Saturday, March 4, 2017

Picture Saturday || March {1}

Hey, it's only been two weeks this time!

Treskie is very proud. 

Not a whole lot this week, but man, it's blasting with color, so that's pretty awesome!

Can you believe it's already Lent? *Shakes head in disbelief* I remember being little and thinking how long it took for a whole year to go by. And now? (Now, that I'm soo old..) I feel like I just got back from Montana, but that will have been a year ago at the end of this month. 

Time is passing like crazy, and I'm falling behind trying to keep up. Uuuugh. 

Why yes, it's been a rough week, why do you ask?



For the most AVERAGE ART, 

You will EVER SEE.

*Cue thunderous applause*

1.) I don't draw blonde hair very often, so here you go. (Do you see the sparkles on her dress? DO YOU?)

2.) This is the one I drew when I was sad and feeling vaguely betrayed. Can you tell? The grey background is a bit much, isn't it...

3.) This horrific one that I'm like... "I HAD SUCH GLORIOUS VISIONS FOR YOU, WHAT WENT WRONG?!" *Scowling Treskie noises*

4.) This sketch that I liked much better in my mind than on paper. 

5.) Look at this cute Steampunk girl inspired by this picture. (Because my favorite person sent it to me as an inspiration and I went, "OoooOOOOooooh.")

6.) Also this sassy gun-totin' girl, who's totally awesome even though I drew her super late and didn't actually care.

7.) Wherein Treskie discovered the universe...

8.) And then proceeded to go nuts...

Haha, so there you go! I suspect universes are going to be a big thing for me for a while, which is good I guess. It's really fun blending all the colors together.

Question Time!
Favorite overall?
Best black and white? (or with black and white bits..?)
Favorite colored?
Anything you'd like to see drawn next Picture Saturday?
Got any good music recommendations?

I love you all, and God bless!


  1. Whoo-hoo! Picture Saturday is back!!

    1.) I love how many different colors you used for her blonde hair. Like, blonde is not always just yellow color. Ooh, yes, I see the sparkles! Nice work!

    2.) Actually, the background makes the figure pop, so that's the first part of the picture that catches my eye. Also, great job on the hair and sweater!

    3.) *sympathy* I hate it when a picture turns out wrong. But that pose looks awesome!

    4.) AW!!! The loving look on the mother's face is beautiful. The baby looks great, too (not to big or small. Proportions can be hard. :-) )

    5.) Steampunk reporter--now that's something I haven't seen before! It's cool! My favorite parts of the picture are her hair and scarf and hands holding the notebook.

    6.) Amazing job on the hat and earmuffs and goggles! The whole picture looks good, but those really stand out. Best black-and-white!

    7.) Woah. Nice profile work (and the hair is awesome)--and those colors!! Absolutely beautiful, and my favorite colored for this week. Also my favorite overall, now that I think about it.

    8.) So. many. colors!! I love how the galaxy is swirling out from beneath her feet--and on that note, nice work on her ballet slippers!

    Y'know, it's been a while since you've drawn Christine and Raoul. (Same here, for that matter.) It would be great to see more of your Phantom artwork!

    1. 1.) Blonde is actually kinda tricky, because if you don't add some colors, then it's blah but if you add too many it ends up looking brown. So.... Heheh. thank you.

      2.) Thank you!

      3.) *is still sad, cause it's not awesome, even though Tristan is.* lol. Haha, you're very kind.

      4.) hahaha thank you! I'm actually pretty good at loving looks.. (slightly hooded eyes make for lovey faces)Babies are fricken hard. lol.

      5.) Right? I had a lot of fun with that one. (Uugh her hands killed me in this picture though. XD)


      7>) Profiles are what I'm good at, I can do profiles any old day of the year lol. But yaaay thank you! Her hair was so fun!

      8.) ALKDJFAS colooors. XD *boing boing boing* I thought the swirling galaxy was a nice touch. *covers face* Yesss i love ballet shoes.

      I know! I should draw them again, cause OTP.

  2. *Cheers!* another picture Saturday!
    Favorite overall? -#8!
    Best black and white? (or with black and white bits..?)- #6. we were only just talking about gun licences on the way back from church. How funny.
    Favorite colored? -Aside from #8, perhaps #1. I also like that character in #5. A steampunk scribbler with a sword-I love that!
    Anything you'd like to see drawn next Picture Saturday?- Tristan and the gang in a different era or style?
    Got any good music recommendations?- Build Your Kingdom Here, by Rend Collective! I'm listening to it right now, and loving it very much.

    1. *boing boing boing*

      8 is my favorite too, like yaaaasssss. lol.
      Hahaha. I want to get my concealed carry so much. lol.

      ooooOOOOOooooo. Tristan and Gang in different era. *mind explodes*

      Ooh, I'm gonna look it up!

  3. #1 - yes I see the sparkles, I don't draw blondes often either
    #2 - emotions, can't stop them
    #3 - his motion/body movement looks perfect though
    #4 - too sweet
    #5 - love her! she could be a reporter or a detective
    #6 - sassy she is
    #7, 8 - I like the universe with their stars and sparkles, kind of like textures, I like the colors you used

    wouldn't mind seeing more of steampunk girl

    have a lovely day.

    1. 1- I wonder why that is? Lol.
      2- no you can't. .. it's kind of a pain lol
      3- really? Thank you
      4- cause love lol
      5- clever Steampunk reporters are so cool and fun to draw lol
      6- so sassy
      7,8- the u oversea are seriously so fun. You're good with colors! You should try one!

      Thank you so much.😊
      You too

  4. Yay! I do love me some colors!
    Favorite overall: 7. I love the look of wonder in her eyes, like she's just seen stars for the first time. And I like her sparkly shirt. And for some reason I'm really drawn to her shiny ponytail holder.
    Best black and white: 8, that's black-and-whitey. But what I really like is how her slippers are the only thing on her that's colored, and they just kind of melt into the trails of the universe. I'm liking this galaxy thing.
    Favorite colored: 1. I'm blonde. I love green. This one just reminds me of myself. And sparkles.
    Anything I'd like to see next Picture Saturday: Hmm... I like the hair you do, and I like the galaxies. Galaxy hair? Or just more hair and galaxies.
    Got any good music recommendations? Blaaaaaahhhh.... music recommendations, maybe. Good ones, probably not. Have you heard Katy Lootens? Besides that, the only newish thing I've been listening to is the Hamilton soundtrack (selectively). Still not sure about that.
    Anyway, keep up the great work! Picture Saturday is always a highlight for me. Even if I don't around to it until Wednesday, or the next Saturday, or...


      YESSSS HER SLIPPERS MADE ME SO HAPPY. Haha I like the galaxies too *heart eyes*

      Ooooooh galaxy hair

      No I haven't heard of Katy Lootens, is she good?

      Haha I'm glad.


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