Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Catching Up... slightly

I'm sorry about my lack of updation. (Yes, updation is a word. I made it up. And now it exists.)



1.) Brave was awesome. Very, very. I loved Fergus! Why is it that big, huge, tough guys are generally  softies deep down? It had some hilarious Scottish humor. I have a very British sense of humor. And it was a beautifully animated movie, the scenery made me very homesick for Scotland.

2.) I'm currently addicted to the TV show Monk... I cannot WAIT to watch the final episodes! I so want to see Monk figure out who murdered his wife.

3.) Tiny beagle puppehs are soo cute!

4.) But I still love our border collie/cocker spaniel the bestest. Sambo!

5.) I neeeeeeeeed to watch Doctor Who! It looks soooooooo goooooooooooooood! X-)


  1. Hey, just letting you know I've awarded you the Fabulous Blog Ribbon! Details at my blog. :)


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