Saturday, August 6, 2016

Picture Saturday || August {1}

You know those coffee shops that everyone is always talking about? Right? The cute, small ones with warm, welcoming atmospheres where you can go get a coffee, and sit with a book or pencil and paper, and they're just... perfect?

We finally have one of those in town.

It's wonderful.

I have never gone to coffee so much before.

Also, I know the owner and her daughter. (Y'all know of Sammi, right?)

It also sells wine and food and delicious freaking paninis like whoa.

Currently it's my favorite foody/drinky place in town. Wow.

Anyway, moving on.

Somehow, I forgot to post last week. I feel like I had a reason, but I can't remember what it was. (It was very important, I think.)

But anyway, I promised my sister I would try to draw a "realistic" one with a big family. She gave me the whole layout, and I'm gonna give it my best shot, but it's a little daunting so I didn't do it this week. (I know, I'm so efficient.)

1.) Instead, I did this. (Which I feel is wrong, since I wasn't hugely wild about Frozen.)

TURN AWAY AND SLAM THE DOOR! (And now that's stuck in your head, you're welcome.)

2.) And then I listened to Gentleman's Guide again, and started laughing, because there's this part in one of the songs, where Monty's voice cuts above everyone else's and all you hear is "Of course! A CONSCIENCE, I ASSUME!" That gave me this perfect image of Monty waving his saw around like a buffoon, and I've been itching to draw it for ages.

3.) I watched the single most depressing movie ever, with Colin Morgan and that kid from Kingsmen. The trailer made it look so good, but everyone died. I think if I hadn't been led to believe that at least one of the lived, I would have liked it more, but as it was, I was like, "Surely her brother won't die. She just saved him in France." and then he died. And then it ended. And I was like, "Buzz kill." so yeah. However, the leading lady was awfully pretty.

4.) And Colin Morgan's hair was on point.

And so I felt inclined to draw it. Wow, so first of all, EW, HAIR. And second of all, WHOA, TEETH ARE HARD.

Was this a bust? Yes. Yes it was. Am I gonna try again, because Colin-Morgan's-hair-in-that-movie-is-just-perfection? Yes. Yes I am.

I don't even know what happened, but something went terribly wrong. Like, why are his eyes so much darker than the rest of the picture? Ew! (And don't even get me started on the teeth. *Luke Skywalker No*

5.) But then I was like, "Colin Morgan's face is interesting. I'mma rewatch Merlin." (Seriously though, he has cheekbones that could cut glass.)

6.) I showed my nieces The Rescuers because they'd never seen the whole thing, and when Medusa tells Penny she's homely, Sam the Toink was so indignant. "Why did she say that? That's so rude! That's! That's mean!"

7.) I tried do a thing. (I was too lazy to finish coloring it this week so I fiddled with it on picmonkey and I'm not sure what's going on.)

8.) And and now, because Disney, have some Tangled love, because it's better than Frozen. (Not totally happy with Flynn, but Rapunzel's hair is sparkly.)

Mhmm. Alright that's all I have this week. My li'l sisters came up to visit and I haven't had time to draw, but oh well.

Right, talk to me!
Favorite overall?
Black and white?
Favorite colored? 
Best Disney fanart?
Do you have a favorite coffee shop? 

Love you all!




  2. Wow, that coffee shop sounds nice! It's funny: I'm a writer and have never gone to a coffee shop to write. I'll have to remedy that someday. :-)

    #1--Wow! Nice work on her hair (the braid looks very natural) and dress and snowy swirls!

    #2--I don't know why, but the tree is my favorite part of the picture. It looks like a Christmas tree (and now I want Christmas to be here. :-) ). But Monty's coat and scarf and expression and hair are really good, very natural-looking. And the hand holding the saw looks amazing!

    #3--Beautiful! I love the colors, especially the layers of color in her hair. Did you use colored pencils for this one? Definitely my favorite colored for this week!

    #4--The hair looks really good in this one. So do the contours and shadows of the face. I think the teeth are at the wrong angle for the face, just a slightly wrong angle. I have the same problem when I draw teeth (or open mouths, really); it's hard not to end up with "goofy grin" look. :-)

    #5--Red scarf--definitely the favorite part of this drawing. Very vibrant. His hair looks nice in this one too.

    #6--Oh, The Rescuers is such a good movie! Penny was adorable, and you drew her very well. I really like the minimal color you add to your drawings; it enhances the picture somehow. I think this is my favorite overall.

    #7--The muted colors in Bert's outfit really match his chimney-sweep persona, so I like how you colored him. It looks like they're standing in snow or sparkles. Or combination of snow and sparkles.

    #8--Oh, I could instantly tell that was Flynn; you captured his looks well. And her hair is gorgeous! Good job on her expression too; it looks like hopeful hesitation, I guess. And again, nice work with the minimal coloring. Best Disney fanart!

    Favorite coffee shop...hmm, I haven't sampled many. Just whatever is available in my hometown. Which is really only one sit-down place, now that I think about it, unless you count the Starbucks in Barnes & Noble.

    Oh, and I have a blog now, in case you're interested:

    1. Me neither. They have a chessboard at that coffee shop and I want to go there with Amy and get coffee and play chess...

      1.) Snowy swirls are really fun, fyi. lol... Thank you!

      2.)I'm already getting excited Christmas cause... reasons.. lol. But thank you! I actually used a reference for Monty so THANKS!

      3.)I did use colored pencils for this one. I was drawing while I watched the movie and when I use markers I have to be really precise. XD And awww that means a lot, because your work with colored pencils is prettyyyy.

      4.) I was disappointed in the hair a little, because I wanted it to be shinier. lol. Mostly the shadows are good, from like... the middle of the nose up, the picture's pretty good, but the teeth are just like.... no. And I realized they're at the wrong angle and it bugs me now, but I'm really working on not only showing the good work, because I want other people to know that not everything artists draw is going to be stellar, you know?

      5.) Yeah, mine too. XD XD HAVE YOU WATCHED MERLIN?????????????

      6.) Aww I know so few people who've actually seen it. haha. (That bit where the cat says, "Faith is like a bluebird, you see from afar, it's for real, and as sure as the first evening star. You can't touch it, or buy it, or wrap it up tight, but it's there just the same, making things turn out right." is one of my favorite quotes ever.) I really love the minimal color too, in case you couldn't tell. haha.

      7.) I want to actually finish the picture, and not just pretend finish it. I really love Bert. (I saw this thing on pinterest, that was like, "OH I JUST REALIZED WHY ALL THE PEOPLE IN BERT'S DRAWING WERE IN LOVE WITH MARY. It was because BERT DREW IT and HE'S IN LOVE WITH HER!." and I was... mind blown.)

      8.) G'aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww. I'm so pleasantly pleased with her hair. XD

      Starbucks in Barnes & Noble is good, but the coffee is actually better at Revive... lol. If you're ever up this way, I should take you there.


    2. Ooh, chess at a coffee shop sounds delightful! And I'm already getting exciting for Christmas too. I need to starting working on my Christmas-themed paintings...

      Aw, thank you! I I like my colored pencils. And they come in really handy when I plan color schemes for my paintings.

      Wow, I respect your posting artwork that you don't consider stellar. Still getting there myself... :-)

      I have not watched Merlin; I have heard about it, though, have a basic idea of the plot due to browsing Pinterest. :-) Seems like Arthur starts out a spoiled brat, but he and Merlin eventually become close friends? That sounds cool.

    3. RIIIIIIIGHT??? (Oh my gosh, me too.)

      You paint?? I haven't tried painting yet. I wanna. Painting is fun... I mean I paint the windows at home for Christmas, so... there's that... but yeah. :)

      Posting art I don't like IS VERY HARD so I appreciate you liking it.

      Oh you should, it's really good. It's clean too. I think there might be two or three off color bits, but there's never any bedroom scenes and it's aimed for families, so it doesn't ever get too bad. The swearing is very minimum. mmm on of the girls in the later seasons wears some pretty low cut tops... but it doesn't bother me that much, cause I'm a girl and I'm just... it doesn't bother me. lol. It might bother other people though,, so I mention it.
      BUT WOAH ARTHUR AND MERLIN. MERLIN IS A SARCASTIC LITTLE SWEETHEART, AND HE'S GOT FABULOUS ACTING SKILLZ. AND oKAY... let's talk Arthur. YES Arthur is a kind of a jerk and a bully at the beginning, and he's not very good at showing niceness, but he's SAD and he MEANS WELL. And I'm very defensive of him because 60% of the fandom hates him, and he's not that bad.

      It very sad though. Death and stuff.

  3. What are you striving for? Perfection? You're doing a pretty good job if that's your goal keep up the good work! I think I like the guy with the saw the best. Gina

    1. .....Um. Yes. LOL. But thank you muchly, dahling, you're the best. :)


  4. Favorite overall?- Either #3 or #4. Can I just say again how amazed I am over the way you do hair?
    Black and white?- I'm going to say #4 again. Now, I know you don't like it, but I say it's just fine. Favorite colored? I'm starting to sound repetitive. Sorry.
    Best Disney fanart?-#8. Ooh, you're right. Her hair IS sparkly!
    Do you have a favorite coffee shop?- So long as it has good coffee for a decent price, I'm happy! Though there is this one one beside the library that's pretty special. I often take my youngest bro for an outing of books and treats there.

    1. Aw. Fanks! OH I KEEP MEANING TO DO THAT TUTORIAL FOR YOU! I keep forgetting. Ugh, remind me, yeah?

      Wow really? Oh. Thank you. (I feel it is inadequate.)

      3 Turned out pretty though, so that's okay. She looks glowy-esque.

      Hahaha, thank you! (Sparkle's are boooomb.)

      The coffee at that particular shop is about the same price as Starbucks. But woooow so good. And aw that's the cutest thing. I love books and coffee.:)

  5. RAPUNZEL'S HAIR IS ON POINT THOUGH. So much sparkle. And I actually like the Mary Poppins sparkles too. SPARKLY APPRECIATION. And ohhh, nice coffee shop! I have never actually gone to a coffee shop to, you know, do anything except drink coffee. I know all the cool artist-y people go there and art or write, so obviously #goals. But I get too distracted by food. Ahem.
    Also Frozen is gorgeous. ;D


      Me neither really. I have yet to actually just go there for coffee and reading/drawing/stuff. BUT IF I WERE TO EVER DO THAT IT WOULD BE AT THAT COFFEE SHOP. XD

      Aw thanks lol

  6. Favorite overall? Number 6. It's such a sad picture but she is so cute and innocent, how can you NOT like the picture?
    Black and white? I like 8 a lot, but that isn't all black and white so I don't know if that would count...I really like 2 a lot though, so I'll say that! :)
    Favorite colored? Number 4 is adorable and I just love it!
    Best Disney fanart? Number're so skilled. I love looking at your art!
    Do you have a favorite coffee shop? There aren't any coffee shops where I live, and I don't ever go out for coffee. Does my dining room table count? lol


      Haha, I love adding just little tucks of color into mostly black and white to make it pop. (Aw yess #2 turned out so well. XD)

      Wow, number four, with the bad teeth?? Nice!

      G'aaaaaaw. See comments like that make my daaaaaay.

      It counts. I'll let it count. XD

    2. Haha, yeah I guess I'm just a bit...sadistic? Okay, no, wrong word. LOL. I don't know why, but something makes me like it. And oops, when I said number 4 I meant 7, LOL! Still, even the one with "bad teeth" is beyond amazing compared to my drawings! ;)

    3. Hahaha, nah. I know that feel. XD

      (ANd not to worry, I figured it out. XD)

  7. Ahhhhh Treskie art. :-D Also, the coffee shop sounds amazing. When I come visit you you shall take me. ;-)

    Favorite overall? The one of the lady from the show with Colin Morgan. She is soooo prettyyyyyy.

    Black and white? I like the Rapunzel one, does that count? Sparkly flowery hair. :-) <3

    Favorite colored? Other than my all time favorite, the Rescuers one because I loved that show as a kid.

    Best Disney fanart? Rapunzelllllll. But also the Frozen one is really good.

    Do you have a favorite coffee shop? When I went to Bible School, the Bible School I went to ran one and it was so fabulous. Perfect atmosphere, basically always had awesome people there, and they played awesome classical music. :-)

    1. Aaaaaahhh Hannah comments. (IT IS SO GOOD. UGH. AND YES, just let me know wheeeennnn)


      Yeah, it's mostly black and white, so I'll give it to ya. (Such sparkle, wow hair.)


      Aw that's awesome! Yeah the one in town is a Christian run coffee shop,so they're really respectful and super welcoming and it's glorious. XD

  8. I'm not a fan of frozen much plus, it's not as good as tangled...

    #6 - adorable, not quite sure 'homely' is a bad word...

    #8 -- love the hair, so pretty....

    have a lovely week.

    1. Hallelujah, yes, someone agrees! Frozen's plot was just not as epic, and the characters had nothing on Flynn and Rapunzel.

      6- Aw thanks. :) (I don't thing 'homely' is a "bad word" per say, but when it's used in that context, it's not meant to be kind, so.. rude. :)

      *Dances cause hair.*


  9. Oh, dat hair. Gawsh. So swoopy.
    Favorite overall: 5. Merlin. <3. Your description of his cheekbones is so accurate.
    Favorite black and white: 2. I really like his face for some reason! And also the rest of him. Specifically his face though.
    Favorite colored: 3. I need to watch this movie. Or should I? Too many feels?
    Favorite Disney fan art: I'm stuck between 1 (cause that snow magic is on point) and 8 (cause I love the floating lights scene). And I like how Penny looks too, like, her posture and dress and je ne sais quoi.

    1. Sooooooo swoopy. <3

      Same. He turned out pretty. (Funny cause I wrote that, and my sister, {who is by far more obsessed than me} informed me that the guy who plays Arthur described them in the exact same way. Mind=Blown)

      Haha, his face is mostly just, "I HAVE A SAW AND A PLAN WOOOO!"

      Mmmmm. I think it's good, it's a little... dark. It's centered in World War 1, and so it's really violent, and they don't sugar coat any of the trials of it. There's a romance...Mostly my main problem was that the movie didn't give you any hope it was just kind of depressing. It's based on a true story.)

      (hahaha, snow magic is deliciously fun to do. It's like, "And you get a twirl, and YOU get a twirl!') and the floating lights scene, depending on my mood, has a tendency to make me cry a little. :) lol. Thank you!

  10. Treskie!!!
    I finally watched one of your videos! You have a really pretty voice! :)

    Don't worry I think your drawings look just fine. I mean, if you look at my drawings, when they're coming out really bad, then your stuff that is "bad" looks like professional art! Seriously I should post some of my really horrible drawings so you can see them!

    The bear hasn't been around in a bit, but last time we saw him, he almost went into our garage before we scared him away. :D

    So yeah...

    1. Aww thank you so much!! <3

      Haha, aw thank you. lol... I guess artists tend to see the flaws in their art more than other people. ;) And yes, you should, cause that's fun!! lol.

      That bear sounds like it's getting to be a problem. XD

  11. In spite of how much you say you hate it, the Colin Morgan picture with the teeth made me laugh. At least it proves you gotta work on your art. I liked your effort. Best picture to me was the one of the leading lady. Well done.

    1. Hahaha. Well... there's that. I just had grand visions of swoopy hair and perfect teeth and THAT didn't happen so.... *irritated Treskie noises*

      The leading lady turned out pretty well, I liked the way her hair looks. :D

  12. LOVE THE TANGLED ONE! That scene is the best! #3 is beautiful and I love #1 as well. I happy 5 you about the coffee shop XD


      haha, thank you so much! I LOVE that scene. ;) (That coffee shop is awesome)

  13. Okay, just a few words.
    3) The Pink!! So pretty.
    The little girl with the doll.
    Rapunzel's hair.
    How do you squeeze time in for all these drawings? Are you fast, or do it all the time, or no longer in school?

    1. cool, cool.
      hahah! Thank you!
      (have you seen Rescuers? Because if not, you should watch Rescuers.)
      I draw most evenings after I get off work. (yeah, I'm done with school.) And when I'm on a roll, I can do 3 or 4 drawings a night.. but then I go for weeks without wanting to look at a pen, so there's that. :)

    2. I don't watch much movies so...
      Wow, don't stop drawing. It looks like right now you're on the roll.
      And yes, I thought all this time you used photoshop for coloring. Talent.

    3. It's an old Disney cartoon. It's really good. :)

      I don't ever plan to. Drawing makes me happeh.

      That makes me so dang excite. XD Thank you so much.


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