Saturday, August 20, 2016

Picture Saturday || August {2}

Well, I'm having trouble posting more than every two weeks.

In my defense I've been working a lot.

And I'm super exhausted.


But I have some really cool art this week! (At least I think I do.)

I'm starting to feel like I need to get a more professional way of showcasing my work, because I basically vomit it out there, and that's not very good.

Also, I've been getting a few requests for drawing tutorials, but I'm not super confident with that. Would you guys be interested in seeing a drawing time-lapse video?

Right okay, art.

1.) I've been playing with color more often, because I like color. It's just hard.... and time-consuming.

2.) Also, cute kissing pictures!

3.) This odd one that I'm not sure about. I really like the green-ish skin tone, but other than that, I'm not sure.

4.) Look at this li'l mommy. 'Cause, mommies.


I kind of drew this one while I was watching, so proportions are a little off, but I like the overall effect.

6.) This one I drew on the Assumption. I'm a little cranky, because Chloe bumped me when I was coloring her hair, and so now her face is too small. BUT, I had to draw it, because there was a Black Mass performed in Oklahoma, on the Feast of the Assumption, desecrating Our Lady, and it really ticked me off.

7.) Okay, I'm really proud of this Rapunzel one, because the colors are spot on, and her hair makes me happy.

8.) I was sort of enthralled by hair this week.

9.) Also, while re-watching Merlin, I've discovered that a lot of people really hate Arthur, and that's sad, because he's a good character. He's arrogant, sure, but he's good-hearted, and he gets a bad rap all 'round. So here, have a picture of him being cute with Gwen.

10.) And why not color it? WHY NOT?

11.) And then I found this picture on pinterest, and I really liked the whole look of it, so I copied it shamelessly.

I'm going to try to be more consistent with posting, I don't know why I'm having so much trouble posting every week, but it's getting really out of hand. *coughs delicately*

Random aside: we went and watched Alex Ramon's "IMpossible" a few weeks ago. He's really good, and really funny, and he did this POSE and I want to draw SO BADLY, and I can't find a reference picture anywhere. It's driving me crazy! If you get a chance, you should watch this video, because it's fun.

Alrighty, question time!
Best overall?
Favorite black and white?
Favorite colored?
Best fanart? 
Did you watch the video? (Isn't he funny?)

I love you all!


  1. 10. Oh man, I love that one. You did that scene perfect justice and it's great. *squee*

    4. Cuteness.

    7. Fantabulous.

    5. WAAAAA SO SAD #bringbackFreyaboohoo

    And nope, I couldn't. Because YouTube is blocked on this computer. Brilliant, right? XD But I'm sure it's great.

    1. 10.) AWW THANK YOU.

      4.) RIGHT? Cause mommies.

      7.) Her hair is so ..... MWAH.

      5.) *tears* #butherdeathmademerlingrowupalittlebit

      Lame. Find a different computer because it's funny.

  2. Ah, yeah, I've been waiting all week for my art fix!
    Best overall: number 2. May I say, I LOVE this one! Her face is adorable as she's being kissed! I'd love a relationship like that.
    Favorite black and white: I would say number 2, but instead I'll say number 9. They are SPOT ON. Perfection. I'm not just saying this. The colored one is equally without reproof. Her skin color is flawless.
    Favorite colored: Given I've already said Gwarthur (or whatever) is amaze, I'm going to pick number 8. It could have just as easily been 7 or 1, but blue just appealed to me this morning. The hair ones are marvelous.
    I'm seriously gushing today! Great batch!
    No, I haven't watched the video yet, my Internet is on the fritz. Wait... so how did I post this comment? *eerie music*

    1. G'aaaaw really??

      #2 turned out so cute. HER FACE IS PERFECT. (and right? me too! #relationshipgoals)
      #9 I was like, "I still want to color it, but it looks good black and white, so I'm going to just... SCAN. (AND YASSS, HURRAY, IT IS SO HARD FOR ME TO COLOR DARK SKIN. LIKE WHOA.)
      Haha... #8 I wasn't even really paying attention to it, I was just like, AND A SPLASH OF BLUE OOOOOOOOH. PRETTY. thank you!

      Haha, thank you for gushing!

      ... wait how DID you comment!? *do dee doo dee do dee do dee* (to the tune of the Twilight Zone)

  3. Aahahhahahaaaahhh so gooooood. As always.

    Best overall? The Arthur and Gwen one that is colored is spot-on. Seriously. (Also, people don't like Arthur??????????? The friendship between him and Merlin is the reason you watch that show. Seriously. His arrogance [yet surprising humility] paired with Merlin's loyalty [yet surprising sass] is just...perfection. Also he is just the makings of a King. He really is. In fact, I could spend about an hour ranting about the way those two are complete opposites, which makes them the best of friends. AGHHHH so good.)

    Favorite black and white? #2 is really cute.

    Favorite colored? Other than Arthur and Gwen probably the Tangled one. SO GOOD.

    Best fanart? The Arthur and Gwen one and then the Tangled one and then the Merlin and Freya one (THAT EPISODE. WHY. *tears heart out*)

    Did you watch the video? (Isn't he funny?) Yes I did. He's pretty funny. I've never heard of him before.

    1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Thankee much.

      aaslf;jasflkdjsfs Arthur and Gwen are just adorbs. (and yeah, I was like, "WHAT??" because I thought he grew up quite well considering Uther was a tool.) And exactly! He and Merlin make the best friends because with all the pressure he's under, he needs someone who won't take him that seriously and doesn't mind calling him out on his bad behavior. THEY ARE BROS.

      I like #2 a lot. *heart eyes*



      He's apparently the first magician to have a running show at Harrahs, so that's cool...

  4. Hair is one of my favorite things to draw, but I can never get the shading the way I'd like. Oh well! That's why I'm not considering being an artist. :)
    Oh so, I got the chance to meet some people from San Francisco, and we're all really hoping that we can meet again sometime in California, and I was thinking " haha, wouldn't it be funny if I met Treskie!" So, yeah. I know you don't live in San Francisco, but it would still fun to meet you someday. I mean, I live on the East Coast, so it's not often that I meet people from across the country. :)

    1. NOvaaaaaaaaaaa. Hai. Well, hair is one of those things that takes a lot of practice, but once you get the hang of it, it's mind-numbingly easy. XD

      Oh yeah? that's so cool! I've only been to San Fransisco once, to see a baseball game, so... yeah... it's a bit of a drive. BUT OOH I ALWAYS LIKE THE IDEA OF MEETING BLOGGING BUDDIES. I COULD TAKE YOU TO THE COFFEE SHOP OF AWESOMENESS.

  5. I am sorry you've been so tired. But it's good to have a new post from you this week! Ooh, and I'd love to see a tutorial or time-lapse video!

    Also, it was really hard picking favorite pictures from this week--they're all really good in one way or another!

    #1--Nice colors in the hair! The texture really stands out: it's a realistic, messy-hair look, and the colored parts look like dyed *hair* and not just blocks of color. :-)

    #2--Aw! The guy is quite handsome. :-) The texture of his hair and beard is really good--I like how feathery the beard looks, like actual facial hair and not toothbrush-bristle stiff.

    #3--I like the shape of her eyes and lips, for some reason. Is this an elf from any particular novel or one out of your imagination?

    #4--Oh, how cute! I like the rosy halo around them both--and the words.

    #5--Ooh, very nice! I like the earthy tones in their clothes, and his smile. Nothing jumps out as being wildly disproportionate to me, so good job with that!

    #6--Beautiful! I like the cool tones and the flow-y hair and fabric.

    #7--What I like best about this is the yellow/lavender contrast in her hair. The colors go together very well.

    #8--The hair is gorgeous--long, thick, and it looks like dyed hair--but the shirt is my favorite part of the drawing(it looks like a pajama shirt to me. :-) )

    #9--Wow, the tones and shadows here are good! Also the pose: it looks very natural. Definitely the best fan art--and I think my favorite black-and-white as well.

    #10--Wow, I can't decide if I like the colored or black-and white version better. I definitely like the *way* you colored it, but can't pick a preferred version...

    #11--Pinterest is such a great resource! Excellent work--especially with the colors and textures, especially on the hair and sweater. Definitely my favorite colored from this week. (I can't pick a best overall--all these drawings are great!)

    1. haha thank you. Being tired seems to be a permanent part of my personality these days lol. (BUT AH AS SOON AS I FIGURE OUT HOW TO TIME-LAPSE I'LL TRY TO UPLOAD ONE)

      1.) Holllaaaaa. (That's secretly a hairstyle I want to have. I'm too conservative to actually do it, but.. I dunno, maybe it's the artist in me, I THINK COLORED HAIR, PROPERLY DONE CAN BE PRETTIFUL.)

      2.)Facial hair is something I'm working on, because it seems to bring a lot of character to faces, and I'm not super good at it... I really like scruffiness. It's attractive lol... BUT YAY YOU LIKE THIS 10 O'clock shadow!!!!

      3.)Nah, it's just an imagination, I kind of imagine water fairies/elves to be greeny-hued so I was just playing with skin tones for her. But thanks!

      4.) haha, my mom liked that one too. XD

      5.) Merlin's smile is infectious and I love it. XD He's a cupcake.

      6.) *quotes Zootopia* Aw thank you!

      7.) *Screams internally* I am so absurdly pleased with how well the colors compliment each other with that one. Like, "aw yessss such art."

      8.) I DARE YOU TO TRY DRAWING COLORED HAIR. IT'S ADDICTING. IT'S SO FUN. (And on toned paper? yessss.) Haha, aaaawww thank youuu.

      9.) Not gonna lie, I used a reference picture for that one, because that was a cute scene and I needed it to be right. (But thank youuu, I wanted it to look natural.)

      10.) I THINK I like the colored one better just because HER SKIN COLOR IS NICE AND I'M REALLY BAD A DARK SKIN DRAWINGS.)

      11.) Pinterest is a dangerous place lol. That particular picture I don't think really looks like my art, and I can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing XD

  6. I love time lapse videos, especially drawing time lapse videos! I'd be interested. :)

    Best overall? I loved 7 so much. The colors are just amazing and her hair--HER HAIR! I love it!

    Favorite black and white? #4. I love babies!! And when they're all cuddled up against their mommies...I just...I can't...I just can't... Oh and cute! I don't know which one I like better!

    Favorite colored? Like I said 7 was amazing. I also really liked 11 a lot. So pretty. And 8. I was surprised by the color at first and then I was like oh yes. I'm loving it. Beautiful. Gorgeousness. Can't stop staring. LOL

    Best fanart? #5 is so cute...I love it! I must admit, I've never seen Merlin but I've been wanting to watch it for a while...there's no time like the present!

    Did you watch the video? (Isn't he funny?) He was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing. :)

    1. Cool, I might film one then. XD

      HER HAIR IS SO PRETTY ,RIGHT? *coughs* So humble...

      I love it when they fall asleep and start to seriously sag against the mommies. They look like sandbags. XD (2 turned out better than I expected, because I wasn't really paying attention to it.)


      Oh wow, really? That's one of my favorite shows. Super clean and super cute and so funny. You should watch it. XD

      RIGHT? Heh heh heh.

  7. That last one is sooooo realistic and amazing omg.😍 And I love #2. IT IS SO CUTE I JUST CANNOT EVEN. I haven't seen Merlin yet still #shame but like it's on the endless to-watch list??? Someone drag me away from my bookshelf so I get some TV shows done maybe? (Omg I still haven't finished S12 of SPN. *hangs head in shame* BUT THAT'S BECAUSE I'M NERVOUS ABOUT THE FINALE.)
    I would watch a time lapse video although I would only admire you because I draw like an armless grape. 😂

    1. Hahaha well thank you very much. (AND HOW DO YOU DO ACTUAL EMOTICONS???) Hahahaha HER SQUISHY FACE IS SO CUTE. lol.
      lol Merlin is one of those shows you have to be in the mood for, corny and not super serious, because it's kind of lalalala. BUT THEN IT RANDOMLY GETS SAD AND WOW. TEARS. (Same. SPN sort of twerped out.)

      Hey if you're an armless anything who can draw give youself some credit. XD


  8. love all the hair drawings & your coloring is always wonderfuly done.

    have a lovely day.

  9. I love your drawing of Mary, that one is my favorite out of the bunch. It's very beautiful, and a good way to use art to spiritually counter the hate crime that happened in Oklahoma.
    I also reeeaaaaally like all the different hair styles and colors, they are so pretty. :D

    1. wow really? Thank you. Yeah... the Black Mass was just... no words.


  10. There was alot of interesting colors here!
    What do you color with? I thought all this time you used a computer software or something, but it looks like markers? If so, you are so good with coloring!

    1. Right? lol
      WOW YOU THOUGHT I USED COMPUTER SOFTWARE? WOW, THANK YOU. lol... nah, I currently use copic markers... my brother got me a giant pack, so he's the best, because they're really expensive.... So wow, thank you! lol


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