FOR YA.

      The italian is also a beanie wearing hipster on occasion. SERIOUSLY, IT'S PERFECT.


    4. Maybe weird to yoooouuu.

      Yes you should, it is CUUUUUUTEEEE. No I haven't! *looks it up* Oooh, it has Alexis Bledel (Tuck Everlasting) and Zachary Levi (FLYNN RYDER!!!!!) in it. I'll have to watch that sometime!

      Yeah, me too. I usually use IMDB to look up stuff in movies but sometimes I think they get TOO descriptive :P OH MY, yeah, that has definitely happened to me! Why do parents always seem to walk in at the worst parts of a movie????

      Yup, Frozen is totally overrated. There is an aisle in our Wal-mart that is practically entirely FROZEN merchandise! And I'm just like "WHERE'S MY TANGLED?".

      Cool! Maybe once we find a house, I'll look at my options. Of course it'd be even better if we can snag a house that already HAS a fireplace but I'm not getting my hopes up. (Are you lip syncing in the video to the song you already recorded?)

      Yeaaaah, that might not work out so well XD

      I know, but I would have liked to have a child in the 2nd year of marriage at least, heck, I would have been happy having one the first year, but God has His reasons I guess. It's just, my sister was low on progesterone (without realizing it) but she had enough to conceive and she miscarried twice before getting her health checked out. She has a 4 mo. old healthy baby boy now, but she had to have 2 shots of progesterone (in the behind of all places) EVERY WEEK in order to be able to carry the baby to term. I started taking a supplement that is the equivalent of progesterone but I'm still not sure I'll have it built up enough when the time comes (the shots my sister had to get weren't cheap and I don't do well with needles) and I wish I would have known prior to marriage about this because I could have started getting my body baby ready way before there was a chance of me getting pregnant. Idk. It could be worth it or you could be perfectly fine. It also depends on your family history, cuz that can be a factor too.
      I have Lavender essential oils! *goes and dumps the bottle on myself*

      LOL, it does sound PERFECT!

    5. *snorts again* Weeeeeeeeird.

      Alexis Bledel is in Gilmore Girls too. (Which I loved for the first few seasons and then they destroyed someone's character and Rory turned into selfish little brat and Lorelai ticked me off and so I stopped.) I KNOW I LOVE ZACHARY LEVI.

      Parents have an instinct. lol. (RIght? Sometimes IMDB is almost as dangerous as just watching the freaking thing.)

      YEAH. It's like, "Rapunzel was an all'round nicer character than Else, and Flynn was definitely more awesome than Kristoff.)

      Fireplaces are the best because they're natural heat, so they don't give me headaches, and they smell good, and they give a cozy ambiance to rooms. so yeah. lol. (Yeah, we're lip syncing and it's hard. lol.)

      *winky face*

      Yeah, I bet that's super hard to not be able to conceive when you want the baby so badly. Like... ugh. I can't even imagine that.
      That's odd that you're levels are so low, does that run in your family? I mean, I guess it does, since your sister had the same problem... gersh. (I don't much care for needles either, so I feel ya, sister. lol.)
      WELL KEEP YOUR CHIN UP, I GOT YOU IN MY PRAYERS, and now that you know why you couldn't conceive and you're starting to take steps to help that, you never know what surprise God may throw at you.


  13. "Sometimes I think I should draw Kate with her hair down, and then I think "mmmm better not."" And yes I did read this in an Australian accent.

    I love #11 -- I feel ya -- and #12 is super cute and #13 is REALLY HOT. Where are these people from?

    Valentine's Day: on the 13th I travelled to Chile to see my sister whom I'd not seen since September, so the 14th was the first full day I spent with her, and, well, I may spend a lot of time complaining about the boyfriendlessness of my life but have you ever gone six months w/o seeing your sister?? If Valentine's Day is a day to spend with people you love then I was pretty happy.

    Happy March!

    1. HA! I was wondering if someone was gonna catch that reference. XD

      #11, was basically me going, "UGH." But 12 is mheee. #13 is GIANLUCA, and he's from Il Volo and he's really. Good.

      Wow, your sister lives in Chile!? That's cool! (But yeah, I've spend 6 mo apart from my sisters, and it's *hard*.) Mmmmm sounds like you had a good day, despite the singleness of your situation.


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