Saturday, June 30, 2012

Picture Saturday....

It's official.

     Picture Friday is moving to Picture Saturday, because my Fridays are much too busy. Much, much too busy. It got to the point where I'd be like, "Eeek! I need to draw!!!" and then.... my drawing hand would cramp up. You may not believe this, but when I feel pressure to draw, my talent deserts me. It runs away. Far, far away. **waves**
     I feel so unloved when it does that to me. How could you, Talent? I trusted you!
     In which case, since I feel much less pressure to draw on a Saturday, when I don't have much to do, Picture Friday has packed it's bags and resigned, and the new employee, Picture Saturday is all ready to take it's place. **happy smile**

     And so here it is, our very first Picture Saturday. I believe it's already doing better. =)

In case you're wondering, the reason she's pushing the cup of coffee is because
she got her cloak caught under it. It didn't photograph very well. **sigh**

I have to admit, I'm really rather proud of the way the fairy turned out. Her clothes look pretty good. And you should be proud of me: I didn't use an ounce of purple.

That's it for now, pepes!

God bless,



  1. Can I ask a question? How did she get her cape stuck? Under a CUP, no less?

    Just curious. :-) Nice picture.

  2. This was a very funny post. :-)

  3. Kat- Her cape is unwieldy and much too long for her. (It's her brother's, you see...) It was her first time sneaking around in a human household and she was not expecting the coffee cup to be put down when her back was turned.

    Amy- Aw, thanks. :)


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